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Cops Get the Poop on Snoop

8/22/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sounds like something out of "The Wire": Snoop Pearson -- a convict who once pled guilty to murder and then became an actress -- got nabbed for pot possession ... because she wouldn't testify at a murder trial. We'll explain.

Here's where it gets interesting. Authorities were trying to strong-arm Snoop into testifying at a murder trial. She wasn't cooperating so the judge issued a body attachment warrant, which allows cops to pick her up and haul her ass in court. But police say they got a bonus -- weed. When the popo barged into her home, they allegedly found two cigars containing marijuana.

Prosecutors say Pearson watched a murder suspect knife three guys back in 2005. Will they now leverage the arrest to force her on the stand?

Stay tuned ...


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No, Really...WHAT is in her nose?!?

2256 days ago


That is either boogies in her nose or she has been snorting something. Either way EWWWW

2256 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Only in America can a convicted butch murderer became a celebrated actress gracing the prime pages of And yet we were taught to go to school and get an education to succeed. HA !

2256 days ago


Free Snoop! Snoop is a very talented actress... She's as real as it gets. She is trying to turn her life around and these ass holes are trying to keep her down for something that has nothing to do with her

2256 days ago


BITCH! How about arresting her on accessory to murder charges? Come on! Why hasn't she been arrested as an accessory? Lock her up and throw away the key!

2256 days ago


................just another "Ho" looking for some free publicity. What a skank!

2256 days ago


Are you sure "she" isn't a "he"???

2256 days ago

informed individual    

All of you commenters should be ashamed of yourself! Why don't you Google this woman before you make fun of her or dog her out? She was born a 3lb crack baby abandoned by her parents. She did the best she could with what she was given (NOTHING) and ended up being an extremely talented actress! How would you feel if your mother sold your best church dress to buy crack? And locked you naked in a closet while she went to buy said crack????? Inform yourselves next time!!! BTW she does have a memoir that she wrote about her life. It's called Grace After it...she's got more character in her little finger than most of ya'll probably have in your whole miserable bodies!!!!!
Keep up the good work and keep ya head up, Snoop!!! Much love to ya!!!!
Thank you TMZ for showing this amazing individual on your site (even if it is because she got popped for weed)...

2256 days ago


She's from "The Wire." And she's in Ace Hood's video "Cash Flow". She a cutie. I like her swag. STOP HATIN!!

2256 days ago


You cant be arrested for that minimal amount of pot and they would have to prove it was hers. Im sure she was arrested for other than this.

2256 days ago


i would've bet money that she was da brat. guess not. nothing is in her nose though the light is just reflecting off the inside of her nostrils. i think that's one of the weirdest things i've ever typed.

2256 days ago


kim who told you that? you can be arrested, at least in nj, for having ANY amount of ANY illegal drug.

2256 days ago


I watched The Wire for 2 seasons before I found out she was a she. Everything about her seems like a dude but to all of you doubters, she is a woman. Good actress on a great show. Loved The Wire!

2256 days ago


She looks like Raven.

2255 days ago


Gee......Why is it that 90% of the "African Americans" that are on this website always seem to be tied up with some kind of "law" issue?!?!?!/..........Oh wait....I shouldn't say that. It might be misconstrued as racist instead of fact....(as always)!

2255 days ago
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