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Nanny Got Brad and Angie's Goat

8/25/2008 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We started getting tips about Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile -- that they never let the kids go out in public with nannies because they want the public to see them as hands-on parents, which means the kids would basically be held hostage in the house unless their parents take them out. Absolutely not true.

We have really good spies in this department and here's what we know. As it was put to us, "Brad and Angelina don't give a f**k what the world thinks of how they're raising their kids." We're told their entire life revolves around the kids, and the houses they stay in are "dirty from the kids" -- with toys everywhere, food on the floor and fingerprints on the walls.

We're told during weekends, there is a "minimal staff" at home -- a cook and security, and that's it. The homes they stay at are often in the hills or at the beach, and security's top job is making sure the kids don't hurt themselves.

The Hollywood Hills home Brad has owned for years will soon become home base. We're told the main advantage is it's completely enclosed and the kids can roam on the property.

The best line -- "They live like people in Simi Valley, only with more zeros on the price of the home."

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I don't understand why everyone jumps on the Brad and Angie bandwagon with how they're supposedly such good parents. Any child psychologist will tell you that children need a strong foundation and regular schedules. These children are flitting from country to country, crossing time zones, in one school and out the next week. How are they able to form lasting friendships? Children need stability. While it would seem wonderful that the parents have the money to travel with their children, what cost is it to the child? I'm all for traveling with children, but we always have home to come back to with friends and family. I wonder if we'll see these kids pull a britney spears in a few years.

2217 days ago


#27. Just how many children do you have?? If you think a baby peeing on the floor is disgusting and fingerprints on the wall are a sign of a bad mother, I hope that you don't procreate. By the way, I clean my house while my children are napping or after they go to bed, company is welcome anytime (unless it's someone like yourself with no personality and not a clue as to what parenting is like). I would assume that you probably don't believe in God either.
Oh, I have to go, one of my little "piggies" just woke up from his nap and brought down his own dirty clothes for me to add to the wash!! I love my kids!!!

2217 days ago


TMZ states "We have really good spies in this department and here's what we know. As it was put to us, "Brad and Angelina don't give a f**k what the world thinks of how they're raising their kids."

Last week I read in either Time or New York magazine the very same identical quote. TMZ has s--t in that department, they got it from another source.

2217 days ago


Abi, thank you for posting from direct experience. You can raise six kids, have a happy home with happy people without total anarchy. I am so glad not everyone has fallen under the Brangie spell.

2217 days ago


I agree with Sparkie people spend way to much energy in hating this couple....get over it. They are beautiful, generous people and they are NOT media whores....they just want to live their lives. Focus on facts people, not what "insiders are saying"!

2217 days ago


Also, the twins are IN VITRO. Those same sources state brad wanted more of his own biological kids and "they didn't have the patience to let nature take its course", hence, gather eggs, fertilize em and implant. Makes sense when you think about it.

2217 days ago


With their schedules for work and press junkets, there is no way they could not have any help. Most parents struggle with two children, no help and we, the public, are suppose to believe that Pitt and Jolie can take care of six children all under the age of 7 with minimal help?

I don't believe it at all. This is crap.

With Pitt having a great interest in architecture, I can't imagine him being happy with a dirty house. Oh, sorry, messy house. Someone who like architecture would like to see the house not the mess.

2217 days ago


Are we supposed to be impressed because Pitt and Jolie "only" have a cook and security on weekends? There are families with more than 5 kids who DO NOT have nannies, security, or cooks; can't either of those egotistical idiots find their way around a kitchen? I will be impressed when they start helping those in the United States (at least those who are not dark since they seem to be the only people they will help), and when they trust the American medical system enough to give birth to babies in this country! Too bad they do not buy their kids from their own country, there are many, many children here that are waiting for help!

2217 days ago


You all talk like you know them personally. However i don't think you do but yet you read everything in print and we all know everything in print is true right? Ya RIGHT. I bet if you had as much money as they do and worked as haed as they do you all would have a flippin nanny also. I would i won't lie. You can have a nanny and still raise your own kids. You all reak of jelousy.

2217 days ago


I can't stand these two, however the racist comments against the kids are so wrong, ESPECIALLY the Aunt Jemimah comment. I'm shocked that TMZ even allowed it to go through.

2217 days ago


People question why some of us spend so much energy "spewing venom" at people like Brangelina. Good question. If I had to answer I would suggest it is because some of us see this couple in a totally different way than others. Some people see a wonderful loving humanitarian couple with a bunch of lovely children. Others, such as myself, see a man who tired of his wife then bragged that he had been with her for five years and should get credit for that. He was clearly intrigued with a woman who has a history of running off with men who were attached to someone else. Because she had adopted a child and had taken an interest in needy people a lot of people seemed to think it was okay that Brad dumped his wife for her. Because he and his wife didn't have children, people seemed to think that made her a bad person who deserved to be dumped. That's horrible. Because Angelina suddenly became pregnant very early into the relationship a lot of people seemed to think that meant they were really really in love and gosh how sweet. Some of us really scratch our heads at how having children made them such wonderful people. BTW, before someone decides to correct my poor grammar, get over it. It was deliberate. One thing I do object to are the comments from people who trash them for helping kids from other countries. Children in the US are not starving to death in the streets, there is nothing wrong with adopting overseas. There is something wrong with having too many kids in the house if you can't manage and there's something wrong with bouncing them all over the world. These kids, and yes they are adorable, need stability.

2217 days ago


Ok, I am ashamed that I have spent the minutes in my day reading this stuff and actually posting to it. All in all, none of this means anything. Don't we all have better things to do? I hope so. My kids and I are going to go outside to play (after I change the baby's diaper; he made something special for the person who called Zahara a mean name).

2217 days ago


I know jolie and pitt think their fans are absolute idiots and will believe any BS thrown at em. How do you have minimal help with six kids while you're off making crap movies all over the world? Who's taking care of em all, Maddox? If you think they are such wonderful people, go check out The Smoking Gun, then tell me they ain't media whores into nothing but photo ops.

2217 days ago

Nicole in minnesota    

For the record, I LOVE THEM BOTH! I think they are wonderfull and they have a very happy family and anyone who judges them should take a look at their own self. If you know them personally go ahead and say what you will but none of us do. They are great people and great parents!

2217 days ago


Boy such ugliness. Why do the people that hate this couple feel the need to go out of the way to post a comment every time they are mentioned. Brad and Angie are a great couple living their lives and loving their children. The fact that they choose to raise their children they way that they see fit is what every parent(s) should do. If their house is not a museum piece so what. When I was a child my parents lives were about us and what we needed. They had time before we were born and after for it to be about them. When Brad and Angie look back on their lives I am sure they will say we cared more about our children then what a house looked like. They are not trying to impress others. As far as Angie not taking birth control... HOW stupid can you get. Brad and Angie planned their family like most people do. She had their children when they choose to. ON PURPOSE.. Some of you crazies act as if you are a part of their lives... YOU"RE NOT>.

They have said and have proven that they want to be the last word on their children. Raise our own and live with how they turn out. You are not responsible for Brad and Angie' kids. They have been together for almost 5 years now. It is working. I don't think you who hate them are writing ugly comments on Jennifer's behave... I think you want to use them as an outlet for the ugliness that exist inside of you. IT is so sad to hear the offensive comments about these innocent children from so many... I guess on line you can be invisible. I wonder what you pretend to be in your everyday lives. I wish the mask could be removed and the world around you could see your true colors. These children look happy, healthy and well loved. No child could ask or want for more.

2217 days ago
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