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Cops to Diddy: Freeze!

8/23/2008 9:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy was introduced to the barrel of a gun early this morning.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ at around 3:00 AM, Puff Daddy, aka Diddy, aka Sean "Puffy" Combs, aka Sean Combs, was being driven by an entourage on the Sunset Strip. One of the cars didn't have proper tags and deputies from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department made the stop.

We're told the other three cars in the entourage stopped as well. It's Sheriff Dept. policy to call for backup when other cars linger at a traffic stop. Backup arrived and the driver of the second car became "extremely uncooperative," to the point he had to be detained. At that point, Diddy and the remaining five or six members of the entourage got out of their cars and began walking toward the detained member of their posse.

That's when one deputy drew his weapon, not knowing what the dudes were up to. We're told at the time the weapon was drawn, deputies did not know Diddy was part of the group.

Ultimately things became peaceful, the detained guy was let go and everyone lived happily ever after ... for the rest of the night. BTW, the guy who was stopped -- turns out he was in a rental car so he wasn't ticketed.


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I rarely comment things like this but, this really got me pissed off. Racial Profiling? Please. At 3:00 AM no one can possibly see in a car unless a light is on. Furthermore, Diddy was simply a passenger in his ridiculously large posse. He was not a driver so, what does his race have anything to do about it? I just think it's the stupidity of his staff for getting a car with no plates. Seriously, racial profiling? Get a better excuse.

2217 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

slow night TMZ so what whats the big deal???

2217 days ago


a team
well if u know anything about diddy you would know that he always has tinted windows. he even said it himself that he has tinited windows because he needs privacy, and u can get rented cars with tinted windows. and not all streets have street lights. i drive home ever day at 1am from work and i can never tell the skin color of the person in the car ahead of me or behind me. since tags are on the back of the car the cop would be behind the car. so most likely he cant see the color of their skin. and he didnt get a ticket because he is not responsible for keeping tags up to date on a rental.
sense it a rental - i think u meant "since its a rental"
there skin color - should be "their skin color"
keeping the street light - should be "keeping the street lit"

2217 days ago

captain obvious    

With all of this talk about racial profiling and following the rules when a car is pulled over etc., I have one basic burning question....


He doesn't sing or dance, he's not a politician, the only thing I've seen him do is promote vodka on TV, and host parties.

2217 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Ha ha ha Mr. Pee Pee Poopy was tryin' to get to Krystal Burger cuz he had the munchies yo, but he was all like, "I don't pay my car registration, word up," and the sucka ended up lookin' like a jive turkey cuz he's a completely useless person. Yo.

2217 days ago


To all these tough guys and gals calling racist names and saying how n****** should be killed.... All I got to say is can you kick this ass? Didn't think so. Typical e-cowards. Now go back to being tough on the computer because it's the only place you have a pair big enough to be tough on. And some of you are even saying how blacks have low self esteem, yet you're too cowardly to spit your garbage anywhere but the web. Love the irony. Oh, by the way, Bob Johnson is a billionaire too, so is Oprah and they're not nearly as flashy as RAP ARTIST Diddy. Get ya facts straight before hurling insults you inbred klan beeyatches.

2217 days ago


captin obvious are you serious?????dude diddy use to be a back up dancer(father mc) he produce music, he raps, he is an actor(although some my question those skills) but he is a bonifide celeb hate him or love him

2217 days ago

Capt. Bone-a-Hoe    

The incendiary racist rhetoric is very therapeutic to the trolls; I say let them have their fun. But I will remind them that Diddy is an extremely successful record producer, artist and acclaimed fashion/clothing designer. 'Sean John'--heard of it? I'm sure you bigoted buffoons have, 'cause you're probably wearing (or have worn) the sh*t.

Diddy's worth about $300 million and CLIMBING. So while you hatooors spew your venom, he's stack'n 'paper' by the truck load--and laugh'n at you fools, as he chills in the Hampton's.

2217 days ago


The world would be a better place without him....your stereotyping of the black race makes you THEE most ignorant poster on this board. All blacks DO NOT think it's all about $$ in fact I would think whites, especially where I live in Beverly Hills are WAY worse. The difference is most blacks weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths, as many wealthy whites have been. The black professionals have actually worked to get where they are and if you have half a brain you could travel to ANY U.S. State and see white trash spewed all over, they live in trailer parks and have baby after baby too so shut up with your crappy analogy of what you think you know....jealous loser...

2217 days ago


I can understand a car being pulled over for having no plates. And since it must have been dark, racial profiling probably had nothing to do with it.
What I dont get is the comments in here! Its 2008 people! If youre burning crosses or using the N word, well there is only one thing for you to do; LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Get educated, grow up! Show some respect!
Im on the other side of the atlantic, english is my second language and I speak it better than most of you! Deal with your issues people, Hate/violence never solved anything and it never will.

2217 days ago


"Negroes will never be accepted or respected by Caucasians"

See that right there is the problem. Too many "Caucasians" think they're God and people seek their approval. I think that is the deep rooted seed of your hatred; the fact that people don't give a flying fart anymore about your opinion or so-called respect or acceptance. You're mad that the good old days of Jim Crow are over and your reduced to cowering behind a keyboard spitting pre-1960 racist rhetoric. That's why the rest of the world thinks the USA is a joke, because too many "Caucasians" are busy resting on their laurels and trying to insult and put others down while developing nations overtake the USA at breakneck speed. Meanwhile, other races are becoming successful and taking over your country. And all you can do is sit on your hands and take it, like it or not. The nation is about to get it's first black President, in my mixed upper middle-class (a designation soon to be destroyed by McCain supporters), neighborhood homes owned by WHITES are the most unkempt and my WHITE next door neighbors are alcoholics and pose the biggest threat to public safety.

By the way, have you tried to find a doctor or dentist lately? Good luck finding anyone not named Wong or Patel. Same with engineers, scientist, and other important research positions. See while you were busy worrying so much about the "Negroes", India and Asia just came on in and took your country right from under your stupid ignorant noses. I love it! How will you feel when a "Negro" colored Indian has to save your pathetic worthless life one day?

I know this doesn't apply to all "Caucasians" and I applaud those with enough sense to disassociate themselves from the lifeless low-life trolls who frequent these boards far too often.

OK, I'm signing off until TMZ posts another article about a person of color and the roaches start scurrying out of the woodwork spitting their racist ignorance yet again...

2217 days ago


Surprise, Surprise.

2217 days ago


How come these things never happened to Jay?

2217 days ago

arte help    

Has Diddy ever paid for the stampede in NYC so many years ago? The overcrowded show which people were trampled, Diddy had no insurance for, and he ran away from. Just wondering.

2217 days ago


RACIAL PROFILING??? Puh-leeze. Get over yourself. Thye story clearly stated that when extra cars linger, they need to call for back up. It is an issue of safety, but you just keep on living in the past, thinking that everyone is out to get you.


Diddy gets paid to be a pompous jacka*s, and that is exactly what he is. I cannot stand to listen to him talk, like he is a god of some sort. Money doesn't buy everything, Sean.

By the way, why don't you use some of that money on speech therapy. The last time I checked, both ended in 'TH' and not 'FE.'

2217 days ago
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