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Ricky Martin Bambinos --

A Giant "Who Cares"

8/24/2008 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You would think Ricky Martin's twins could fetch a pile of cash from the mags, since they're blowing all their money these days on babies who all look the same.

Seems like it's not the case with Mr. Loca, and there's an interesting reason. According to the New York Daily News, the mags want back story and Ricky's apparently unwilling to open up about why the whole surrogate thing.


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Good for Ricky for keeping his twins off the front page. Maybe they will grow up normal.

2218 days ago


I would have had his kids for him...., please TMZ do not ruin my image of Ricky Martin, Ive loved him since I first saw him in Menudo. I do not care if his is Gay or straight let it go!

2218 days ago


TMZ, we don't need to know why he did the surogate thung, I think it is great he has kids and let him have some privacy.

2218 days ago


harvey your a hater !

2218 days ago


The Urban dictionary has a new word for the Clay Aikens and Ricky Martin offspring...GAYBABIES.

2218 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

Ricky has made a whole number of comments over the years that lead one to believe he is at least not 100% straight, but he refuses to discuss more, which is his right. If he had a serrogate, it seems pretty clear why just like Clay Aiken.

2218 days ago


good for him. nothing to be flashing around anyway. the brangelina ego circus should take notice. and i bet martin won't drape his sprogs in drapes to hide them or dangle them over hotel balconies. oy vey!

2218 days ago


TMZ, you don't have to print the reason for the surrogate. We already know. He's gay. So?

2218 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

Ricky Martin may be a very nice guy and who he sleeps with is his own business. However, what always annoyed me is his music was specifically designed to make people believe he was straight ONLY for the purpose of selling records. Other gay artists who do not wish to discuss their sexuality normally sing songs that are not about sex or are "gray" so they could be about either gender. Not Ricky, he recorded "She Bangs" and "She's All The I Need" KNOWING it would play on woman lusting over him and make him big money while probably going home to his boyfriend at night. THAT always rubbed me the wrong way. His musical success faded when people started asking more questions about his personal life.

2218 days ago

Are you kiddin' me    

It's his business and nobody elses. I'm glad he's not willing to tell everyone about the surrogate. IMO, it proves that having these children is more important to him than any amount of money he would be paid to make his children into a media circus. I respect that a lot.

I don't care who he sleeps with. Not a big issue to most people. I just hope and pray that he's a wonderful father to his kids. So far he's off to a great start!

2218 days ago

getting irritated    

Sounds like the one who is REALLY saying "who cares" is Ricky, not the mags. Obviously the mags care if they are trying to get back story.

Good for Ricky for not playing into the tabloids and their nastiness. (and that includes Harvey and TMZ)

2218 days ago

northern gypsy    

#7 (ryan) nailed it...he whored himself out as get $$$ he plays coy with us...PLZE !!!

2218 days ago


1. #7 (ryan) nailed it...he whored himself out as get $$$ he plays coy with us...PLZE !!!

Posted at 1:17PM on Aug 24th 2008 by northern gyspy

Are you serious? Were your feelings hurt? Hollywood has always had gay celebrities who play it straight, go on dates and GET MARRIED, to not hurt your feelings. That's nothing you or anyone can control so get over it. Ricky Martin cares about children and I'm sure will make a great father to those kids. He's moving on to a different phase of his life and maybe you should too.

2218 days ago


Give him some respect. What was he supposed to do?- sing "He Bangs"? Entertainers sing for everybody. He's not playing the celebrity cult thing that has caught on like tacky tattoos.

2218 days ago


Guess it's the fashion accessory of the day-you can just buy yourself some babies. I wonder why these guys don't adopt, since there are millions of children waiting for a loving home?

2218 days ago
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