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Einhorn is Finkle?! Finkle is Einhorn!?!

8/25/2008 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Either Marcia Cross really had to go yesterday ... or someone's got one hell of a secret!


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Ok, I was at the Malibu Country Mart (where this pic was taken) last week. There is literally one ladies room and one men's restroom in the entire place. For those of you who don't know what the Country Mart is, it's basically an outdoor shopping mall. My sister and I both had to use the restroom and we waited in line for almost 30 min! None of the stores, not even the Starbucks does not have a public restroom. It really is ridiculous. So good for Marcia for taking a stand against the Country Mart and using the men's restroom. It is 2008 - definitely time to update the facilities!

2250 days ago



2250 days ago


There was this one time a few years back when I took a bus from Lansing to Southfield in Michigan. I made the mistake of drinking a whole French vanilla cappuccino before getting on the bus. by the time we reached Southfield, my teeth were floating. I ran off the bus, got my bag, and sprinted to the bathroom. I ran in, looked around, and ran out declaring "This place is so disgusting I can't go in there!" My friend and mom met me at the station, and they were laughing so hard. Finally after the friend gasped for air, he revealed that I had run out of the men's bathroom. He told me where the ladies' room was. Despite my pain, I decided that the Burger King across the street must have cleaner bathrooms. Point being? We all do it, so this is not news!

2250 days ago

Big Bear    

TMZ is the last to find out Marcia is a man?? Marcia went to the mens room and whipped it out like all the other guys.

2250 days ago

Mama J    

Awesome title TMZ!!!

2250 days ago


Hey BJ! Guess we were stalked last night. Sorry I wasn't around. CAP GIRL NEEDS TO GET LAID!

Go Cowboys!

2250 days ago


The Headline made me laugh out loud. Classic!

2249 days ago


It's funny to think about celebs taking dumps. Like, for instance, imagine Nicole Kidman taking a huge "I ate Mexican food last night" crap. Made you giggle didn't it! Some other funny ones....Denise Richards, (her big ol mouth would look funny making the poop face), Katie Holmes, (she of course would have to take a silent poo, no noise allowed), and Kim Kardashian, (who would in turn run around her hotel room spewing poo all over the place and call 911).

2249 days ago


When you've gott go, YOU'VE GOTTA GO!

2249 days ago


Kelli- When was the last time you got laid? Maybe like 10 years ago??

2249 days ago


# 53 Baseball Junkie~ You sound like an intelligent older woman. Why are you arguing with these children who are trying to stir things up to a get a reaction. I do agree you can find some good discussions here but 75% of TMZ posters are "kids" playing around on the computer. just saying....

2249 days ago

Francesca J.    

Einhorn is a man!!

I heart Jim Carrey

2249 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Jack, thanks for noticing. I consider TMZ my guilty pleasure. It's a heckuvalot better for me than eating a pound of chocolate or a pint of Ben & Jerry's. I also enjoy a good argument or discussion which I can occasionally find here. I've found a few friends like kelli and lexie and for awhile there was someone I was discussing baseball with.

Go Sox

2249 days ago


Baseball Junkie~Personally I dont post much, But I do enjoy reading the posts at lunchtime and after work. I am a Mets fan and actually watching Pedro pitch right now! Was at the game Friday night when they were playing the Astros. Dispite the recent injuries we are managing to scratch out a few wins here and there. Just hope that we dont blow it in late September like we did last year.

2249 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Jack, I used to a Mets fan when I lived in New Jersey. I was in 7th grade during the year if the Amazing Mets. Our math teacher who was a Mets fan said at the beginning of the school year that he would give us all As if the Mets won the World Series. I studied anyway but it was nice to be sure I was going to get an A.
When I moved up to Boston and married a man from Maine I switched my allegiance to the Red Sox because women in my family adopt their husband's religion and he, of course, was a Red Sox fan.
I sometimes don't bother with TMZ for days at a time but when I do come on I usually stay on the computer for hours and come back to check out TMZ every so often. As I said I enjoy arguing with people or at least telling them where they are wrong.
I've been listening to my Sox whup the Yankees in their house. As an added bonus, the Blue Jays beat the Rays so we'e gained a game. If we meet again in the World Series, I'm going to be praying it's not a repeat of '86.

Go Sox

2249 days ago
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