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Linda Hogan Gets Even Creepier

8/22/2008 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That's Linda Hogan chillin' with her almost jailbait BF Charlie Hill in Venice Beach yesterday.

Linda was 29 when lil' Charlie was born.


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okay, the guy's 19 and she's like 40 something. the guy's a legal adult. so it's not like she's dating a minor but......IT'S STILL SO FRICKIN CREEPY!!! = X

2254 days ago

baby boomer    

Dye Linda's hair black and this couple could be Cher and Greg Allman.

2254 days ago


I would feel much better if he was at least 21. He can't even drink...legally.

2254 days ago


He looks like he could be her son.... CREEPY

2254 days ago


This boy just wants to palm a couple of basketballs! Emmerson Biggunz.

2254 days ago


Her legs are definitely bigger than her boy friend's! Get him in a leg lock and she could break him in half! She must have gotten them from riding something, but it wasn't any horse. Well, Hulk IS about as big as a horse!

2254 days ago


I'm all for dating whoever you want, but this is wrong. He went to school with Brooke and is a year YOUNGER than her. No parent should EVER date someone YOUNGER than their child. The fact that she's still with him even though Brooke hates it shows how selfish her mother is. What does a 18 or 19-year-old guy want from a 50 something year old woman who's had 2 kids? On a side note, both need to stop with the tanning and hair dying...they both look horrible and almost exactly like. Same bottle blonde hair and red skin.

2254 days ago


Uh, notice she Is smiling....Go for it, cookies and milk.YES!!!!!!

2253 days ago


Wait til Charlie is done using her old, fat ass. She will be begging Hulk to take her back. She is a loser.

2239 days ago


A least Hulk is above 20 not the same age as Brooke. Its so wrong.

2233 days ago


Don't you find it weird that Linda's boyfriend resembles her son and Hulk's girlfriend resembles his daughter?

2233 days ago


Hulk's with a woman half his age also so why is she getting all the abuse-even her own daughter wont talk 2 her yet she talks 2 her perv of a dad-now we all know why hulks so protective of his lil girl coz he knows if she wasn't his he'd be with her the sick pervert-i say go 4 it linda,if hulk can do it then u can 2

2232 days ago


You know what? She doesn't care that we all make fun of her for two reasons, brain capacity and she probably sees it as attention.
Linda Hogan - Please stop, think, and have a little dignity with the clothes and the boy and the skin. You ask your ex for all that you deserve and then you walk around looking and behaving like your worth is about 29 cents. Get it together girl.
Hulk do you read this stuff? Stand strong man, stand strong. She is way too greedy and NEVER got in that wrestling ring and created the image that afforded her all those years of spending. Good Luck with that one,,,She didn't turn out so well, I feel bad for you.

2232 days ago


Linda is just as phony as her hair color

2227 days ago
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