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DMX: Sick of the Same Ol' Big House Buns

8/25/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DMX thinks he really deserves a break today -- and he'd gladly pay a prison guard for a Big Mac, like, yesterday.

Sources tell us DMX, who's currently locked up in a Miami jail, is so desperate for some fresh meat, that he literally begged a guard for a Big Mac last week. The perennially locked up rapper has spent so much time behind bars lately, he's become a virtual connoisseur of prison slop -- and, apparently, he hates it.

For the record, we're told John Q. Law wouldn't give him any McLovin' -- it's against jailhouse rules.


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Just throw away the key on this piece of trash already. He's just a boring, washed up piece of animal abusing garbage. Throw him in with Vick and they can torture each other. Hopefully to death.

2249 days ago

Sick of It All    

Well here is what I think: give him a job at the jail since he is there so much anyhoo and then this way when he gets arrested again they would know right where to go get him and could stop spending tax payer money to go haul his @ss in!!

2249 days ago


Well here's an idea....quit being a gang-banging, law-breaking jackass and you can have McDonald's any time you want it. "Prison" means you don't get stuff you want, duh!!

2249 days ago

john wayne gacy    

there's no need for him to beg for big mac;

there's plenty of big mac-daddys in there willing to give
his fresh meat some secret sauce between the buns.

2249 days ago

Ruff Ryder for LIFE    

Here's what I NEED to say to you overally conscience, self loathing, ignorant b@stard$... NONE of you KNOW DMX, and he's as real as your underpaid, overworked parents! He is NOT an animal abuser! And for your liberal small minded tails to comment that they need to throw away the key shows how ignorant you really are! You need to go protest abortions or something that REALLY affects our economy or way of life! Animals don't have rights! HUMANS do ignoramus! If you nuts don't know by now, the media misconstrues everything dealing with celebrities to put them in a bad light of their fans! YOU go and get a job and do some work and PAY your hard earned money to the REAL abusers of your taxpaying dollar... the WELFARE recipients, they're the only ones that should have time to read this GARBAGE!!!!! FREE "X" and LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! Sheesh!

2249 days ago


McDonald's is 'fresh' meat? Uhh...yeah...right.....

2249 days ago


Yeah your right RYDER, he's a wonderful human being! How many times has this wonderful man been in jail? How many dead dogs were found buried in his yard? How many starving half dead dogs were on his property? You are both ignorant losers and my dog's life is worth 1,000 of people like him and maybe you!!!! LOSER, DMX GROUPIE. Go suck his dingleberries in jail, you'd love that!!!!!

2249 days ago

hell with them all    

hey! Ass hole EAT YOURSELF! you guys always grabing down there to see if it went to lunch or not. Give me a F--king Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2249 days ago

john wayne gacy    

ruf rider;

for all the welfare recipients;

did you want some government cheese
with that mac - daddy sandwich ?

2249 days ago


I am cracking up at these comments....Lol. Free X man- Thats hilarious! The inmates are goanna show him what the real meaning of "Dark Man X: means when they Rape his bitch

2249 days ago


He's gonna get a hot hairy big mac sandwich alright! Pickles or dingleberries with that?

2249 days ago

Joe Mama    


2248 days ago


Remember when prison meant you didn't get what you want?

2248 days ago


i think DMX loves dogs but with the way he's acting, i don't think he can take care of himself let alone something else living. To post # 10... you can call X alot of thing but bitch i don't think so.

keep your head up
nuthin but love 4 ya rizzy

2248 days ago

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