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Da Brat -- Rum and Soap

8/22/2008 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Da Brat will go where a lot of rich white criminals don't -- prison...over rum.

She was just sentenced to three years for hitting a woman with a rum bottle last October. She'll get an additional seven years probation.

The victim -- a former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader -- was hospitalized after the attack and permanently scarred.

Ms. Brat was convicted back in 2001 for misdemeanor reckless conduct.


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George William Gockel    

When Da Brat will be released out of jail in Georgia? Da Brat needs to go to rehab.

2215 days ago


Looks like acting like a hard ass is working out for her. Have fun in lock up! I'm sure she be fine though, she'll be the only one in the womens block that has a penis. I'm sure she'll be very popular. Now THATS brutally honest!!!

2215 days ago

she is 40 and looks good at it    

This is no where near racist!!!!! Although if it were a white person hitting a black person, it would have started a riot because they would think the sentence was too light. She has had other run ins with the law trying to make everyone think she is untouchable. She is a thug who thinks she is a bad ass and needs her ass kicked good while in jail, to let her know she isn't bad unless she has a bottle in her hand!!!! She is actually short and I could take the dumb bitch (if she didn't have a bottle) Never could stand her, always thinking she is such a bad ass, go rot in jail you dumb ass pig!!!!!

2215 days ago


Perhaps BRAT should stop trying to live up to her stage name!

You do the crime, you do the time, simple.
Stop acting like a badass , show some class like the Queen, she paved the streets for all of you and you insist on trashing it.

2215 days ago


The girl she hit with the bottle is black you jackasses...

2215 days ago


Brat, should have been taught some manners long ago , anytime a young lady thinks the way to strut her stuff is to be a loud mouthed bully is really missing the mark. I would say black on black crime is not racist. Let her got o jail and let them show her the real world. Enjoy your time!! read the Bible and come out changed!!

2215 days ago


I totally agree with both comments from "WUNA" as well as those from "God's Child". The judicial system in this country is totally racist (definitely not just)... as "God's Child stated, blacks commit 15% of the crimes yet occupy 80-85% of the prison cells. Do I feel Da Brat should have got some jail time? Of course, since she already had a prior on her record; however, I know a white person with the same record probably wouldn't do any time (just parole, anger management and community service). Judges are quick to lock up Blacks/Hispanics while they tend to give Whites/Asians a "Get Out of Jail" pass. The Judicial System needs to be overhauled/re-evaluated to guarantee equality under the law.

As a 27 year old Black professional (lawyer)), I know that I have to conduct myself differently than my White peers. Ex.: Last Saturday I ran an errand for my husband... he asked me to run to the hardware store to pickup some paint. We recently purchased a big house in an exclusive gated community in the suburbs, and we're in the process of decorating it.
I got into my Jaguar wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap (White folks in my neighborhood do this all the time)... I didn't even get a mile into my trip to Lowe's before I was being tailed by the police. Was I speeding? No; Were my tags expired? No; Was the vehicle stolen? No... this is what White people don't understand (being tailed/stopped for no other reason than being Black in a nice ride). Upon my arrival at Lowe's I asked the officer if there was something I could help him with... he gave the usual lame answer, 'we had a vechile of your description that was reported stolen.' Blacks tend to be presumed guilty until proven innocent... which is the exact opposite of the White Judicial System.

2215 days ago


If she got three years, she will most likely serve 9 months to a year in Atlanta. Our prisons are slap full. It was not a racist sentence in my opinion either. You know what they say, Come for vacation, leave on probation...... Another thing is this we have enough violence amongst ourselves, we do not need some jumped up, insipid has been to add to the scene!

2215 days ago


no not racist at all.... meanwhile nick hogan damn near killed a guy, while drunk driving, left the guy paralyzed for life and in a coma, but only got 8 mnths in jail.... da brat hit a woman with a bottle and left some scars ain't like the woman still hospitalized, damn near died, or anything, yeah she needs to be punished but 3 yrs??? 7 yrs probation.. thats kinda extreme....

2215 days ago


What gives Da Brat, or any other famous person the right to assualt someone whom is doing a job, just trying to earn an honest dollar during these hard times? Hopefully 3 years of hard time U.S.A will be a wake up call for her, and will be a humbling experience. I honestly hope that someone doesn't assault her during her prison sentence, but sometimes what goes around comes around, ya know.....

2214 days ago


i am so sick of hearing about racist comments towards sentances.
you do the crime you do the time.
if she can hit someone with a bottle, then damn rights the bitch should have a sentance stapled to her ass.
whats funny is one of her songs was about this.
ironic aint it!

2214 days ago


3 years is alot....Paris and Lindsey and Nicole got jail time for being drunk and they get out within the same day and Da Brat hit her with a bottle and gets 3 years? thats unfair...yes Da Brat shouldnt of done that but laws are different by your status,money and color.....its sooooo true!!!

2214 days ago


Poor Da Brat!. She keeps talking about Jane being a has been, but at least all genres know who she is and she is only popular and known to the hip hop crowd. Better luck with your popularity behind bars.

2214 days ago

Just a thought    

Everyone's mad at Da Brat for hitting this chick. Sh***t we werent there and maybe the chick desreved it. All Im saying is I dont know the whole story and maybe Da Brat had good reasons. On the other hand, 3 years is excessive for barely beating the chick down.

2214 days ago

Keifer not ok    

Oh blah blah blah racist spew, it's about the fact that she repeatedly comes up on people from behind and disfigures them
with heavy jagged glass objects. In fact she so enjoys the experience that she was all too eager to do the same to the drunken wrestler on Surreal life. TMZ is shrewdly aware of what they write and how they write it.. this will be in the "most commented on" list, thanks to the racism angle.

2214 days ago
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