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Cops to Diddy: Freeze!

8/23/2008 9:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy was introduced to the barrel of a gun early this morning.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ at around 3:00 AM, Puff Daddy, aka Diddy, aka Sean "Puffy" Combs, aka Sean Combs, was being driven by an entourage on the Sunset Strip. One of the cars didn't have proper tags and deputies from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department made the stop.

We're told the other three cars in the entourage stopped as well. It's Sheriff Dept. policy to call for backup when other cars linger at a traffic stop. Backup arrived and the driver of the second car became "extremely uncooperative," to the point he had to be detained. At that point, Diddy and the remaining five or six members of the entourage got out of their cars and began walking toward the detained member of their posse.

That's when one deputy drew his weapon, not knowing what the dudes were up to. We're told at the time the weapon was drawn, deputies did not know Diddy was part of the group.

Ultimately things became peaceful, the detained guy was let go and everyone lived happily ever after ... for the rest of the night. BTW, the guy who was stopped -- turns out he was in a rental car so he wasn't ticketed.


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What the hell does Conway Twitty have to do with this?

2189 days ago



2189 days ago


Who is above the law. No one. The officer was right! Jean you are an idiot. The cop was not racist. He was doing his job. He did it right. I am sure there are cops who are racist, dont get me wrong. But remember they are the first people you call when you need help. No one is perfect. So Jean you cant judge that officer. I am also disappointed by P-Diddy. Thinking he should get out of his car and approach an officer on a motor vehicle stop. NEVER EVER DO THAT!! He is an idiot too.
Finally "shooting innocent people and killing people"??? WTF? I am not sure where you are from brother, but Sean, does not need to die because of burger king. Good for him making $$$. Think about what you are going to say before you say it. You must be 12 years old.

2189 days ago


Hey Jean, shove it up your butt. In all honesty racial profiling does not work very well, but behavioral profiling does. And besides if it weren't for all of those worthless N****RS being criminals we wouldn't have to rely on racial profiling.

2189 days ago

injun steve    


2189 days ago


"diddy"...isn't that prison slang for "up the butt"?

2189 days ago


They weren't aware that Diddy was one of the guys walking up to them when weapons were drawn? Would it have mattered? No, the police were simply FOLLOWING PROCEDURE to ensure their safety and the safety of others involved, and shouldn't give a crap who is in the crowd, not even the friggin president, for Pete's sake !! Why the Hell would it matter that Diddy was there? "Oh, sorry, Diddy, we didn't know you were here. You want us to help you all find the stuff you tossed out the window? " What a bunch of crap, man. Race doesn't have anything to do with it, but just the fact that they incenuate that things would have done differently had they known Mr. Combs was there gives me the creeps.

2189 days ago


cops have a tough job. When they pull someone over for a simple traffic violation, it could be the last day of their life! You are supposed to stay in your car, unless the cop tells you to get out. You are not supposed to pull over if your buddy gets pulled over in front of you and you are definately not supposed to get out of your car with several others and approach the cop! What the hell were they thinkin??? If I was a cop doing a simple pull over for tags, and a pack of scarey lookin dudes (no matter the color of their skin) came towards me... I'd have shot them all!!
And p.Puddy or duddy whatever, should not get any special treatment... just because your on tv or movies or on stage shouldn't mean you can do whatever the f--- you want! You aren't better than the rest of us... you just have a fatter paycheck!

2189 days ago


#15 Matt......There are other more important articles on this website to comment on such as the rise in measles because of uneducated parents refusing to vaccinate their children, or even how gas pumps are not giving you all you pay for, or you that shallow that you can only comment on somthing that is a non-story? The tags were impropr because it was a rental, end of story. No drugs, no arrests, no fights. And for the rest of you saying they should have shot them all, you don't have to listen to his music. you people have alot of nerve what with your idiots Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian and the rest of your little drugged out drunk celebrites running around here acting like idiots. They should all be shot too.

2189 days ago


Fortunate no one was shot. Guns need to be taken away from cops. People need to get off the race thing. We are all Americans heading to a police state.

2189 days ago


#57, that is an idiotic statement. For one thing, the majority of serial killers are WHITE, most tax evaders, embezzlers, premedidated murderers, and a lot of other crimes pertain to white people, I'm white and know the facts. Maybe blacks account for the most violent crimes in America, but that doesn't mean they are responsible for all. Take some responsibility for your OWN race and do something about it, because you have no influence on any other race.

2189 days ago


They all belong in jail,with the rest of the monkeys

2189 days ago


when you live a life being foul, it doesn't matter if you're rich, poor or whatever...don't cry foul...look in the mirror....flaunting is not good....biggie not diddy....

2189 days ago


first of all it,s not about race, there some crazy,s in every back ground of this nation . It,s about being pull over.
The person who worried about his money ,I can tell they don,t have any or anything or wise you wouldn,t be talking about
what Diddy do have ,And as far as the KIDS people play with they children doing the DAYTIME not not 3:00AM in the
morning . All parents that goes out when they are young ,stay out to at least 6:00AM , the clubs don,t open ontil 12:00AM
I can tell either you are old or where you live is a boring place so there is no place to go except home .yes he is BLACK
and I hope proud,and BRITTANY SPEARS is white and look at what happening with her KIDS, nobody have DIDDY KIDS
all over the paper,TV or magzine so he must being doing something RIGHT.get your back yard clean with your people
before you talk about MINE.and I bet even with BILL GATES giving to charity he,s not just picking people by RACE
that why who ever can aford a compute has one because he just did,nt pick your RACE OF PEOPLE.So wake up in the
world ,people of money buy what they want and show it off ,people who build houses show them .
GET A LIFE and THINK BEFORE YOU make a comment for ALL TO SEE.

2189 days ago


sense it a rental - i think u meant "since its a rental"
there skin color - should be "their skin color"
keeping the street light - should be "keeping the street lit"

Posted at 12:07AM on Aug 24th 2008 by js

thank you very much for editing this person's post. It is truly aggravating to try and read, to try and understand the person, and they cannot write, or spell at least some of their comments. These are the people who really need to get off the message board, because that kind of slow inteligence is not much smarter than a fifth grader. It makes you worry if their thought can hold water, let alone trying to dish it out. When you start reading a post that appears dylexic, you can guarantee they skipped school. They may have been in the seat, but their mind wondered somewhere else. If they want to write ebonic, be my guest, but you have to have common sense to get that right. In other words GET OFF THE BOARD!

2189 days ago
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