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The 'Shawn Johnson'


8/21/2008 7:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After getting hundreds of hate emails, phone calls, and rage-filled comments over the last 24 hours, we at TMZ finally took the hint -- not everybody found the Shawn Johnson/Topo Gigio comparison hilarious. Sure, we'll eat the crow you shoved down our throats -- but you gotta check out some of the messages we got in our "contact us" mailbox. We even got a letter from an official Team USA Gymnastics rep!

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Yes, we got the message loud and clear, but make sure to click through to the final email -- the one that started this whole mess in the first place.


No Avatar


get a f****** life..its a free country and we can say whatever we feel - i dont care if she won 50 gold medals..find something better to do..TMZ ROCKS!!!

2222 days ago


Was that an apolgy? You really are pathetic TMZ. I found your page amusing..but will not be on here anymore. Time to grow up.

2222 days ago


TMZ where are your balls man!!!!!!! if they didnt like it - DONT READ IT!!!!! I thought it was cute & funny - you arent killing anyone! Get a life people........ its like supposed to be a dopey joke - are you REALLY taking this website seriously!!!!! HEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Paaaa-leeeeaaassseeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Put it back up ya - yella-bellies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2222 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

I love Shawn and I loved Topo Gigio too! Both are very cute and make me smile! Go Argentina!!!

2222 days ago


Ok I totally saw the resmblance, but I thought it was cute and kind of funny. Don't think there was any harm intended.

2222 days ago


The comparison was hilarious everyone needs to calm down. The mouse is darling and so is she.

2222 days ago


I love TOPO, he is sweet and adorable..."give me a kiss". I would take it as a compliment

2222 days ago


Clearly, most of you don't have any idea who Topo Gigio was. He was an adorable MOUSE from the Ed Sullivan Show. I adored that little guy, and thought he was as cute as a button...just like Shawn.

2222 days ago


I could see the comparison, juckled a bit. However, I don't think tmz should have gone there...she's adorable.

2222 days ago


Too bad y'all weren't around in the days of Ugly Korbutt and Mary Lou Ratton.

2222 days ago


You know what the Shawn Johnson comparison photo was? A sure sign that pretty soon everyone at TMZ will become unemployed. Now that Britney is fixing her behavior they are starving for stories. Good luck with your pathetic careers. You might actually have to go to college and earn a degree.

With the way local law enforcement officials are cracking down on the lame ass paparazzo wanna be's it won't last much longer. better get your resumes up on craigslist you might actually have to find a job where you can't make fun of everyone in the world..but everyone will be making fun of you. :)

I never thought I'd say it..but for once you make look classy.

2222 days ago


They really crossed the line when they showed Scott Kullita burning to death in his car. I somehow smell the end of TMZ!

2222 days ago


hahah i will keep reading tmz forever..ppl obviously have nothing better to do..get a life losers and keep making funnies TMZ!! and mike no one cares if u come on here nemore..f*** off and get a life :o)

2222 days ago


I agree... I think she deserves a public and private apology from you guys.

2222 days ago


That is so mean!!! She is so cute and an example to ALL girls. She won a gold medal and she gets this crap from you guys? what the hell? She didn't do anything wrong! Oh and take that article down, and APOLOGIZE don't just write about the emails you've been getting. Idiots.

2222 days ago
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