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Takes Her Ass For a Stroll

8/28/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Serena Williams and her rock hard body were snapped in NYC yesterday.


That behind could take out a city block with one swing.

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and to think she has lost a lot of weight

2249 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

It amazes me how white woman are tearing this womans body apart, saying it's fat, gorilla butt and cottage cheese! Could there be a little "BUTT" envy going on here? Black woman have ALWAYS been what you would refer to a Full bodied and Voluptuous....Beyonce, Janet jackson, Gabrielle Union and the list goes on and on. And for the white dudes on here trying to diss.....um I've caught you looking and pursuing that BIG ole BIG ole BUTT. Trying to act like you don't like em! It's ok Boo nobody's going to tell.

2249 days ago


...and i half expected janes racist ass on here talking about how she has had a billion kids and she still has a taut tummy and long legs. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....remember guys, she is sitting high in her office, "satisfying" her clients (sucking d!ck) while everyone else in the world works at a car wash (she REALLY thinks that) and her "husband" is at home with the kids (and lets be real, he is totally sleeping with someone else) ..........

seriously jane, do the world a favor and kill yourself. PUH-LEASE!!!! and i am not just saying it to be mean. this world would be way better off without you, and so will your children. i hear carbon monoxide is the easiest way. =)

2249 days ago


Serena looks great, if you come down south where i'm from(Houston,Texas) you see black females like that everywhere including me. They call me little Serena. So if you like Serena you will love southern chicks. Haters stop Hating, thats why white and hispanic girls getting azz implants now!!!!!!! I will never need implants. People on hear hating just wish yall could have what she got.

2249 days ago


@13, it's genetics, all the women in my family have junk in their trunk.

2249 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

anyone calling her giant ass a bubble butt is in complete ass denial....

a bubble butt insinuates she has a nice butt with a little junk in the trunk....NOT A WHOLE FRIGGIN JUNK YARD!!!

2249 days ago

Big Bear    

would you look at the rear end of that lady?? Serena has a huge butt!! Looks like the rear end of a cow!!!!!

2249 days ago



2249 days ago


I think having some curve would be nice but everything has a limit. When your butt makes a complete semicircle coming out of your waist and legs, that just looks kinda weird to me. Most men do not prefer girls with small chest/butt but they also dont like girls with overly huge chest/butts.

2249 days ago


On a serious note. If you believe in evolution, then each physical trait has a root in the species desire to survive and prosper. For example, skin color, facial characteristics all are a result of evolution. Darker skin enabled our ancestors to better survive in regions with greater sunlight exposure. So, what would the possible benefit be to a very LARGE ass. I imagine it is a fat storage system, much like the hump of a camel. Serena could probably go a very long time surviving only on the fat in her huge ASS.

2249 days ago


I woud hit that anytime anyplace.... I love Black women !

2249 days ago


I don't normally comment but I just have to say...

That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. If I saw her in person I would pull out my eyeballs. Disgusting.

2249 days ago

Bianca Rikki    

Lay off-she is beautiful! no need to be rude. Grow up people. And as for #12, to answer your question. Black women have bigger butts in some cases because its hereditary. You need to go back to school and get yourself an education.. Serena, if you read this, go and get yourself so ice cream-YOU LOOK GREAT!

2249 days ago

Bianca Rikki    

I just can't believe the babies that read this webiste, which does not include me anymore. It's weird how white people think everyone should look like a stick. So typically arrogant. Whoever wrote those comments should stop thinking they are so perfect, and I don't want to assume, must be 10 years old. People like you make me HATE white people.

2249 days ago


WOW...Beautiful woman!!
I dont know y so many people don't like her..it has to be the color of her skin...because
she is a great role model..my people need to relax!! men of all color can appreciate a Beautiful woman
with a nice juicy butt..mmmmmm

2249 days ago
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