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Tisdale: Nobody Nose Me Anymore!!!

8/21/2008 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a time Ashley Tisdale couldn't even walk out of her house without an army of screaming tweenagers marching after her (like a month ago) -- but it looks like those days are finally over.

The other "High School Musical" star hit the epicenter of her fan base yesterday -- an L.A. mall -- but the only people who approached her were the ones paid to do so.


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the nose job is so old news. Move on!!

2067 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

mudpie, the real story is that while the nose job is old news, so isn't her career.
People in the entertainment business need to really think before getting plastic surgery.
Even though they might look "better", they may not look like themselves anymore, or appear as "accessable".
I say "accessable" in respect to actually looking like a typical, average person, someone that could be you, or someone that you would know. Someone not entirely perfect; girl next door, etc.
It amazes me how again and again people in show biz make the "Jennifer Grey mistake".
Jennifer Grey way riding high after dirty dancing, She got rid of her prominent enthic looking nose.
She looked great after surgery. Unfortunately, she didn't look like "Jennifer Grey" anymore.
Even casting directors looking to cast "Jennifer Grey" thought so too.
Her career fizzled.
Recently another Ashley, Ashley Simpson, did the same thing, with the same career results.
Hollywood is full of beautiful people, makes them a dime a dozen.
Fans would like to think that their idols might be people they themselves could actually become, or they themselves might actually know, pal with or date.
It's unfortunate Miss Tisdale chose not to look like the Ashley Tisdale that is featured in the popular High School Musical series of films.
Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

2067 days ago


The only time I've ever seen Ashley Tisdale with mobs of fans is when she's with Vanessa Hudgens or Miley Cyrus. I'm just saying

2067 days ago

i hate hollywood    

she sux. No talent, not a star.

2067 days ago

Mie Anne    

If you read the story on her prior to this "Ashley brings the Shrills to Beverly Hills", she was by herself on that occasion and the tweenis were all over her. Maybe this time at the mall was during, oh I don't know, school hours, when the tweenies were learning. I have three tweenies at home and they all now who she is new or old nose.

2067 days ago


I hope she gets into porn!

2067 days ago


She's a tasty little thing.

2067 days ago


Well you obvoiusly "nose" her, y'all followed her around all damn day. Give the girl a break. People are just jealous!

2067 days ago


She's a nobody, and was definitely a shirttail star to Hudgins/Efron, etc on the HSM's. She got so obsessed at a youthful age about changing her looks, that it changed her looks and now no one is interested. People just don't care. I love Dranetz' observations and I agree wholly. The individual cookie cutter nose is not desireable by all.

2066 days ago


Once in awhile it's OK to give a little credit to the PAPS /TMZ most peole including myself would not recognize celebs nearly as well as ya'll.

2066 days ago


Well, she'll be laughing all the way to the bank on this one.... I just saw a promo for High School Musical 3 (which will first come out in theaters rather than on the Disney Channel) and she just gets better and better. Really an excellent comic actress as well as a good dancer and singer (even without the magic microphone that keeps anybody on key) . I've seen her in other shows and movies and also have heard her voice work on a couple of cartoons - she was very good just a few years ago, but keeps improving.

She voices the older sister in the new cartoon series Phineas and Ferb, and does a great job with it - really shows that she has a future in voicework for cartoons if she wants it. Many good actors are lousy voice actors, but she is a clear exception. She has range and so isn't limited to "just playing herself" (as is the case for some others) but rather can go with a real new character. And her well-trained voice helps considerably in cartoon work - she can make her voice do anything she wants. The best professional cartoon voice actors often are good singers.

She's about 22 or so now, so despite the Disney work - the youngsters aren't really her only audience now. She can still play reasonably young, but she has a range of skills that I don't see in most of the The Mouse's stable. I get the impression that she wasn't exactly part of the stable in the first place, I have the Disney Channel on in the background often enough, and can't remember seeing her until she was in The Suite Life as the candy counter girl -- that must have been just about 3 years ago, so although she played a 15 year old, she must have been at least about 18. The Mouse just got lucky when they found her.

TMZ is unhappy because Tisdale doesn't look for attention outside of her work. This is why they keep bringing up the "nose job", which quite likely was done for medical reasons just as she said (she's never tried to pretend it didn't happen but has talked openly about it). They can't think of anything else to say about her, so they keep spinning this same non-story again and again, hoping against hope that she's about to crash and burn so they'll get a real story. (Can hear the poor deprived TMZ staff now: "Please, Britney, stop taking your meds!!! Please please please-- we're SOOOO bored!)

Tisdale inconveniently doesn't do anything interesting like get drunk at clubs or get busted for a DUI ... She just politely ignores the paps (there was a wonderful video a while back on TMZ showing her doing just that when they tried to stalk her and bait her as she came out of an ordinary store to get into her van). Must be terribly frustrating for them. Anyway - I doubt very much that she is disappointed when she can shop in peace without throngs around her.

2065 days ago

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