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Hillary: So Many Pantsuits, So Few Delegates

8/27/2008 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were about to make the biggest speech of your political career, would you wear an orange pantsuit?!
Hillary Clinton
Prior to making her appearance at the DNC, Hillary Clinton's peeps trotted out four different colored pantsuits on to the stage to see which worked best. Did Hill choose or lose?


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Hillary looked fantastic in the orange pantsuit, but more importantly she delivered the best speech of her political career, Bravo Hillary!!!

2245 days ago

pay atention    

I want Hillary to be the next president!!!!!!!!!! Not Barack Hussein Obama!! I don't like or trust him! He has no experience and its a scary thought that he could be the President! I think I'm going to vote McCain! He is a war veteran and will be able to make better decisions for our country!

2245 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

The media and celebrities love to pretend that they are so liberal and cool. Who the hell cares if she showed up in a sack? it was her speech that mattered, right? Give me a break. No one comments about what the men wear. Sexist, racist country we live in and ageism is predominant too. Look at everyone saying McCain is so old. Are people only happy when we have a 30-50 year old white male running??? What a load of crap. I am supporting Mccain because any intelligent person, who is not mixed into the hoopla of liberal media crap, knows that with age comes experience and with war hero on your credentials...makes for a great President. He is not Bush. They actually disagree on a lot. Mccain was once loved by Rosie O'Donnell and other liberals for his middle of the road approach. Based on age, wisdom and policy I would say he is more like Ronnie. Nothing against Obama, great guy, but lacks experience in SOOOO many ways. Go McCain !!!!! Power to the older, the women and the minorities too!!!

2245 days ago


yep, blue and orange are 'complimentary colors'. GREAT JOB HILLARY!!!!

2245 days ago


The Bitch should have wore BLACK, like the color of her heart. Poor Obama, he has to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

2245 days ago


Lol, oh yeah, let's all vote for McCain - because we had such a great 8 years with those Republican bitches! Haha, what a nightmare! PULEEZE...OBAMA 08! :-)

2245 days ago


Post 4 silly reply really if she was the clear choice she would be the Democratic presidential runner and not Obama!!

I don't have much time for Hillary but I thought she looked very classy and it was a great speech.

2245 days ago


It looks like a clear signal. Green is go, red is stop, orange is WAIT!! WHAT ABOUT ME???

2245 days ago


Where can I buy that pantsuit?

2245 days ago

big deal    

Obama , his problem is , he is needing all the help
from Hillary , Believe me she's not kissing up to anyone.
She's just doing her job as a polictians .
#4....People should vote for the "person" forget about this
right wing or left wing , b/s . You vote for the person who's
more qualified , knowledge , especially in foreign affairs ,
ecomony , jobs ,etccccc.

You , yourself has to have an OPEN MIND . Chosing the
right wing and left wing , doesnt do it . Dont vote for the
straight and narrow mind ( right or left ) . Again vote for
what the person is qualified .

Because it's going to take a Person who's going to get
United States back in order .

The truth is President Bush hasn't in his 8 yrs .
You sit back and think hard , since
Bush been in office , look what all went on , first of all ,
when 9 - 11 happened and he sit there with those children
and "didn't say " I have to go , instead he sit on his ass
and done nothing . he could of left the room .

This 9 - 11 should NEVER of happen , those poor people
in the Towers didn't have a chance , and if anything this
really pisses me off .

Another thing should NEVER of happen was ....2 wars
if President Bush wanted a war , then he should of had his
family , friends fight it . Again these men and women in
Iraq and Afghanistan who died should be blamed on Bush.
There families AND the ones who died , didn't deserve this at all .

Then here comes the economy , jobs ( 8 million people are out of a job
as we speak , growing everyday . ALL THE JOBS ARE MOVING TO foreign
countries , We're being SOLD OUT , American Companies are TRAITORS .

Housing the mortgage companies should never had this happening
and they were to blame too . Food and gas prices ,
O.P.E.C. and spectators are blame too for rising the gas prices .
Food and Power Companies are all raising there prices often more than one time a year.
My power company just raised it up 15% and they said they were raising again
so that's 2 times with in 4 months .

Then we've Bush sticking his nose in Georgia and Russia battle .
I havnt seen anything he's doing for this country , That's my point .

Past and Present President hasn't done this country any good . Another person needs to
blame is CLINTON , why because he accepted NAFTA , BIG MISTAKE .

I know people to this day , needs a job, these are devote and take pride of there job
they had . Because the Company moved to foreign countries , these good people
are scrambling to found a job . Before they been laid off , they worked 12 hrs aday ,
7 days aweek , none of them were or are they lazy . There were committed to there
job , they devoted there life to there job , always on time , never late for work .

After being laid off , they had to move out of state or county to found a job . We're talking
Electricans , Robotic programmers , Welders , and the list goes on and on . Most of these
employees had 10 - 25 yrs in this company , with Degrees B.A and M.A . Plus they
trained yearly , to kept up with new technology.

Another thing that , I thought was bullcrap ....When I heard , on the news Mexicans says
"American Citizens are lazy " , that's totally wrong . I think the Mexicans want you to
think you're lazy , so they can STEAL your job from you .
They want to brainwash you , well it's not going to happen this is called Survival
for ALL CITIZENS of United States. Mexicans doesnt like it , they can go back where they
belong . AMERICAN CITIZENS AREN'T LAZY stop that gossip.

2245 days ago


No way, no how, no Hussein!

2245 days ago

Bash a Pap    

She looked amazing. And more importantly she gave the speech that
will begin to unify the Democratic Party. Also, why would a Democrat
wear RED at their convention... that color is owned by the

2245 days ago


I would rather eat glass than listen to Hillary's voice.The Clintons are the most annoying couple on the planet, and they need to realize that their 15 minutes of shameful fame are over!

2245 days ago

you really should...    

She should have worn "Blue" as that is the color of ANY STATE the Democrats will want to see come election night. Red represents a "Republican" held State. So, in support of her PARTY, it should have been a "BLUE" suit.

2245 days ago


she should have worn a paper bag over her head !!!

2245 days ago
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