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Linda Hogan Gets Even Creepier

8/22/2008 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That's Linda Hogan chillin' with her almost jailbait BF Charlie Hill in Venice Beach yesterday.

Linda was 29 when lil' Charlie was born.


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Hey Brooke, your mother is a slam-pig.

2215 days ago

Middle America    

Why is it 'creepy' when an older woman dates a younger men, but Donald Trump, George Clooney and any other older man is worshipped for dating much younger women???!!

2215 days ago


Stop hating on Linda, she looks great and as far as her ex he can't even compete

2215 days ago


You go girl.

2215 days ago


you know when someone so young dates you its for a reason...the money....helloooooo she is gonna have alot of money getting divorced....

2215 days ago


Okay, if Linda looks great, GO GET YOUR EYES CHECKED!!!!!!! She is a nasty, aging skank whore. She is way too big for the size and style of clothes she wears! I think she and Brooke must share. Both linda and Hulk seem to be pathetic excuses for parents, as their trashy slut daughter and reckless jailbird son prove. You're constantly seeing pictures of Linda with her little boyfriend and pictures of Hulk rubbing lotion on his daughter's inner thighs...the whole family is disgusting.

2215 days ago


I'm so sick of the DOUBLE STANDARD. TMZ hates women. If the situation was reversed you wouldn't hear a thing about it.
But NO, Linda's "BAD", ohhhh. Grow UP. I think LInda is RECOVERING from a crappy marriage and YEARS of trying to be a very good mother. Maybe she and this young man have a good time going and maybe they even care about each other.
Kiss off if you don't like it. She really isn;t waiting for anyone's approval. I'd LOVE to see a BASH REPORT on the next over-the-hill male who gets his hands on a girl young enough to be his DAUGHTER. WHICH HAPPENS ALL THE TIME...ONLY PEOPLE ARE OK WITH THAT FOR SOME REASON. SUCK IT UP. HEY LINDA, wooo-ha, YOU GO GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch some good times. Life is short ! AND YOUR DAUGHTER BROOKE IS A JEALOUS BEE-YOTCH !

2215 days ago

hollywood resident    

she is a pig sorry, and someone needs to give her a make over she has got to be going trough middle life something maybe menapose! ha-ha-ha she is a JOKE

2215 days ago


what is wrong with you people I hope I look like her at that age and hey do we forget that The Hulk Hogan was rubbing suntan lotion on his own daughters butt??? Atleast Linda has gone out of the family triangle so good luck Linda be a sugar mumma prob the first bloke that ever found her G Spot for Hulk was too busy with his daughter....

2214 days ago


Why is her diaphragm stuck to her cheek...? EEEEWWWW!

2214 days ago



2214 days ago


who cares who they date as long as they are happy. Everyone acts like Linda is the first woman who's dated a younger man. Hell Liz taylor does it all the time... Demi Moore is older than Ashton who cares.. Just leave em be

2214 days ago


That picture makes me want to puke!

Geez, I hope he doesn't call her "Momma" when he screwing her.

2214 days ago


Dosen't anyone see the that Linda Hogan looks just like "Hatchet Face" from the movie "crybaby"? Twins maybe?

2214 days ago

tick tock tick tock tick tock    

Even tho it ~is~ a little wierd thinking about laying around with someone as old as your son, you gotta admit at least she looks like she is happy.

I think Linda was pretty much kept under Terry's thumb during their time together and not really allowed to have much of a life of her own, judging from what it looked like on their show and what I read in Hulk's "auto-bio". Mabe she had way too many years with no allowance to grow and mature herself and she seemed to really have no friends other than her kids. She maybe relates better to young kids than to people her own age.

I really felt kind of bad for her on several of the episodes when you could see she was plainly bullied by Terry (one time comes to mind when they were celebrating Brooke's 18th birthday and Linda was saying there was nothing Terry could do about that stripper guy being there.) She was clearly shut down by Terry and looked like she was even in fear of him.

Strange things can happen to people during 25 years of an abusive relationship. I think Linda is perhaps trying to find just exactly who she really is and if she is happy now, even if it is with a very, very young guy, then I say she should go for it and I hope they are happy with each other. None of us know what goes on between these two people and how they relate to each other. Who can really say..

Now some of the things that have been going on pertaining to this guy, I cannot say those are the right things to do, like allowing him to go through Nick's stuff and riding around on someone's uninsured motorcycle without their permission.So maybe they need to get their acts together concerning things like this.

2214 days ago
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