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Kelly O's Black Eye -- The Glass Half Empty

8/27/2008 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Osbourne's black eye didn't come from a drunken bar brawl or an angry least according to her rep.

The official word....a glass came crashing down on her face from one of her cupboards. That's the story.


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Who would make something like that up? It's gotta be true.

2216 days ago


Poor kelly is a mess! She probably let some boy beat up on her just like Ozzie use to beatup Sharon!

2216 days ago


Is there no humanity....Mmmm? Just because a no-talent, media whore spawn of famous parents forgets to put on her make-up everyone's all a-twitter!!! This "babe" is definately a two bagger! bag goes over her head and the other one is in case the first one breaks! Who cares whether it was a rogue dinner plate attacking her or her slipping on all the food scraps she left on the floor? I for one think that regardless of what really happened it probably took the Ugly Duckling all of fifteen seconds before she ran outside looking for the papparazis........she's been so far off of the radar screen for so long she had to do something! If you think I'm kidding consider these idle thoughts:.........if she "released" a new album of her song "stylings" it'd hit the K-Mart 1/2 price bin before noon. Since there's no Reality Show for the Duckling to hog the spotlight in and no media attention about Mommy or Daddy for which she can re-charge her fifteen minutes of fame the poor Spawn is left to wholly create some controversy. Kelly do us all a favor and consider that job offer as Boy George's "Fluffer!"

2216 days ago

Terry H    

If Somebody had done this to Kelly. Sharon would already have the person in a body bag by now.

2216 days ago


Who cares !!!!!!! But, my guess is that she opened her big, rude mouth to offend somebody and let her have it !!!!!

2216 days ago


That was caused by a fist. Besides she looks like her feeling are hurt. Someone hit her.

2216 days ago


She probably got into a fight over the last chicken wing at HOOTERS.

2216 days ago

nick cant drive 55    

i told her once. If I have to tell her again she will look like a racoon

2216 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Dear Kelly ; Sweety you just have to stop this . You are a grown woman now and black eyes aren't pretty on you. You have so much (money) going for you , why can't yu just be THANKFUL that your Daddy is who he is , otherwise you'd probably be my next door neighbor in the MOBILE HOME VILLAGE. Luv Ya , now be good. bye-bye

2216 days ago


Happened to me...It was a can of peas, though...

2216 days ago


She has a smart mouth and bad attitude just like her mother. I'd love to see Sharon with the same look.

2216 days ago


I think she looks absolutely charming. It was probably an "acting" accident or something of that nature.

2215 days ago

low fuel level    

looks like her right eye is bruised too...I am sick of this gal and her whole family, enough already.

2158 days ago
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