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Actress Shows Off Golden Globe

8/25/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We don't even really know who this chick is -- but Golden Brooks, star of the now defunct "Girlfriends," found one way to stay relevant outside Foxtail last night. Is it deliberate?


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LOl good one camera man. . ."Where have you been hanging out?". Um did she not feel a breeze, something, anything. You mean to tell me she didn't feel anything weird. How embarassing. And i'm mad no one told her.

2250 days ago


I don't think it was intentional. She looked like she might have a buzz. I think the valet did try to hint to her that she should check her girls out, but she didn't notice. Always wear clothes that fit and won't move too much when you are going to Happy Hour Brooke

2250 days ago


She should have flashed those plump juicy puppies to the valet.

I love hot chocolate babes!

2250 days ago


For once, a boob slip that doesn't seem outwardly done on purpose! She's got a smoking bod but something about her face scares me. I think it's because she's SO thin that it ages her in a dramatic way. Either way, I'm sure that valet was not noticing her face at that particular moment!

2250 days ago


That was compeltely intentional! She knew exactly what she was doing. Pretty pathetic

2250 days ago


Her name is Golden Brooks Not Britney . She's on lots of the African American blogs. She's a well educated woman. A college grad. She even has grad degrees. Anyway TMZ open your web eyes . The Net doesn't revolve around BRit , Kim, Paris, Lilo, and the others you ALWAYS post. It's time you make celebs out of some new no talent folks other than Kim, Brit, Paris, Lilo and her "Ho".Come on ! A DJ is made famous by you guys! I mean come on. Harvey runs an entertainment site and he didn't know who Omar Epps was. There are more black men out there Harvey (with your cute self) than OJ and DMX dear. Speaking of black men, who's the guy with the dreads on the TMZ tv show?

2250 days ago


8. That was compeltely intentional! She knew exactly what she was doing. Pretty pathetic

Posted at 2:12PM on Aug 25th 2008 by jesus was homeless

Grow up . It was not intentional . The woman put her arm down to cover it . How the heck was that intentional? Golden is better than that. What should be "Pretty pathetic" to you is that no one told her it was out. The same thing with Tara Reed and Lil Kim (who enjoys that kind of crap anyway). No one told them, they just kept on snapping pictures. That's sad and pathetic!

2250 days ago

Ronie Vee    

I doubt if Golden knew her cha cha was showing she always wear skimpy loose clothing...she's really skinny...give her a break

2250 days ago


The ho exposed on purpose. Don't know what is so special about that!! LOOSER!!

2250 days ago


It would not surprise me if TMZ put her up to this. It was pretty obvious she was exposed to the camera and obviously pulling her top making sure she was exposed. Lame story. There has got to be better stuff than that.

2250 days ago


ooooooh, yummy!

2250 days ago


Um, yes, she went to Berkely, but she majored in DANCE. That pretty much says, not so smart. Also, she's tacky and looks like a dude. She used to f*** Bill Maher, so that pretty much locks the tacky/dude thing down. Now, there's no disputing it.

2250 days ago


that was the most intentional nip-slip i have EVER could make out from her body language that she knew what she was doing was me psycho..or maybe call me the dude from "psyche"...coz i can TELL when something is up...

2249 days ago


For the person hating on Golden's education, she received a bachelor's degree in SOCIOLOGY from B-E-R-K-E-L-E-Y. Did you earn a degree? Anyone who attends college knows that you do not take classes in only one subject. She must have done well in the other subjects because she was accepted into the graduate program at Sarah Lawrence College. By the way, she has her master's. It is sad when people hate on other people's education.

Anyway, it seems as though she was a little intoxicated so it MAY have been a mistake. Only she knows. I don't care if it was planned because it gave us a reason to see her, again. I got you Golden!

2249 days ago

Chu Me    

Can't seem to view this video in particular,..- ANYWHERE!!. Did TMZ pull this video? Cave under pressure? I guess everybody else is fair game, except our Miss Brooks.

2240 days ago

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