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Julia Roberts

Shows Off the Twins

8/26/2008 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's birthed three children, married two men and won an Oscar, but 40-year-old Julia Roberts is still a pretty woman.

While hubby Danny Moder was nowhere in sight, Jules lounged poolside in Hawaii on Sunday.


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no wonder she never wanted to do a nude scene.

2214 days ago

you really should...    

After all her years of trying to "find herself" and gettin engaged all the time and thn cancelling it, then a quickie marriage followed by nother string of love affairs...

I absolutely ADORE HER IN INTERVIEWS NOW where she talks about how she races the kids to the door to greet daddy and how she seriously can't say who is happier to see him, the kids or her. She pretty much gave up Hollywood for this unknown man, Danny Moder...and yeah, so he was married but I don't recall they had any kids as was stated...when she was at the very, very top...higher than any other actress has ever achieved to date...not only with Box Office Success, being the highest paid actress, and winning an Oscar...and all for the love of this regular joe, unknown man... she gave it all up to be a wife and mother and absolutely LOVES EVERY MINUTE OF IT. (This is the same person many, many Jen Fans have used as an example of who Jennifer should marry, same as Julia...yes, even citing Julia Roberts as how to Jennifer should land herself the perfect low-key kind of guy! Is that beautifully twisted sick advice or what??? LOVE IT!!!!!)

Of course she may come across as arrogant but she lives on another plateau with her fame and her wealth where literally, she can have anything in the world she wants and all she wants is Danny and her kids on their big spread in New Mexico...not even in Hollywood. She only makes special appearances for George Clooney...although I heard rumor she would be guest-starring on (nite before the wedding Runaway Bride) ex Keifer Sutherland's Series Finale of 24.

As for Julia Roberts supposedly putting down Angelina's portrayal of Marianne Pearl in A Mighty Heart...the SOURCE FOR THAT STORY IS STAR GOSSIP RAG! But, Julia did, as a friend, support her friends, Brad and Angelina, and throw a "viewing party of the Film to make sure all her friends saw the movie." She has gone on record on Prime Time TV stating that Brad Pitt is an excellent father. I believe that over STAR every single minute any day of the week!

You people are so clueless and'll believe anything so long as it supports your already skewed view of the world. Actual facts are of no value or consequence. You all can't even take one minute to google a claim made to check the source of it before you jump on it and repeat it as fact in your next post!

Go Julia and Go Angelina! Great guys that Danny Moder and Brad Pitt! Matt and Luciana, Ben and Jennifer. Gavin and Gwen. Chris and Gwyneth. Johnny and Vanessa. Bono and his lovely wife, Ali. They are all rockin it!

2214 days ago


Admire personally only refers to how she handlers herself when not promoting a movie, or being paid for an appearance. Personally is when the media reaches into thier personal time, eg; shopping, eating, living a regular life, and expects something from them, for our benefit.

2214 days ago


She had a body double in "Pretty Woman". And as for her husband ignoring his previous children there is always two sides to every divorce, did you ever think maybe his ex is a bitch and keeps him from seeing them?

2214 days ago

Black Teef    

Something tells me she sports a MONSTER bush.

2214 days ago


I never thought she was a pretty woman. Honestly a one piece bathing suit would have been better. I remember a picture of her and her husband parked in a handicapped space and not moving after she got caught. I have handicapped parking because I really need it and I think that this was her worst moment. No excuse. Who the hell does she think she is. Some have said it takes two to break up a marriage but once you know the guy or girl is married stay away. She's a homewrecker and thinks that rules don't apply to her.

2214 days ago


how can you be so pale vacationing in hawaii? Is that water dripping off her legs or sweat from standing up?

2214 days ago


I have never thought she was pretty.

2214 days ago

chirs messin    

man get a one piece please. for the love of god and my eyes get a one piece..... go to a private place so we dont have to see

2214 days ago


YUCK...she looks gross!!

2214 days ago


Danny Moder does NOT have any kids from his first marriage to Vera Steimberg, I think some people may be confusing him with Dean McDermot of "Tori and Dean" Dean has a child from his first marriage.

Was it wrong? Yes, but they both are guilty and the fact is.. karma is a bitch.. they seem happy now... give them 20 years.. we'll see just how happy they really are.

2214 days ago


Nothing worse than pasty skin and a bad bikini on a washed up actress!

2214 days ago


Meg - sort of like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson? Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward? Both have long and happy marriages that started with one of them being married to someone else.

Julia looks happy, and they seem to have a very strong marriage. She looks terrific for 40.

2214 days ago


Thay Harv, did have a thuper time latht night? I did. You were thenthathional

2214 days ago

you really should... are right about, as I also said, that Danny Moder had no children. Dean McDermott had a biological child with his wife and they had just one month prior to him meeting Tori, adopted a baby girl. In the divorce settlement, this slime bucket that Tori and her fans prize as a "great, down-to-earth guy", would only acknowledge his BIOLOGICAL CHILD and was granted his claim to any parental rights regarding the ADOPTED DAUGHTER THAT HE AND HIS WIFE ADOPTED TOGETHER! He only has to pay child support for the one child biological child as per his request. Now that is TRUE WHITE TRASH TACKY AND I'M CERTAIN TORI HAD A SAY IN HIM DIS-OWNING THE ADOPTED CHILD...and I'll bet if she had it her way, he would have been able to disown his biological 1st child as well! TORI IS TOTAlLY NEUROTIC anD INSECURE as THIS RELATIONSHIP WAS TOTALLY IMMORAL AND DISGUSTINLY INSENSITIVE TO THE INJURED PARTIES WITH THEM PARADING AROUND ALL LOVEY-DOVEY ALL OVER HOLLYWOOD WHILE THEY HAD BARELY SEPERATED FROM THEIR SPOUSE'S. TORI EVEN CALLING DEAN'S WIFE A JEALOUS, MONEY-GRUBBING B*TCH ON ACCESS HOLLYWOOD!!!! And people on TMZ actually adore them and think they are loveable, wholesome, and down-to-earth...more like crawling out from under a rock!!

And Denise, don't forget Steven Speilberg and Kate Capshaw, Spencer Tracy and Katheriine Hepburn, Clarke Gable and Carole Lombard (until she died in a plane crash and devastated him), Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld seem to be doing great for him having met her on her Honeymoon and her leaving her husband as soon as the Honeymoon was over! The verdict is out on whether James Cameron can be happy with anyone...but I think he is still with Suzy Amis after dumping his wife Linda Hamilton for her while filming Titanic...but atleast Linda got to cash in on that TITANIC divorce settlement! So did Amy Irving with Steven Speilberg. And atleast Amy even had a child with Steven when he left her. Julia and Danny seem like they will go the matter that it started as it did. Atleast they kept it hush-hush and did not publicly flaunt the relationship until after his divorce. And I also think Brad and Angelina kept things low-key with no public PDA's til the divorce was final. Only reason we knew for sure they actually were a couple was cause she did show up in Haiti pregnant before the divorce was final...but the divorce was imminent. So, with that, can you blame her for loving her man so much she wanted to give him a baby at the first possible schedule opening for a pregnancy?

2214 days ago
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