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A Little Song, Dance, Heroin Down My Pants

8/28/2008 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of evidence seized in Mackenzie Phillips drug bust.

The photos show three balloons and three small Ziplock bags which cops say contained heroin and cocaine. There is also a pic of 34 syringes, her mugshot and her driver's license.

Celeb Mugs - click to launchAnd we have more details on the arrest. We're told when Mackenzie went through the metal detector, the alarm went off because of a metal object. The TSA initially did not suspect drugs. TSA employees then began to pat her down -- which is routine -- and she became uncooperative. They asked her to sit, and that's when we're told the balloons and baggies fell from her waistband through her pant leg and onto the floor.

At that point, MacKenzie knew she was caught and said so to folks at TSA.


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have some compassion people. this is really a sad situation. 49 and having these kind of problems. so sad

2244 days ago

Colin Cody    

Twelve years ago, I studied drug counseling at a local university. As time went on, I became very discouraged by the prospects for this type of work because it did not work for the vast majority of people. So I decided not to further waste my time trying to do something that cound not be done. The woman in this story is an excellent example of how hopeless drug addicts are.

After giving the subject considerable thought during the intervening years, I now believe that it is possible to cure drug or any other form of addiction, But only when drug counseling is combined with an in-depth discipling program based on a profound commitment to the terms of God's sacred contract of forgiveness and acceptance into the heavenly kingdom (Luke 9:23). Nothing less will do and nothing more is necessary. Miss Phillips has had the first without the second, and, true to form, it has never worked. She should now try them both together for a radical change.

2244 days ago

Martin Delagado    

KEEPING IT REAL.......Addiction is a disease. And addict or alcoholic loses all form of control when it comes to choice. I suggest you read The Disease Concet of Alcoholism. On the surface it does seem like a simple choice, but a chemical reaction occurs in their brain that throws all rational thinking out of the window. I'm a recovering drug addict/alcoholic, so I totally understand. You, unfortunately, are totally clueless. :(

2244 days ago


TMZ is the worst with the headlines they run. Very unprofessional and disgusting. Y'all think it's funny, hahaha,,,, our culture is in the trash and goin to hell.

2244 days ago


Keepin it Real...In response to what you said...I sure hope to God that you or any of your family never has to go through a drug or alcohol addiction. Yes, it most certinly is a disease. Check your facts before you comment.

2244 days ago


And God help her family too-I would be willing to bet they are suffering because of her so-called "disease" too.

2244 days ago


She has a problem, and problems that come to light are good, so now she gets another chance. At least she's not dead. I will say she must be pretty strung out to bring all that stuff on flight.

2244 days ago


There appears to be a plethora of ignorance in many of these posts as well as an incredible lack of empathy.
I hope you are aware that your comments are most indicative of your own issues and problems, not the subject of this
Mac - again I implore you to come back to the lake / mountains in NYS - get back into treatment. You know where I am referring to and with whom you can connect again to get your life back on track. You deserve a peaceful life. I hope you see this. You have the strength to overcome this adversity... it's there .. you can find it again.

2243 days ago


Mackenzie and I were good friends for ten years. She was doing great for a long time. Right now, she needs people to rally and be supportive. If your friend had cancer, would you want them to get help? It's a genetic issue, not a choice. I hope she wants to get well, and my heart goes out to her. She's a good person and she needs to get help. I believe she will, and getting caught will be a positive thing for her.

2243 days ago

Jorge Luis Payton    

Amen Susan, Amen...Please get in touch with Mac and let her know that vicious, unkind coments are nothing but the uglyness of the impure heart and like such they will always be in darkness.
Tell her how much she is loved and appreciated by all of us who recognize the fact that she is a human being and a lovely one too.
Jorge Luis Payton

2243 days ago

I see you    


2243 days ago


To the people who posted # 125 and 112: Thank you. Mackenzie is one of the best people I know. She has a problem and she will get well again. What's the point of writing such terrible things about someone you don't know? KARMA. It bites you when you least expect it. Mackenzie Phillips needs her friends now, and she knows who they are. Hey Mack.... I'm here for you. Please call. Your voice mail is full of calls from people who are ready to support you. PS...Hang in there Shane. It'll be okay again.

2241 days ago
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