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Nazi Trucks Cause Furor

8/26/2008 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why Tom Cruise thought it would be a good idea to make a movie about Nazis is anyone's guess.

But the latest bad news to hit the production of that Nazi picture is a $12 mil lawsuit filed against United Artists and Cruise by a group of extras who were injured when a side panel of a Nazi-era truck gave way -- and spilled them all onto the street. They all had to go the hospital, one with possible internal injuries.

Cruise was not on set at the time of the accident.


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hell with them all    

kiss my butt, everyone wants on someones band wagon for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The damn truck was not going fast at that minute when crap broke loose. 12 Mil my pecker

2258 days ago



2258 days ago


Too bad Tom wasn't there. As we all know, in such an instance, only a scientologist can REALLY help.....


2258 days ago


ps, nice word play on Führer....someone is on their game today!

2258 days ago

John Shank    

Tom Cruise was NOT "making a movie about Nazis" as you moronically stated. He was making a film about the plot to kill Hitler. YES, those who wanted to kill Hitler were mostly Nazis. But, you make it sound, in your passive-aggressive way, like he was making a recruitment film for Nazism. WRONG!

2258 days ago


Tom Cruise is a real idiot only Rosie O'Donnle could like his movies maybe he can go jump on Opra couch over the law suit. I don't even rent his movies let alone go pay to see them because he is such a ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2258 days ago


He is a LOSER!!!!!! Him and that crazy family of his needs to find a very deep hole and crawl into it and just dissappear! He is a NOBODY!!!!

2258 days ago


You know why Hitler committed suicide? He got the gas bill! LOL

2258 days ago


Hitler was so 20th century. Let it go already.

2258 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

Why were they taken to the hospital?????? Crazy,old Tom should have just healed them with Scientology.

2258 days ago


He would play Hitler and revel in the role if he could make a buck. Tom Curise (celeb and wannabe serious actor) is a real freak.

He must still be taking advice from L. Ron! A re-fill of your Kool-Aid Tom?????

2258 days ago


Tom Cruise! Give me a break. This guy is a real circus freak. Just a "celeb" like so many. The guy is not "ACTOR" and will never win an Oscar.

You would think L. Ron would have bigger plans for his #1, brain-washed supporter!

2258 days ago


Scientology is no different than any other religion in the respect that it is man made. Anyone that believes a man can ride around in the inside of a whale like it is a bus or that Noah was in walking distance to all the animals in the world is laughable in their ignorance.And oh yeah, there is no god or heaven dumbass.

2258 days ago


Apparently, it is a good movie and not "about Nazis" but about a real life plot to kill and get rid of Hitler once and for all that dramatically failed. The brave men that tried to pull it off are heroes who went against an extremely repressive regime. So, good for Cruise for tackling such a great story and not fiction but real life history.

2258 days ago

we will miss MJ    

Tom is so done in this town, no one will touch any of his projects because he is a control freak and won't listen to good advice. Tom knows best and is proving it by running his studio into the ground, even his long time business partner quit. He is just DESPERATE and doesn't get that this town and his fans are sooo over him. Oh and his wife always looks like she is in a trance, very strange brew all of them!

2258 days ago
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