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Julia Roberts

Shows Off the Twins

8/26/2008 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's birthed three children, married two men and won an Oscar, but 40-year-old Julia Roberts is still a pretty woman.

While hubby Danny Moder was nowhere in sight, Jules lounged poolside in Hawaii on Sunday.


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I always laugh at people who post crap witout having any facts to back it. I have seen a few posts here putting Danny down for leaving his other kids behind. HE HAS NO OTHER KIDS!! Do your research before opening your mouths.

Julia looks fine. She looks normal and healthy. Kudos to her for actually caring more about her family then her body.

2226 days ago

you really should...    

Yada Yada, ya figured me out! I actually write this sh*t for a living...have even been published on a celebrity website that is in competition with TMZ (though granted, they are not of the size and of, yes, prestige of TMZ but an authentic celebrity website all the same) so they would hate that I post my fact-based opinions here for free when they have to purchase my factual observations :) !

I was naming off all couples that started or stayed together after becoming involved while one or both parties were married. I did not know Will and Jada Pinkett Smith began their relationship while one or both was married to someone else. I will have to research that now...thank you for bringing that to my attention! They are definitely a great couple and have lasted a long time together so the possibility that they began seeing each other while one or both were married makes my day. I hope it turns out to be true!

And even after all that verbal diahrrea posted on TMZ last night, I still posted THREE blogs on my MySpace page! Not to menton starting another article to submit for publication....

2226 days ago


Two words........................RAW CHICKEN!

2226 days ago


Well, I think she looks awesome.

What shocks me is TMZ didn't call her fat!!!!

2226 days ago


For the information of Bleh, comment number nine contributor, (and anyone else) Julia's husband, Danny Moder would find it very difficult indeed to look at the child from his first marriage since there WASN'T one. Perhaps I am being unfair, but one of my pet hates is people who, whether wittingly or unwittingly, get basic facts wrong. One of the basic inaccuracies going the internet circuit is that Danny Moder had a child or children with his first wife, Vera. THIS IS UNTRUE although repeated often by those who are not fans of Julia. How this false information arose I do not know. I am simply trying to put the record straight here.

By the way, I am and have been always a fan of Julia's. I make no apology for this and accept readily that others might not be fans or might not like her. That is fair enough. As to saying that she stole a married man, yes Danny was married when she met him first. Beyond that certainty none of us know what really happened and we never will, as we don't know - and are not likely to know - either Danny or Julia personally. According to some reports Danny's marriage was in trouble before he met Julia and wouldn't have lasted anyway. I don't know if this is true and that report might be as completely inaccurate as the fact that he had children with his first wife (which is quite certainly COMPLETELY WRONG). Let's not be judgmental here, folks. We are not in a position to judge. I would guess that almost everyone reading this knows someone who has married for a second or third time and who met their current spouse when that person was married to someone else or, even, they might be in that position themselves. It is, sadly, not unusual in this day and age. It happens, it always has, and will continue to do so. Why should Julia get lambasted for this anymore than anyone else?

By the way, Bleh, I would be very pleased to hear from you if you disagree with me and can give me the name, age and sex of Danny Moder's child from this first marriage. Please supply these details, if you can. If not, an admission that you made a mistake would be in order. Thank you.

2226 days ago


I think that she is and always will be perfectly gorgeous. And a super talent to boot.

2226 days ago


I don't see what's pretty about her at all.

2226 days ago


. Pretty woman..not. First look at her matronly arms. Big around the middle and those full size thighs. I am sure danny is planning to "federline" her. I didn't even say anything mean about that mug of hers.

Posted at 6:28PM on Aug 26th 2008 by Sentence structure matters

"...matronly arms." Okay...that's just weird. It's true, her gut is kind of lumpen but her legs look normal. Remember that concept? Normal as opposed to looking like beef jerky? Healthy as opposed to stringy and wizened? I've never thought she was hot, but your comments are preposterous.

2226 days ago


Give me some sunglasses - that's some seriously glaring skin! Yipeeee - I don't think staying out of the sun means living in a cave.... a little sun is a beautiful thing, a little D does the body good.

But other than the blinding skin she looks like a normal woman - good for her and the millions of other women who work hard at keeping in shape; and more important, healthy!

2226 days ago


great body....yes Attitude, I question

2223 days ago

Kfed lover    

Julia Roberts is an AMAZING woman!! She is an excellent actress, has a wonderful personality, and is a great mother and wife. She could use a tan for sure and she could work out a bit. But I love how she is just real. She has given birth to 3 kids and still looks great! Better than me.

2162 days ago
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