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A Little Song, Dance, Heroin Down My Pants

8/28/2008 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of evidence seized in Mackenzie Phillips drug bust.

The photos show three balloons and three small Ziplock bags which cops say contained heroin and cocaine. There is also a pic of 34 syringes, her mugshot and her driver's license.

Celeb Mugs - click to launchAnd we have more details on the arrest. We're told when Mackenzie went through the metal detector, the alarm went off because of a metal object. The TSA initially did not suspect drugs. TSA employees then began to pat her down -- which is routine -- and she became uncooperative. They asked her to sit, and that's when we're told the balloons and baggies fell from her waistband through her pant leg and onto the floor.

At that point, MacKenzie knew she was caught and said so to folks at TSA.


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I can not believe my eyes. You say BIG WOOP SHE IS Only hurting herself. My God. She bought the drubs she is an example to some. The money gotes thru many drug dealers that will affect our kids as well. She may get behind a wheel of a car then hit you. Then it will affect you. WAKE UP PEOPLE we do not live on an Island by ourselvs. Get off the dope and open your Eyes

2224 days ago


Nobody said that giving up an addiction was easy. But enough people have done it to prove that it can be done. So it really comes down to making the choice to stay with a program and fight it or give in and go back to the old habits. Some people go through several failed attempts before they eventually clean up and stay clean. It is about choice, and making a real effort. Tom

2224 days ago


Susanne, speaking of "bright" - your comment should read "Drugs AFFECT all of us", not EFFECT. Additionally, The Lottery was written by Shirley Jackson, not Sirley Jackson. Also, head-in-the-sand should technically be hyphenated. Aside from that, you made some good points.

2224 days ago

I Likka Howell    

Another Amy Winehouse Look-alike?
What a dam mess!

2224 days ago


Do you want this pathetic drug addicted creature coming at you the opposite way in a car? How screwed up is her judgement that she tried to get thru security with Heroin and cocaine for Gods sake? The same combo that killed Belushi. Some idiot on here said "poor girl" Yea, this poor girl has been an addict since she was a child. How does this poor girl get her tens of thousands of dollars a year to buy her narcotics? How does this poor girl find dope pushers to meet with is dark alleys to buy her Heroin? And someday, this poor girl is going to kill a family in their car. Poor girl.

2224 days ago

Diamond Dave    

richard ramirez ... weren't you the night stalker??? So, you gave up a good job in journalism to do a little slashing??? I thought your entry was well written and to the point. Keep up the good work!!! Writing that is...

2224 days ago


Is it not nice and cozy for us to sit back and blog on peoples problems. I hoipe no one finds mine lol oh but maybe I can get on the news. But anyway. We got the freedom to do this and it is great. But remember there is a person behind this. A star that went the wrong path a few times. god forbid that happens to us. Peace

2224 days ago


To the person that said so what she's only hurting herself she's not hurting me hmm have you never heard of these people drunk cracked out or what ever driving and killing some innocent person they rammed there car into or when they become so desperate they break in your house and rob you blind crack dont always kill the addict they will kill for crack or what ever there drug of choice is so try losing someone you love to a impaired driver or lose all you have to a cracked out theif and then tell me there not hurting anyone but them selfs thats why the world is like it is today know one care unless its hurting them.

2224 days ago


No one puts a gun agaist her head and says, "Take this drug"
it's a choice. Stupid being on top of the world and having your world collapse. Shame on you Mackenzie Phillips for living a lie.

2224 days ago

This Black Chick Thinks Shia LaBouf Is Fine As Hell!!    

Never knew how badly drugs/addiction can cripple ones life until I discovered my brother being an addict.

Its true....unless YOU become an addict or have a family member, friend, lover who is or has become an addict...YOU have NO CLUE in what it means to try to kick the habit. And if even if one does TRY to kick the habit....staying clean is where the struggle begans.

We ALL have vices, including myself. Food, sex, drugs, alcoho, abuse. ALL of it can be an addiction and not to mention TOXIC. The very people who you think is not addicted to drugs ARE, and they can even come in the form of someone who looks established in life in which you'd never guessed that they, too, are junkies. Trust me, Ive met PLENTY. So some of ya'll might want to be careful with your 'self-righteous' talk and finger pointing.

There could be a 'junkie' right next to you, right next to your comfortably jaded naive lives........

2224 days ago

This Black Chick Thinks Shia LaBouf Is Fine As Hell!!    

....Also, kicking a 'nicotine' habit has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO comparison to kicking a hardcore drug habit like 'herion', crack-cocaine, or meth. There's no comparison AT ALL.

2224 days ago

Pelican Lady    

For the person who obviously does not understand alcoholism/drug addiction - I'll pray for you. The problem is definitely bad enough without holier-than-thou attitudes like this. God help you if you should develop a drug/alcohol problem in the future cuz you're gonna need it with that attitude. Don't call the kettle black until you have lived in the kettle for a while!

2224 days ago


Keepin it real -
You are an idiot. Get real and learn about addiction.
It is a Disease. And like all diseases it can be treated.
No one chooses to become an addict.
You, on the other hand; have chosen to be a jerk who constantly puts down other people.
You need to seek help for your problem.
Keep it humble dude.

2224 days ago


Must of been on her way to Denver to see the second coming featuring The King of the World Obama. Have you noticed there are a few normal looking people at the Demo Convention but mostly it looks like fly paper for freaks! The good ole Hollywood crowd continues to amuse us. I am sure the ballons were meant for Obama. Clowns love baloons!

2224 days ago


i think i'll stop arguing. it's not worth it. lots of you guys really do have your heads in the sand. it's a shame. but as i said before, i just hope you thank your god that you never have to go through what we, as people SUFFERING FROM THE DISEASE OF ADDICTION, have to go through.

2224 days ago
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