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Delegate Whacked in Assault Case Against Lady

8/26/2008 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A California delegate at the Democratic National Convention lost a big one last month. He's on the hook for $35,000, after allegedly assaulting a woman a few years ago ... and we now have the 911 tape that is just insane.
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Christopher Stampolis, former head honcho of the California Democratic Council, allegedly went to a storage company in L.A. back in 2005. According to a lawsuit, filed in September,2006, Stampolis approached Veronica Robinson, who worked behind the counter, and asked for access to a storage unit. Robinson told Stampolis she couldn't open the unit without keys (he didn't have them) or authorizing papers.

Here's where it gets interesting. The suit claims Stampolis "reached over the counter, grabbed plaintiff, and hit her chin." The suit claims he had to be pried away from Robinson.

The case went to arbitration and last month, the arbitrator awarded Robinson $35,000.

We spoke with Stampolis today, who said the struggle was over a folder and she was the one who threw him across the room, causing him crash into a water cooler. He insists he never touched her, but the arbitrator begs to differ.

Stampolis was a superdelegate for Hilary Clinton.


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He's a douche    

Tha'ts why this guy is a douche bag. Read that explanation. Does it make any sense? Obviously not to the court system that awarded the lady $35,000. And that's just the tip of the f'n iceberg with this guy.

My sources tell me that this guy went into his kid's elementary school (wherever he lives) and demanded that they set the clocks back to his time because his child was constantly arriving at school late. He apparently also doesn't have a job, so I can see why he would need an extra few minutes to get his kid to school, being unemployed and all.

So the whole school had to re-do their clocks because this guy can't get out of bed two minutes earlier. Unreal.

Teachers as his child's school were considering restraining orders against him, and, my sources say that the entire school district wouldn't mind seeing him move to another planet.

Everything is a song and a dance with this guy. Everything. He's the type of guy who constantly wants to argue minute facts, and ignores the big giant icebergs that point to him being a huge douche bag.

He can write all the explanations he wants (if that's actually him) and it isn't going to matter, the facts are: 1) He went into a storage facility and obviously caused such a commotion that not one, but TWO 911 calls were necessary; 2) He lost a civil suit in the amount of $35,000.

Obviously someone thought he was doing something wrong. How the hell do you start a fight at a f'n STORAGE facility?

Google his name some more, and you'll see that charges were brought against him for starting a smear campaign in some local election somewhere. Apparently he decided it was a good idea to start a "newspaper" that basically just bashed the other candidate. The DA brought the charges against him, but the judge ruled that he didn't "deny the other party" advertising.

Of course it was all BS because his "newspaper" never published "issues" before or after.

If you see this guy coming, walk the other way.

Think of it this way: He must be the only guy in America who has: 1) Managed to piss of an entire school district; 2) "Allegedly" assaulted a freaking STORAGE FACILITY worker and lost a $35,000 lawsuit in relation to the "alleged" incident; 3) Had charges brought against him for fraud (or whatever it was, I'm sure he'll correct me) in an election.

Nice job!! Now let his 10 paragraph posts begin where he corrects everything I've written. Of course, he better do it soon before they sell his computer for the $35K he owes.

Douche bag.

2245 days ago

NOT Chris Stampolis    

It makes sense that Mr. Stampolis would wish to submit his own "fact-correcting comments."

1) It is understandable that Mr. Stampolis would rather be thrown across the room by Andre the Giant rather than the frail Damsel in Distress whom he was in the process of "alledgedly" accosting. Shame on you TMZ.

2) It appears John and G (postings 1 and 2) that you may owe TMZ an apology for your chastising them for not supplying a blank surveillance tape. Too bad, it sounds it could have been good reality tv (if there is such a thing).

3) The clarification of the details has certainly cleared things up.
Thankfully, for Ms. Robinson, Mr. Stampolis was kind enough to provide proof of identity for the police to arrest him upon their arrival.
Mr. Stampolis had a key...BUT...Ms. Robinson WAS the keymaster.
TMZ, why didn't you post the 911 call from Mr. Stampolis? Did he say, "Help, I alledgedly attacked a woman because she was doing her job by safeguarding a storage unit. She was providing the security I expect from a storage company...for the empty space I pay for...but since someone else signed the agreement and didn't provide me with written authorization to access the empty room I alledgedly attacked her. I was thrown across the room and now I'm locked out without my CAR KEY, proof of identity and Visa. This is a case of identity theft. I want to press charges." Or does it say something else?

4) Mr. Stampolis did not get a judge or jury. But he lost in arbitration which takes the place of a judge and jury. Perhaps they could just pretend arbitration didn't happen and start all over again?

5) Wow, Ms. Thomas and Ms. Robinson worked together and later had not "maintained regular contact" but maybe they actually spoke once or twice...or maybe even more. Must be a conspiracy.

2245 days ago

Crackin Up    

This guy has serious anger issues and should probably get some therapy. I have heard from many sources that Chris Stampolis has a bad temper. He needs to stop worrying about everything around him and focus on getiting his personal ife in order. This guy loves to create problems and give people headaches for no apparent reason. Actually there is a reason; to get himself some attention

2243 days ago

The Mac Man    

Isn't interesting that we hear all about Mr. Stampolis, but the details about the fired employees never come to light. How did Mr. Stampolis avoid being arrested and held for bail if he assaulted someone? Is there a security camera film about the incident? As for the famous biography about Mr. Stampolis, why are there no specific details or facts?

The attorney for this woman is a a noted kivvyist for the gun lobby and also has friends that work for this website. Gee, perhaps there a more details than need to come out. Is Mr. Stampolis appealing the ruling, and where is the police report on this incident.

Sounds like a person wanting money and seeing an easy mark.

Johnni Mac

2242 days ago

NOT Chris Stampolis    

Johnny Mac - stop Joshin' around..."kivvyist"? Really? Does this have something to do with Mr. Stampolis' lack of innocence?

This is a gentleman who makes promises and does not keep them...changes the rules to suit his needs...lays blame on anyone he can find to take his fall...and presents himself just well enough to initially fool folks into believing he is honorable.

If those folks who have the "details" you seek took the time to jot them all down Mr. Stampolis would only redirect attention to mistakes in minor details (ie. time of day) as he has done with his earlier post.

Not claims of innocence...but "explanations" and redirections.

TMZ got it wrong, it was a guy who threw me across the room.
The two girls talked to each other following the incident. They must be lying.
I had a key.
They should have let me in.


I didn't do it.

"the struggle was over a folder."


Should the fact that there is no video of the incident lead us believe that the woman behind the counter went after Mr. Stampolis rather than the other way around? Or that a group of people, in a well executed effort, conspired to keep Mr. Stampolis out of an empty storage unit and then call the police for no other reason but to later sue him for money?

This redirect may be meant to make us all doubt the integrity of the woman who sued him, but it should not overshadow the string of events that led to the 911 call in the first place.

Give me a break. Double speak political jargon. It's a shame - Democrats deserve better.

2241 days ago

The Mac Man    

Should the fact that there is no video of the incident lead us believe that the woman behind the counter went after Mr. Stampolis rather than the other way around? Or that a group of people, in a well executed effort.

That means there is no evidence, yes?

Both women were fired by the storage company, weren't they? Then they filed the lawsuit.

Please produce the booking statement, the arrest record, the criminal finding, and the 911 tape Stampolis made.

Until then, Eric, stick to suing LA County so they can display AK 47s to people to use.

2240 days ago

NOT Chris Stampolis    

Who is Eric Oto?

2240 days ago

NOT Chris Stampolis    

Just a follow up...I realize Eric Oto must be the lawyer...I'm not Eric Oto. But thank you for assuming I must have a law degree for my analysis of the situation. :-)

No evidence would imply there were no eye witnesses. My comment regarding the "group of people in a well executed effort" included the gentleman who apparently had to pull Mr. Stampolis away from the "struggle [that] was over a folder."

If you would like to further direct your anger to the person named Eric Oto I'm sure his contact information is available somewhere, but I have no idea who he is, or where to find it. I am, however, sufficiently aware of Mr. Stampolis' identity, and behavior, and find these accusations to be well within reason.

Good luck to you in your search for Mr. Oto.

2240 days ago

a fact checker    

Just to clarify. Stampolis was arrested by 4 officers on september 11th. His bail was $20,000. Look it up on the county website .The employees were let go over a year later. Ms. Robinson was asked to resign from her position because she could no longer do her job effectively after Stampolis attacked her. Who cares about the video. He attacked her in front of 3 children and 2 employees and his own father. Contrary to Stampolis's sorry comments above there were three 911 calls. I feel so sorry for his wife and kid let alone the people this monster comes in contact with. They need to investigate the city attornies office and find out how they let him slide by. Or maybe you should ask how a $20,000 dollar assault ended up in traffic court.

2232 days ago

Very Sad    

This man is now an elected official in Santa Clara... on a school board. How evidence like this- of his flagrant dismissal of proper social norms and the law- allowed him to still get elected shows the sad state of local politics.

503 days ago
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