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Shauna Sand's Stripper Heels ...

8/25/2008 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Never leave home with out 'em.


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I am not trying to be rude but why do you guys keep photographing her for!!! What is she famous for??? She isn't that pretty unless you like the over-processed look.

2259 days ago


I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this woman is simply not attractive with all the cosmetic work she's had done. Don't any of these hollywood ladies realize that sometimes it actually makes them look worse? I'm not against cosmetic improvements at all, but come just take it way too far.

And what happened to her rear end?

2259 days ago


What a disgusting behind. YUK! And she looks so ridiculous. GROSS.

2259 days ago


what a shame. she is a mother and walks around looking like a $2 hooker. those poor kids. i'm sure their friends(if they have any) laugh at them and make fun of their 'mother'. i know i would....just sayin. i know she's just tryin to look sexy but OMG girl.. it ain't workin!

2259 days ago


41. Yes, and then some!!!
42. These type of women know that men want young pretty girls, so they plastic surgery their bodies to the point of looking like this skank. Their implants are rock hard & the nipples face east & west!!! Their lips are plumped to "post porn star" proportions, their faces pulled up & back so far that their eyebrows are now an inch from the hairline, their facial muscles are frozen, and they are anorexic with flat asses!! And that's attractive? Is that why they make a career out of literally "street walking" for attention. What a bunch of freaks!! Lorenzo's career is done, why in the hell doesn't he take those girls and raise them to be beautiful, smart, respectful, independent women?? Dogs in the nearby neighborhood are still howling!!!!
What a stupid broad. Does she really need the attention this bad? Where the hell is the straightjacket, this bimbo is lost in her own mind!!!

2259 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Tired old mama needs a new pair of shoes!

2259 days ago


"WHORE on the beach, everyone run

2259 days ago


Droopy butt.

2259 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

TMZ-How much is Shauna paying you for all this publicity? She is written and pictured on TMZ constantly, and for what? Walking around in 6 inch Lucite heels?

2259 days ago

Kim Rocks    

can someone buy her a pair of shoes. This lady is always with the same shoes.... tmz you guys should buy her a pair of shoes, since you're always following her and her hooker shoes...

2259 days ago


someone stick a fork in this pig - she's done!

2259 days ago


so close to the trash cans...they need to have lids on them. so SHE cant get out anymore

2259 days ago


Maybe she wears those heels all the time because her feet are damaged from years of only wearing those and now her feet are stuck like Barbies.

2259 days ago


Not only does she look insanely ridiculous, but one wrong step and she may be on crutches for life! Sheesh!

2259 days ago


I bet that there is a stipulation in her will that she has to be buried in these godawful shoes, actually when she wears them she is a little closer to heaven......

2259 days ago
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