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Nicollette -- Housewife No More

8/27/2008 7:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And they said it wouldn't last.

It didn't: Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have called it quits, ending their engagement after, oh, over two years. The couple had continuously pooh-poohed their not tying the knot, like when Nic told a British tab, "We haven't decided where, and as soon as we make that decision it will happen very quickly."

No word on whether Michael finally decided to sing for Nic.

Keith Urban Slips One

There are creative excuses for not holding the baby, and then there's Keith Urban.

The country singer (and new daddy) has a slipped disc, reports People, but it hasn't affected his performance, as yet. His rep wouldn't comment on how he got the slippage, but reaffirmed there wouldn't be any change to his touring schedule. Urban has been popping back and forth between Oz and North America.

Anne H -- Obama Scares Me

Anne Hathaway has been known to make questionable decisions when it comes to guys.

And -- quite candidly -- she says she was scared by Barack Obama the first time she saw him. (Too bad she didn't have the same reaction with Raffaello Follieri.) The actress says, "I've been burned by politicians before that I wanted to believe in and just didn't live up to it," not unlike other men in her life.

Anne's in Denver to support B at the Dem convention.


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First!! WIth all this guy's money.. he should buy a comb and get a friggin haircut. Nicole looks like she's slumming next to him. He sings well, but geez.

2251 days ago

Breasty McBreast    

Slipped disc? What year is this 1940? Discs herniate or bulge but they don't "slip" anywhere. Maybe his doctor's "brain fever" is acting up.

2251 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Anne certainly shows a gulibility for con men, either from Italy or in Denver.

2251 days ago


obama scares me, 2 anne !!!!

obama should be scared himself !!!!

somebody's going to assassanate him someday, and biden will be prez :(:(:(:

2251 days ago


He scares me's pathetic to know that he has no experience at anything and is only popular becasue he is black. So much for our qulifications to be President of the USA.

2251 days ago


Count me in as another one that Obama scares.

2251 days ago


1) Nicollette Sheridan. WHO CARES. It's abouot time this nasty, arrogant, self-absorbed bitch got hers.

2) I feel for Keith Urban. Had a slipped disc myself and it is extremely painful. Get well man.

3) Anne Hathaway is a joke. Considering her judgment when it comes to picking ANY man, I wouldn't pay too much attention to her.

2251 days ago

Patti H    

Obama scares the S*** out of me....but what scares me more are the million's of sheep in this country just following him. ZERO experience for the job....muslim heritage that he WONT own up to. Lets be he really "african american" or is he "arab american" WHICH IS IT? Last time I checked...I was AMERICAN.

2251 days ago

northern gypsy    

back in the day... nicollette & michael were a didn't work then...why-o-why did they think it work now???

2251 days ago


Keith hope you get better, and why does Nic have to know what you are doing on tour good god you are a performer while the cat is away the mice will play she better get used to it you are a helluva better looking guy than she is a woman!!!

2251 days ago


Neither Obama nor McCain is a "Hero." Come on, guys, they all screw up after a while in office. No one can please EVERYONE! At least, Obama is cute. McCain's is just too old to think clearly anymore. NO ONE IS PERFECT!

2251 days ago


What scares me is possibly having a president so old he might croak in office.You see the video of Obama jogging and playing basketball?Where is the video of mccain doing anything remotely athletic?It doesn't exist,cause he's so old he can barely walk let alone run.Do you people see where 8 yrs of " Bandar" bush has left us,and you're gonna vote for mccain who will do the exact same thing maybe even worse?You people may be educated,but you seriosly lack intelligence.

2251 days ago


Talk about discrimination against older people. Older people are not all alike. McCain/s mother & twin aunt are 96 yrs. old & did see his mother being interviewed, she is sharp. She also said she never gets tired & seldom get sick & when she does, it doesn't last more than a day. I think they are keeping her away from the camera because she is blunt & speaks her mind.
I hope Keith feels better soon & as far as Michael & Nicole, I'm not surprised. I was surprised when he took up with her & this last time around as she doesn't seem to be his type.

2251 days ago


the culture of fear is the biggest problem we have as a nation. I'm not scared

2251 days ago


Luv your Comment #12 Well said!

2251 days ago
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