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Brady Plays House with Gisele

8/27/2008 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen must have decided she wanted a mansion in L.A., because TMZ has learned that Tom Brady is jumping through hoops to build her one.

Sources close to the supermodel and her "Errand Boy" tell us Tom just closed a deal to buy a plot of dirt in Brentwood -- on Arnold Schwarzenegger's street -- for more than $11 million. We repeat -- he bought dirt for eleven mil!

TMZ is in possession of documents that show that Tom took out a mortgage of $8.225 mil that he will pay back in 5 years. The property -- approximately 3 acres -- was purchased under the name TGBE. We're wondering if the G stands for you know who ...

A source connected to Brady tells us he bought the west coast property to be closer to his kid. A source connected to his baby mama Bridget Moynahan says that excuse is total B.S.

There were blueprints for a 20,000-square ft. house already drawn up, but Brady nixed those because the pad wasn't big enough.

BTW -- on top of the $11 mil he dropped on the land, Tom also will have to drop some serious coin on the structure he plans on living in. Meanwhile, Tony Romo spent $699,000 on a place in Dallas county.

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If Harvey si gay, that's great. If not and he ever wants to play o the other side of the fence that's great too. I'm here for you Harvey, for all of you.

2217 days ago


Dig a hole and bury both that anorexic witch and her whipped boy toy! Enough of them already!

2217 days ago


FYI -- Tom's parents names are Tom and Galynn -- ie. T&G ... He's very close to his folks and is origially from California -- maybe it's more to do with those intial's then Giselle's.

2217 days ago


Too bad Tom can't find a pretty girl to play house with. When is he going to marry her ass?? I say NEVER!!!

2217 days ago


Oh, brother! What is your problem with Tom Brady, TMZ???
Leave him alone! Just because he's a gentleman
and carries packages for his lady he's an "errand boy"?
Because he's planning to build a home for himself and Giselle
he's "jumping through hoops"? Give it a rest already!
You all must be Manning fans or something.....

2217 days ago


Why would these two clowns ever marry? Giselle has the best set-up now, and it would only get worse for whipped boytoy if they made it leagal. YIKES!

2217 days ago

who cares    

#3...your comment reflects the level of intelligence you posses which is very little
As for most of the other comments, I can see that there is so much jealousy in people. But I guess if I was sitting at home collecting welfare and food stamps I would probably be envious too

2217 days ago


Why so snide, TMZ? If they have the money and want to buy a land or a house, they earned it, they worked for it. Good for them. It doesn't wreck the national economy and it doesn't affect the general population in any way.

As for Tony Romo, $700,000 will buy one hell of a house in Dallas County. It is the equivalent to a $10 million house in crazy LA. Good for him, too.

2217 days ago

Joe Mama    


2217 days ago


Once again shows you that Romo is nowhere near on Brady's level when it comes to anything.

2217 days ago


Tom Brady is so whipped! It's embarrassing; someone should tell him
he looks like and acts like a jacka$$. He's immature and has people
totally cater to him since he was a teenager (or before) so they
could court him to play football for them. All he knows is "how great
he is", "how lucky he is", "everyone wants to be Tom Brady". The guy
can't think for himself off of the field. You know he's hardly going
to spend time in this LA house and it's just to see his son. The
house is a statement from Giselle to Bridgette: "I've got the house & the man you
never got! Oh, and your son has a room in my house especially for
him." I wanna smash her face! They don't need a house that big in LA,
Tom plays in New England for goodness sake. So petty and immature.
BTW, I love Bridgette; she's beautiful, intelligent, and a lady.

2217 days ago


Like the highest paid supermodel in the world doesn't have her own money? I don't get this lame tmz twist. He makes a lot, she makes a lot, so how does this make him her 'errand boy"'?

I love the two of them together.

Harvey, your insecurties are raging.

2217 days ago


Tom is probably looking into a sports newscaster career after the retires from football. Also, could be getting into real estate and plans on buying and selling.

2217 days ago

Prince of Bel Air    

It isn't on PCH, fools. This is on Chalon Road off of Mandeville Canyon, in the gated subdivision "Brentwood Country Estates"

2216 days ago


I hope Tom doesn't become another Ed McMahon lol.

2216 days ago
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