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Beyonce's Lil' Sis Picks Fight with News Anchor

8/27/2008 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The other Knowles sister (not Beyonce) went all superbitch on a local Las Vegas anchor today -- showing the world she's not only Beyonce's younger sister, but she's also the dumb one.

During a commercial break, the anchors on KVVU asked Beyonce's little sister and her rep if they could mention Jay-Z during the interview. The rep shot them down -- wanting the focus to stay solely on Beyonce's little sister-- and the station agreed.

But dammit if Beyonce's little sister didn't go off on the anchor anyway -- on live TV. Ring the alarm!


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Mrs.A Haetler    

OMG what the heck! what a loser and a fugly wugly!!!

2175 days ago


*LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!* The *ucking nut job doesn't even know how to perform a live interview!!!! *LOLOL*


2175 days ago


OKaaaayy, so she's a BIG DUMMY. I hope she apologized to the host!! She can't dress, talk nor sing. Maybe she needs to go back to working the fries!

2174 days ago

Ms H-Town    

I am not crazy about her comments, however if you are being compared to your sister your whole life and you have been doing your own thing for a while, you would want to be known as an idividual yourself. A lot of you nobodies on here don 't know, but for the last 8 years this girl has written a lot of the Destiney Child and Beyonce's songs. She has also written songs for Rhianna and J-lo. She is very talented and I think that she was taken advantage of the situation. Since they can't get any info out of B herself, then they would try to get it ouf to her "lil sister". Don't be so quick to judge.

2174 days ago


She is lame and she is not wanting to talk about anyone in her family but she is willing to ride those coat tails right onto the red carpet.

2174 days ago


All I can say to "S" is are you trying to ruin your career or are you just trying to ruin your career. You are sooooooooo dumb and we look forward to not seeing you on anymore shows. WOW!!!!!!

2173 days ago


Why does TMZ continue to go on and on about Solange. Let the lady be!!! There must be someone at TMZ hating on Solange. It was all just A SETUP. BASICALLY!! If you watch the video and if you have a little sense and you can put 2 and 2 together you can tell that it was a setup. Why is TMZ out to bring her down. I guess because you can never find anything wrong with the Knowles family or find anything wrong with JAY-Z. TMZ acts as if she is running for president and looking for any dirt... YOUR NOT GOING TO FIND IT!!

2171 days ago


Instead of acknoledging her family she's trying to ignore them. How Tacky, Tasteless & Inconsiderate! Beyonce was out first much like Jay Z so she should get past being the 2nd fiddle in the Family because that what she IS! "2ND"

2171 days ago


STFU you ugly piece of trashy lookin slut...1st of all you wouldnt be sitting in that chair if it wasnt for ur sis and family! 2nd its not the anchors faultyou idiot that her damn job!..and you are no comparison toyour sister you ugly ass you look like a horse wit that long hella ugly! and if you think your ever gonna get anywhere wit that attitude think twice bitch!
p.s your songs SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you would jus be better off workin for your sister cleanin her house or or holding her bags while she shops or something but please do us all a favor and stay away from the cameras! muhahahahahahahahaha

2170 days ago


ugly azz wanna-be beyonce

2168 days ago


All you hoes are HATERS!!! Her sister is the DEAL and we all know it and she is too...and for those who call her ugly..if she looks better than you than u have no argument!! First off the interview was about her and NOT JAY Z.. They were wrong for even asking her that question in the first place!! Secondly she is already a established artist because half of the songs that you know u like, SHE WROTE THEM!! Solange dust your shoulders off to these haters and KEEP IT MOVING BOO

2142 days ago


I think this was very childish. And can we call her by her name and not "Beyonces little sister". For those of you who dont know Solange is very talented she has wrote songs that have added to "her big sister's career" and most of her own songs. Leave tha girl alone and let her blossom as her own individual. Hell i would be mad too if somebody asked me to talk about somebody else at MY interview especially my sister's husband... Go figure?????

2102 days ago
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