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Loretta Stoned -- Congresswoman High on Life

8/26/2008 7:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

California Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was four lattes past hyper today in Denver.

With the energy of the Roadrunner being chased by an ACME missile, 48-year-old Sanchez shot down any insinuation that she would be gobblin' up the free gift bags from a celebrity filled SAG party tonight -- something Congress people can't do ... well, not if they want to stay in office.


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Democrats are evil    

This loser happens to be my congressional representative from Anaheim, Ca. I have met her twice at political functions and I would rather be represented by a rooster. She is the typical do nothing democrat that goes to functions, smiles for the camera, wears these ugly knit sweaters for who knows why, and contributes little if anything other than just voting along party lines. She fully supports importing as many illegal immigrants as possible (big surprise since she is a mexican) and has a reputation of sleeping around in Washington DC. I relish the day she implodes and the local voters decide they have had enough. I won't hold my breath though. Calif voters are puppets and vote by name recognition instead of taking the time to learn about who the candidate really is. And who is Lorretta Sanchez? Well she is no other than the local congressional slut. Remember the Playboy mansion fiasco a few years back Lorretta? She's one of the many reasons I say that democrats are evil.

2219 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

She is a nut, she was on tv talking this morning sayingObama needs to personnally ask her for his endorsement. What is she Jennifer Hudson. Atleast Jennifer is a singer/actress Loretta is in politics she should know how it works.

2219 days ago

Ian Kemp    

She is worthless. I live in her district, the only people she cares about is the hispanics. She doesn't give a damn about anyone else. Just give her office a call, the first question they ask is what is your country of birth, and if you say America they then, before that.

It has nothing to do with Dems or Repubs, it's all about "La Raza"...

2218 days ago


lighten up people.she is having fun at a convention .and she doesnt look half bad.

2218 days ago


Sanchez is worse than worthless, and that will soon be known to her voters and the public at large when her own scandal is revealed in the coming weeks. A sex scandal involving a woman politician is rare, but Sanchez has managed to create one by having an affair with her assigned Pentagon escort, knowing he is married with children. As a result, the officer left his family and the military and is now her secret (or not-so-secret) lover. As the senior woman on the Armed Services Committee and so-called "champion for military families" this will be a very interesting scandal to watch. Her political opponent has this information and it will soon be made public. Let's see how giddy she is then.

2218 days ago


yeah, she looks like she is tweakin pretty good. I'd bang tho

2218 days ago


Damn shes cute as a muther

2218 days ago


A hyper super bad liberal elected with illegal voting in an illegal immigrant sanctuary district with illegal immigrants voting. America is failing and we see it with this old snag.

2218 days ago


I saw this crazy bitch on "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" last night and the btich was definitely flying really high. What a joke.

2218 days ago


ohyeah all these scandals about this lady.gee they never seem to be proven.they wouldnt be made up would they?noooooooo. couldnt be.screw them loretta.ah dont take that literally dear.

2218 days ago


Sorry, Rock On, your faith is touching, but totally misplaced. The scandal is true in every detail. I have personal knowledge of the facts. Her "secret" married military lover is Jack Einwechter. It will be proven, and ultimately admitted, by Sanchez. Nobody thought the Edwards allegations were true either. He denied it vehemently--more strongly than Clinton denied Monica--but he finally 'fessed up. She will too.

2218 days ago


jesus. anybody who actually knows loretta knows that she probably didn't even HAVE coffee when this was shot and that she would NEVER use recreational drugs.

2218 days ago


ah yes tipper the one and only JACK EINWECHTER or is that home wrecker.ill be waiting for the press conference or huge lawsuit.

2218 days ago


Vote stealer.

2218 days ago


Rock On, I can't really blame you because you have no clue. You like her spirit and think she's pretty. But she destroyed an Army family by seducing a married officer who had the misfortune of being assigned as her official escort. She used official travel to pursue the affair and ultimately persuaded him to leave his wife and children and the Army for her. She has managed to keep it quiet for years, but the family of the officer is angry and feels they have been wronged by a public official, who happens to be the senior woman on the Armed Forces Committee. Sanchez and Einwechter are apparently still lovers, so he has no incentive to tell the truth, but you could google him and contact him for comment. He will probably not talk to you, but that itself will tell you something. This is no joke and the suffering of Einwechter's family is constant and real. The real question is do you care about this? This isn't a political smear job. I am a voter. I don't want a press conference or lawsuit. And this isn't about casting the proverbial first stone either. It is about casting votes and one doesn't need to be sinless to cast a vote. I am simply suggesting that voters in this district should consider the character of their representative. If you believe it is appropriate for a congresswoman to have sex with a married soldier assigned to escort her on official trips, then vote for her. If you can tolerate her claims to be a champion for military families while knowingly destroying an Army family, then vote for her. If you can stomach her claims to be a Catholic while she lives and champions the immoral Playboy lifestyle, then vote for her. If you don't mind thinking about the soldier's broken-hearted kids, then vote for her. If you want a homewrecker to be a role model for your daughters, then vote for her. It is a free country and you are free to ignore her hypocrisy, lies and secret life. Would you want John Edwards to be your rep knowing what you know now? Loretta is just like him. If we can't trust her with her assigned military escort, we probably can't trust her with the power and authority to represent our best interests in Congress and make our laws. If she ignores the boundaries of morality, marriage and propriety on official travel, what boundaries will she respect? I think we can do better. Anyone agree with me? Don't cast stones, just vote accordingly.

2218 days ago
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