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She Had Unsafe Sex with Charlie Sheen!

8/27/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A day after announcing the pregnancy, Charlie Sheen's third wife Brooke Mueller showed off her growing baby bump while running errands in L.A. on Tuesday.

Brooke is well on her way with her studies at The Denise Richards Fame School for Girls.


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2248 days ago


He should be forcibly sterilized.

This woman is a laughingstock to be with him. It had the looks of a PR marriage, but having kids is irresponsible.

How could a good guy like Martin Sheen produce a kid like this

2248 days ago


How's the future "EX - Mrs. Sheen" carrying the future recipient of his child support.

Ahhh, they grow up so fast :)

2248 days ago


jylmaree- Your an ass! The man has the money to get the best sex workers. There not all drug addicts. Thats such a stero-type. Those girls in Nevada are checked all the time. I'm not talking about street walkers.

You run your mouth that there all addicted to drugs, Yet we have all types of people in the good ole US of A, who are addicted to drugs, and are not hookers.

2248 days ago


Sherri...what do you mean that " If my man was getting it else where, I would hope he would do a hooker verses the drunken bar fly."

Your man IS doing a hooker...YOU!!!

Clearly the only people that would be babbling about these types of "ladies" being clean would have to be hookers themselves. Wasn't there someone in your past who tried to teach you the value of an education?? You should have listened!!

2248 days ago


by me- lol! Did I hit a nerve?

Not thats it's any of your business: I do have a college education, a job, (Not a Hooker) and putting 2 children through college now. I get so sick of stero-types. Some of you people run your mouths about hookers (sex workers), yet I have seen women go into dance clubs, bars, sleep with a different guy every night of the week, being tipsy how careful do you think they or the men they are with are being????

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), once called venereal diseases, are among the most common infections in the United States today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate they affect more than 19 million men and women in this country each year. Thats sure as hell not all hookers spreading those infections.

2248 days ago

you really should...    

I sure hope all of you with all the "UGLY" comments can claim yourselves to be truly one of the beautiful people! Otherwise, you are just immature little nasty hate mongers.

This is what a normal person looks like! You know, the kind you all keep saying Hollywood types (like Aniston) should marry. So Charlie marries a regular girl and all you do is blast her for being "ugly"??? She is a Real Estate Investor, not an Actress or a Model.

Go ahead and bash her for marrying num-nuts Charlie Sheen IF she did in fact marry him for "love" and is having his baby "out of love" and that this relationship is not just a PR stunt to help Charlie's battered image and help him gain equal custody of his daughters Sam and Lola from Denise Richards...Like Debbie Rowe agreeing to marry and bear children to Michael Jackson to counter his alledged Child Molestation charges and allow him to have children of his own. If she sold her sould to him for future support...whatever amount he can reduce from paying Denise that $52,000 a month she claims is not enough money to support her two daughters on...then it may be worth it. Heck, you all sold your and your kid's souls to the Devil, Harvey, for $14.00 for your baby pics!! But shame on celebrities who sell theirs for MILLIONS!!!

Fugly hypocrite morons you are all!!

2248 days ago


oh that poor unborn fetus, that woman is an idiot!

2248 days ago


what i LOVE about the comments is how people mention charlie as a WHORE. im glad equality is alive and well here. a skank is a skank no matter what they have downstairs.

2248 days ago


Something just dawned on me, all of Charlies ladys have a man look, pull back the hair and you see man. hum

so is all that hyper sex addict stuff just proving to himself he loves ladys?

2248 days ago


They just got married in May, no way that's a 3 month baby bump. So much for ' no we're not pregnant' when they got married.

2248 days ago


sherri - you are a nasty fat pig! HAHA!
you and your "college education!" so defensive! what a fool you are. do you even read your posts before you post them? did you learn about the classy hookers in college??? what a joke!

2247 days ago


HOOKERS CLEAN?! What the HELL are you smoking Sheri?! What a f*cking airhead! No one in their right mind would tolerate their man cheating, especially with some cheap hooker! You talk about that f*cking Bunny Ranch of Whore?! Those women are nasty! GROSS!! And it doesn't matter how much those cheap pieces of f*ck charge per hour, they're still a cheap whore! You've obviously been brainwashed by some guy who probably reminds you how "lucky" you are to have him in your life and if you make waves he will (OH NO!) leave you! Any decent, mature woman would say "GOOD RIDDANCE" and "DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!!!" Unfortunately, your probably one of "those" types of women who act like an obedient dog for your man.....roll over, fetch a beer, spread 'em on demand, etc. Sorry neither, but some of us (who do have a man by the way ) who have a little thing called dignity and self-respect will NEVER tolerate a man cheating with ANYONE!!!! I suggest you make a Bee line for the nearest therapist as soon as possible and learn a little thing called DIGNITY and DECENT MORALS!!!

2247 days ago


Speaking of hyper-sexuality, studies by therapists who specialize in sexual addictions have found that 68% of all so-called "playboys" or "bad boys" are in reality sex addicts. As with most addicts, they will deny they have a problem and can stop anytime they want but they rationalize that since men having sex with numerous women is "socially acceptable" then they couldn't possibly have a "problem". They also find numerous men with the same problem in Hollywood and Europe so they (wrongly) conclude that their behaviour is perfectly normal....which it is not! It is a tricky subject to bring up so most family members keep quiet. With poor men, one of the signs that they have a problem is that they spend money intended for things like rent, or the kids college fund, but since celebrities have practically unlimited funds, this symptom cannot apply to them. And sad to say they have no problem finding a bunch of either incredibly stupid women who think cheating and spending thousands of dollars a month on porn is normal (It's not!) or the women are so greedy that they are willing to look the other way in exchange for lavish gifts and trips. However sooner or later most of these women find that they cannot tolerate this Godless, tacky , and embarrassing lifestyle as well as they thought they could, which is why so many of these marriages fall apart! Everyone pretty much knows that "irreconcilable differences" means that one of them cheated and IT IS usually the man who cheats or at least cheats first! I also wonder if Brooke suffers from the delusion that she has a magic V-Jay-jay that will magically make Charlie change his bad boys ways. LOL!!! Many women suffer from this bizarre delusion that they can change a man if she is "sexually available and adventurous enough" and if she keeps him on a "tight enough leash"! LOL!! Obviously this tactic NEVER works but apparently that hasn't stopped some women from continually trying this "tried and FAILED" tactic. I think that this would make a great topic for Dr. Phil! LOL!!!

2247 days ago
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