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Lennon to Jonas Bros: You Ain't So Fab

8/26/2008 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine there's no Jonas Brothers .... It's easy if you try -- at least according to John Lennon's son.

Not only does Sean not know who the hell those guys are, but outside LAX yesterday the 32-year-old Beatle spawn asked if they were, "like a Disney cartoon or something?" Yeah, something like that.

You can't expect a guy and his lady friend to know about pop culture, when they just stepped out of "The Great Gatsby!"


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2213 days ago


So what has SEAN ever done that's so great? Or Yoko (whacked as she is) as far as that goes........or even John? Just another dope head song writer.
If Sean is REALLY that far removed he really ought to think about looking into some type of rehab.......FAR AWAY from his mother.......
BTW.....I am a grandpa so please don't get bent "completely disgusted"

2213 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

Whether The Beatles were overrated or not is a stupid debate. The fact remains: The Beatles are totally, unfathomably superior to The Jaspers Brothers in every conceivable way. The Beatles are in another league from The Jaspers rapscallions.

P.S. Sean Lennon calling the Jaspers Brothers a "Disney cartoon" is pure gallahandry!

2213 days ago

Brainy Sly Chic    

John Lennon has a son?! Lol!

Well who the F cares what he thinks?! I don't listen to the Jonas Brothers, but I know they're huge. This Sean guy is obviously the envious of their success. That must suck for him to come from a father, who is a legend, and to be nothing yourself.

He should just stay out of Hollywood and get his own life.

2212 days ago


I keep hoping their 5 minutes of fame ends fast. I just don't get it. What is so exciting about the Jonas brothers? Miley Cyrus? and all "The Hills" characters I read about on TMZ. The Beatles were the best band ever. It's like the teenagers have taken over the world and frankly, I want to get off.

2212 days ago


let's see.... the jonas bro's are famous because they write music that makes teenie boppers swoon and sean lennon is famous because.....he's the son of someone famous. what does he do to earn a living/?

2212 days ago


OMFJ! Here we go AGAIN! This is the 1st time I'm actually gonna say it to someone outside of my family but, the Jonas Brothers NEVER wanted to cover a Beatles song, let alone Hello, Goodbye. They only did it because Target asked them to do it for their commercials. And eventhough I am a Jonas Brothers fan, I never get how they are being compared to The Beatles.

Anways, that Sean dude is probably jealous because JB has practically all of the tween/teenage girl population wishing to date or marry them. And he has squat. So yeah, I see how he could be jealous but that dosen't mean he has to call them a "Disney Cartoon."


2212 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

After being ousted by Paul MCCarthney sp , and stalking John Lennon & upon meeting him , says 'What is Bealtles " ?

She , ICHKY OHNO , robbed the firstborn of the genius John Lennon, giving him only the crumbs from her table, the story goes.

Greed is the most widespread mental illness in the world.

2212 days ago


O.K.,.....O.K........I'm sure you could ask any LEGITIMATE...ESTABLISHED classic musician the same question and recieve pretty much the same response. My question is why is Sean Lennon's opinion worth spit? I get it that he's the spawn of one of the greatest musicians of all time BUT come on.........does his opinion really matter? Other than being John and Yoko's spawn............what has he done??? Oh yeah he sold out on his father's fame and fan base by jumping out from behind the counter at MacDonalds to pursue a "music career." Only thing worse than that Sean's career?................why Kelly Osbourne's musical stylings of course! Bet y'all thought I was gonna say Julian Lennon....huh? Well at least he hit the charts way back in the 80's for a week or two.

2211 days ago


OMG who hasn't heard of the JOnas Brothers! I bet he lives in a cave. Oh well everyone will learn eventually.

2211 days ago


What has Sean Lennon done - other than being born? Again somebody being a celebrity just because of who their daddy is. Jonas Brothers don't need to worry about whether Sean Lennon knows who they are or not - because obviously THOUSANDS of fans all of the world - including Rolling Stone, MTV, Billboard and all the people who actually MATTER - know who they are. The only way I can actually get through an entire Beatles album is if I've smoked some good smoke. Otherwise, it sounds more like bubble gum music to me than some of the Wiggles songs. Now don't get me wrong. They have some good tunes. But again - it is all in opinion of what type of music you like. If you like the Beatles - that's cool. It's your thing. But don't crap all over the Jonas Brothers because they aren't your style or because of a debate that the media is trying to blow into huge proportions. And actually - the comparison between the two was never to compare their music. It was to compare the effect they had on society - girls to be specific. Which - is quite similar. So if you want to go listen to music made 50 years ago - go right ahead. But I'd rather listen to the Jonas Brothers sing todays style music any day. Go Jonas Brothers!

2210 days ago


what the......................................................... who dose not know how the jonas brothers are do thay live in their own wold

2193 days ago
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