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Matilda Ledger Gives Mommy the Runaround

8/27/2008 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Williams got her cardio workout in by chasing after her precious daughter Matilda down a NYC street on Wednesday.

Heath's little lookalike turns three in October.


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Toddlers are much faster than you can imagine! Both of my girls did the same to me, they thought it was the greatest game in the world!

Matilda is so sweet looking! And Michelle makes being a mom look good.


2247 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

California Dreamin, I don't think it's sunburn. It looks more like dirt to me and she'll look just fine after her evening bath.

I used the harness style leash with my daughter just as my mother did with my sisters and me. I know it can look bad to someone who's never used one but hands get so slippery that the kids can pull away from you and be off running before you have a chance to stop them. I looked at the wrist style leashes but they didn't seem as comfortable on the child to me. By the time she was 3 and a half she didn't need it, I only had to hold her hand and remind her to look both ways when we crossed the street or a parking lot.

BTW: for those who are confused, please understand that I, the original Baseball Junkie, then to be far more rational and reasonable than the idiot who keeps posting using the same screen name pretending to be me. I know that screen names are not exclusive but the imposter is doing it to destroy my reputation which I find annoying. It apparently has no life since it is doing this to other people as well at all hours of the day and night.

Go Sox

2247 days ago


richard ramirez, no comment on your user name. Heath wasn't wild at all. You know nothing about him and going by the stupid crap from the media. Talking about wild, when you're using a serial killer's name as your user name. You're pathetic.

midi, Michelle is worried because anyone that has a child would know that anything can happen to a child running around.

dot e, she is not big for a 3-year old at all. She's perfectly fine.

Janet, nobody needs to "lay down the law", she's three years old. It has nothing to do with being spoiled.

alabama4life, she does NOT need a spanking. She's three years old. What a terrible thing to say. Hitting your children doesn't stop them from doing anything and is the stupid way to discipline children.

NoneYo, no she is NOT fugly. You're a pathetic loser to call a baby ugly. She's adorable. You on the other hand are a fugly loser hiding your fugly face behind your computer screen like the fug you are. She doesn't need to lose weight, she's a baby so speak yourself, you fatass. Matilda is a perfectly common name. Your name is stupid. Seriously, what kind of name is your name?

CC, you're a racist moron. Children of all races run wild all the time. Don't even try to turn this into a racial thing, troll.

2247 days ago


Phew! As a mom of 4 grown children, this reminds me of the days they pulled stuff that sould have turned my hair white.
It's true that no matter how eagle eyed you are, they have ulterior motives - to be FREE from the hand. Remember, they have no concept of danger. Matilda is obviously a very normal little girl, who it looks like, is exploring her adventurous side. Michelle, like any other young mom, will have her hands full. Thank God eveything is fine. Wow, Matilda is looking more and more like her daddy. She will grow up to be a stunner!

2247 days ago


Heath lives on, in her face and our hearts!

2246 days ago


CC, your family resorts to child abuse to raise your children. Most people who have common sense don't need to. That's the only reason the kids in your family stay put. Each comment you're typing just shows what an idiot you are. Children of all races run away, despite what you claim to have seen.

REV FATBURGER SHARPTON, your comment is beyond stupid and racist. You're equally as bad as CC. Now, get lost troll.

Ali, obviously your comment is sarcasm because it has nothing to do with White people.

2246 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Jane, you are completely right. The only thing that spanking teaches a child is that if you're bigger than someone you can hit them. Matilda is an adorable child with such a cute, mischievous smile. And she is not the least bit overweight. She looks to be exactly normal for her height. In fact, she may be a little underweight because I think I can see her ribs a little. Then again that might be the way she's running. Either way she looks happy and healthy, just as a child her age should.

2246 days ago


I love this's one of the best I've seen on TMZ...good work!

2246 days ago


Jerome, yes it is real news whether you think so or not is irrelevant. She is cute, you are not. Get a life troll. If you're not interested in something don't bother clicking it and scroll over it. You obviously think the photo is cute or you wouldn't have clicked the photo in the first place.

auntie val, you are a sick person. No, a three year old doesn't need an "ass whooping". People who doesn't resort to violence to raise their children know this and those children grow up with a happy and normal childhood. You obviously have never raised a child in your life and your comment shows that. She also doesn't need a harness, children run off and wander all the time. Cruelty is not better than letting a child have a happy childhood.

umm?, CC is being racist. It has nothing to do with mothers in general. You resort to child abuse, intelligent people do not.

maybe this is why, your comment is just as racist as the person you're responding to. Children of all races wander and run off.

2246 days ago


CC, stop sticking up for your racism. Children of all ages run around and wander. If anyone is smelly, it's you and your childish comments. Your family has to resort to child abuse to "raise" their children. People with common sense don't have to. You haven't seen an statistics because there are none. You're making things up, troll. Children wander no matter what race they are, racist troll.

Reality Check, thanks for your response. Glad to see someone else with common sense.

2246 days ago


nomoretoddlers, your user name says it all. You don't need to resort to typing up your child on a leash like a dog to prevent them from running away. A parent's job is to raise a happy, healthy child.

2246 days ago


I meant to say tying not typing.

2246 days ago


Oh, the terror for a mom when the toddler runs! My grandson does this all the time! Same thing - a look of excitement and glee and giggling from the toddler who is having an adventure! And the fear and running and yelling to stop from the mom or grandma! How do these toddlers run so fast??? It's scary! That little Matilda is a doll, by the way!

2246 days ago


What an adorable baby, absolutly looks like heath, sooooooo cute. I too hate it when my kid does that

2246 days ago


For CC: So you think that only white people let their kids run loose? Are you friggin kidding me? Clearly this little girl got away from her mother. It happens all the time. One minute you're holding their hand, the next, they yank it away and take off. This is what ALL children do. I'm guessing by your post that you are not a caucasion.... so are we to all believe that black children left unattended by their parents, will stay close by? I guess that explains all the drugs, guns, gangs and violence?? just sayin...

2246 days ago
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