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MLK's Kids Learn Nothing is Free

8/22/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Martin Luther King's kids -- the ones he dreamed about -- are really at each other's throats. Can't they all just get along?

Dexter King is swinging back at his brother MLK III and sister Bernice, who already have sued him, claiming MLK III fleeced his dad's estate. In a new countersuit, Dexter alleges Martin III has been milking their dad's Center for Nonviolent Change. Dex says Martin turned a King Center reception into his "own wedding reception" and tools around in the Center's Lincoln Navigator.

Bernice doesn't get off easy: Dexter says she lit a torch on the eternal flame at their father's tomb -- to carry in a march against same-sex marriage. And Dex also says Bernice using the King Center's office space for her own organization -- and isn't paying any rent.

BTW, Dexter has hired Lin Wood -- he's the guy who repped John and Patsy Ramsey. The other Kings couldn't immediately be reached for comment.


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Since when is telling the truth racist? These are just selfish, hateful people born to the famous. And to #11...we shall see. I'm so sick of all of these do-gooders and their holier than thou rightous bs when they can't even keep the commitment that THEY have made in front of God, to be faithful to the person they supposedly love. John Edwards...yet let us hold them in high aclaim because they were shot...John Lennon...give peace a more than a song. I'm a realist, not a hater.

2222 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Dexter is hot

2222 days ago


the ones he dreamed about

What the f##k do that suppose to mean?

The only reason tmz put this up is to spark a race debate.You sad piece of sh#t.

2222 days ago


13. TMZ staff you come across as racist. I will not be back.

Posted at 10:47AM on Aug 22nd 2008 by mikki in MI

I'd like to know why TMZ looks racist to you when they report stories about blacks? They report most of their stories about whites!! Good lord!!! Further more no matter what your color if you're out there making noise and get noticed by reporters/ your own fault!

2222 days ago


These idiots....they will fight until the lawyers get all the money. Embarrass themselves and end up with nothing in the end.

Lesson: Spend all your money while you are here so your family can get along when you go.

Oh, and from this article it seems that Mr. King's dream did not include equal rights for gays. (nice message Bernice)

2222 days ago


It's really shameful that a "legacy" such as MLK's children - who you would THINK were taught better than that - end up squabbling over superficial nonsense such as lighting a torch off of MLK's Eternal Flame. I mean..what if she'd used MLK's Zippo lighter? Would Dex be suing for THAT do you think? The money is another thing entirely however. If they're using MLK's Center for personal gain (driving a company vehicle for personal use is grounds for legal action in any organization, I'd think) then that's a good point for litigation. All I can comment is: Did MLK's children take King's message of peace and tolerance (his "Dream" - with Tolerance meaning "understanding") as meaning "the American Dream"? I mean - perhaps THEY thought King's dream was for them to be rich...go figure. Sad. Very sad. I agree with RealityBaby~~

2222 days ago

Helen Rainier    

This is so sad and I can relate from personal experience. When my parents died, my brother and I were to split their trust 50/50 -- they put it in writing. My brother decided he wasn't going to. I tried resolving it with him and called him many, many times over a period of 1 1/2-2 years. He would not even RETURN my calls. I finally had to hire a attorney. We went to Court, my brother didn't show, so the Judge issued a default judgement. We gave my brother 60 days to comply (the Court allowed him 30). He still didn't comply. I ended up having to have him picked up and arrested for contempt of court. It wasn't until he ended up in jail that he finally decided to comply. As a result, I received twice as much as I would have originally. Needless to say, my brother still considers me the "bad guy" in this whole thing.

I never dreamed my blood brother would do something like this. It was very painful. The love of money does seem to be the root of all evil.

2222 days ago


Disgraceful. Dr. King died for absolutely no reason. You cant help those beyond help. Instead of crying racism, why not do some self reflection. The attitude has to change along with the behavoir.

2222 days ago

Tiger Tale    

This just proves that its best to live hard, die young, and wear clean underwear...

2222 days ago


How about this headline "MLK's kids Learned Nothing. "

2222 days ago

Golden Gate    

How on earth is this story racist? I'm not seeing it.

2222 days ago


19. the ones he dreamed about

What the f##k do that suppose to mean?

The only reason tmz put this up is to spark a race debate.You sad piece of sh#t.

Posted at 11:33AM on Aug 22nd 2008 by pretty low

Sorry dear, I'm African American and I don't see the racist part. This time TMZ is actually just reporting a story. And as far as the part about "the ones he dreamed about " , go back and review you African American History and re-read the "I HAve A Dream " speech that Dr. King gave . In it he says (not an exact quote here) "I have a dream that one day my little four children..." when he talks about his hopes and dreams for their future. I do agree with some who post that this is indeed sad that the family is fighting. Unfortuanally this occurs in lots of families when the parents die.

2222 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

If these adults weren't the children of Dr. King, this story wouldn't have been published. Their lives are under a microscope because of their lineage. Imagine not being able to be normal. NO club-hopping, NO going to concerts, NO normalcy because of the high expectations of who they are. The truth is, sibling rivalry does happen. It's life... not the end of the world.

2222 days ago

citizen kope    

who cares.......hero my ass.......

2222 days ago


Would he not be so proud? Everything he stood for down in the gutter which is what he tried to pull black people out of. He is probably spinning in his grave - their mother too.

2222 days ago
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