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Charlize Theron -- Monster in Denver

8/26/2008 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The point of the Democratic Convention -- to put the Dem's message out to America -- was totally lost on Charlize Theron who arrived at the Denver Airport in attack mode.

Charlize went nuts on our cameraman, who asked her about her support of Barack Obama. She would be the only person in Denver -- far as we know -- who apparently views the Convention as a private affair, peons not invited.

It's possible she's in town for a film festival, but still, she's a vocal Barack supporter and we're guessin' she knows the Convention's in town.

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No Avatar



2251 days ago


dumb ass fools!

2251 days ago


I sure missed the part where Charlize Theron "...went nuts on our cameraman...." I guess whenever you guys show up and start asking questions and stick your cameras in our face, we are to be unquestionably cooperative. All I saw was her lifting her bag to shield her face and get into the car. Your ruse is pathetic and lacks journalistic integrity ..... Oh gosh, I'm sorry, I guess I'm going nuts here. Put a cork in it and realize we all must observe reasonable limitations.

2251 days ago


Can't a woman get a break? Theron probably didn't have her "face" on....LEAVE HER ALONE! It's called allowing her some DIGNITY. I usually love TMZ...but you're getting a bit too brazen.

2251 days ago


How pathetic! You guys are in her face when she obviously doesn't want to talk to you and you are totaly slaming her now because of it. Calling her a MONSTER in Denver is over the top. She kept her cool and was elegant as usual. Leave people alone and maybe you won't get your camera's feelings hurt next time.

2251 days ago


Your site, sites like yours and magazines are hypocritical. You leech a living off of the celbrity of others and then act offended when they don't or won't buddy up to you. They don't owe you or their fans anything other than a quality performance. You don't know them and yet you approach them in public as if you are all best friends and they should just stop whatever they are doing and tend to your needs. Even if it's in a public place you are certainly invading their private space. When they are at a showing, an awards ceremony or on the red carpet - that is certainly fair game. When they are in their own space on their own time - they should be left alone. That you follow them as they grocery shop or get coffee is the absolute definition of stalking. If they break laws - you should be all over that - they publicly screwed up. But when you invade their personal space and their personal time - is it any wonder they treat you the way they do. You have my email address in your files - do you have the courage to engage in an adult conversation with me?

2251 days ago


Charlize Theron was born in S. Africa. Who cares who she supports for the president of the United States? I don't even care who she supports for S. Africa. She's a decent actress...and I liked her in Mighty Joe Young! As for cameramen, reporters, and paparazzi....there should be a standing restraining order on all of them, limiting their physical proximity to anyone. They have no journalistic integrity, anymore. They don't care if it's the truth, only if it gets readers/watchers.

2251 days ago


we need to invade Hollywood

2251 days ago


Charlize Theron is perhaps the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Which means she's way out of your league. So you slam her as a result. How PATHETIC!

2251 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Charlize as at the AIRPORT, not the Democratic Convention. She's right, the photographer aka pest, was annoying and spoke Ebonics! Did you notice he said "axe" instead of "ask" OMG! She didn't go nuts, but she had grounds to!

The Stalkarazzi needs to realize, the public, celebrities and police are tired of the brazen and dangerous antics and methods these photographers test each day. Some of those photographers need a background check, from what I can gather.

Everyone deserves, some privacy and distance from those stalking and harassing within their personal space. Honor that, and perhaps, new laws won't be created to halt the Stalkarazzi. I like viewing candid celebrity pics, as most do on this website, but there are limits and they are crossed far too often by the Stalkarazzi.

Try being nice to a celebrity and see where that might get you. Try it. Don't stalk, pester or harass them.

2251 days ago


Charlize didn't go nuts, she tried to preserve her dignity. Your cameraman was iso gnorant he didn't even know why she was in Denver. His manners were unspeakable. Shame on you, and on AOL for running this vulgar filth. And hooray for the lady, who handled herself well.You make me ashamed of journalism, which I've practiced for more than four decades.

2251 days ago

an adult    

I dislike seeing the media harrassing public figures. Ms. Theron was not working and should have the right of privacy. I would not qualify her beahvior as "monstrous" or "going nuts". Somebody should put a short leash on the media!

2251 days ago


Well, I'm sort of a Charlize fan, and I thought the whole incident lacked courtesy on both parts. On the one hand, Charlize could have answered, "Good to see you, also," or something that denotes at least a hint of culture or manners, while continuing to go on her way. On the other hand, the reporter relentlessly pursued her, even though she plainly did not want to talk. He wanted to ask her "some questions," regardless of whether or not she had the time. C'mon, stars and reporters. Get some mutual respect and communication going. If she didn't have her makeup on, she could have requested no pictures. The reporter could have shown more consideration and given her some space. It's not like a national conference was called and the reporter was invited to grill her. Neither side needs to be rude. And yes, I've experienced the spotlight, and yes, I am at least courteous. There is no excuse for blunt rudeness by either side. Without fans' interest, stars would not make a very good living. Without reporters' writing, reporters would not make a very good living. Call a truce.

2251 days ago


She should have shot your guys in the face. It'd serve the public good far more than anything going on at the convention.

2251 days ago


I guess "no" doesn't really mean no anymore. Coursts are saying that if a girl says no, and you persist, you are harrassing her. Isn't that what this guy was doing? She told him "NO", go away, but he wouldn't. I think I'd have gotten angry too. When I read the header I expected that she actually struck the guy. She didn't. Hey you guys. Accept that everyone doesn't want you poking around in their personal lives. If someone tells you to leave them alone, then do so.

2251 days ago
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