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Mac to Madge -- Who You Callin' a Nazi?

8/25/2008 2:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain did not take kindly to being compared to Adolf Hitler.

And now he's punching back at Madonna, who seemed to compare the GOP prez nominee to Hitler and Zimbabwe's own evil dictator, Robert Mugabe. His rep told FOX News, "The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time."

Check this out: J-Mac's camp is trying to lump Madonna in with Barack: "His fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits."

Amy's In-Laws: Lock Wino Up!

Just like a-holes, everybody has an opinion about Amy Winehouse.

The latest person to weigh in? The mum-in-law. Georgette Civil, Blake Fielder-Civil's mama, tells the News of the World, "Prison will do Amy far more good than rehab ... The police know Amy is a drug addict. They should arrest her and put her behind bars." Georgette would know: Her boy is doing time now.

We told you last week that despite all the madness, Wino's not in rehab.

LiLo -- Girls Just Want to Have Cyndi

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson were back in Chi-town for a SamRo DJ gig – and they got some unsolicited advice from Cyndi Lauper.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that LiLo was "very affectionate" with Sam -- no surprise -- but got a visit from Cyndi at Crimson Lounge, where Sam was spinning. Spies in the club overheard Lauper tell Lindz and Ronson, "Just be yourselves. Be who you are. Nobody today cares about people's [sexual orientation]."


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Madonna is an old, tired and unfulfilled person. Who the hell is she to talk about anyone!? Has-beens are so pathetic. Dumb b**ch is only touring to support the founders of a CULT. As was aforementioned, she needs to STAY HOME AND TAKE CARE OF HER FAMILY! As for the two wanna-be lesbians - nobody cares about them so please stop with the god awful photos. I would much rather see the trainwreck Winehouse. Long live Amy! Now THAT"S entertainment.........

2249 days ago

Knock It Off    

Oh Madge, You see old and it reminds you of old. Get a mirror.

2249 days ago

hell with them all    

NUMBER 4 & 15 you have little brains and know NOTHING of what you are talking about. If we get the BLACK one are country will be nolonger what it is. You want middle east livin then you get it with him. Now has these two kissed each other ASS yet in some hot skin sex.

2249 days ago

pay atention    

Madonna looks so gross in the pictures I've seen of her on her "Sticky" tour. She doesn't even live here anymore and pretends to have a British accent these days. I can't believe she has the nerve to compare McCain, a man who was a prisoner of war while serving his country, to Hitler!! If you look back over her career and remember all the disgusting things she has been a part of it really shows what a low class piece of trash she really is. She has done NOTHING to make our country the United States a better place. She has only brought our generation trash! She is a 50 year old tramp who needs to keep her mouth shut and stay away from our country and their politics! She can go bug the hell out of the British!

2249 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I don't give a good godd@mn what Madonna has to say one way or the other. I don't think McCain is comparable to Hitler, et al. even though I AM a liberal. I'm going to vote for Obama but that's because I like his position on most of the issues (though not all). McCain's camp is the one that started with the attack ads and Obama has taken the high ground by refusing to join the mudslinging so for McCain to claim that Obama's celebrity friends are attacking McCain is ridiculous.

Tami & cornflakes, you're both idiots. That claim that God intended the only men and women to be together so they could have children is the reason this planet is so overpopulated that it won't be very long before people are starving to death all over the world, not just a few countries in Africa and Asia. We went forth and multiplied and now it's time to stop. How do you know that gays aren't part of God's plan to stop us from destroying the world by overpopulation?

Go Sox.

2249 days ago


John McCain is an adulterer and an old fool. He reads every little soundbite off a card provided by his handlers. He is in the pocket of big oil andwould be a worst president than George Bush. Somebody had to tell him abput Madonna because he said he can't work the internet and doesn't know how to fix the economy. He is a complete loser.

2249 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I give a Damm, So you're another one of those idiots who has bought into the story that because Obama's stepfather was a muslim, Obama must be too. Why don't you try to look at the facts instead of the other hatemongers like you and your lying conservative media. If people like you, who don't even know how to write and spell the American language, are making the decisions for the country than America has already stopped being the country it used to be.

Go Sox

2249 days ago


Madonna is an idiot so who cares what she says.

2249 days ago


No..No.. No... I think Madge meant that McCain can remember very clearly Hitler and Mussolini. I think he should focus on things that are important to America , like the D-Day invasion.

2249 days ago


McCain is George Bush III

2249 days ago


#14...yes Jerry Fawell is dead...but God is not. Moron

2249 days ago


#24. Mccain is another no matter who gets the white house..the America we're proud of will no longer exist..

2249 days ago


John McCain is an adulterer and an old fool by Henyyy
And YOUR a Liar and a Bigot!

I am voting McCain!

2249 days ago

grow up    

It is sad when ameicans can be so shortsided that they compare Hitler, Mussolini, bin Laden to an american war hero. You can disagree with a person's viewpoints without going to some irrationally extreme comparison. I know a lot o people that back Obama and at the same time respect Mccain for his service to our country. Try figuring out reasons why you support your canidate and not spewing hollywood rhetoric.

2249 days ago


That old haggis broad has a nerve..50 years OLD and still doing that lewd tour of hers..YUCK!

2249 days ago
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