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Earth Girls Are Easy ...

If You're Jeff Goldblum

8/29/2008 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to scorin' chicks, Brody Jenner ain't got s**t on Jeff "Silky" Goldblum.

Cameras caught "Silky" trollin' the streets of NY, spitin' game to everything with a pulse -- and scorin' numbers like it was his damn job. Can ya dig it?

Four ladies in under an hour -- one even had a kid with her. Sure Silky's been burned before, but today, redemption is spelled J-E-F-F ... even if he does wear a goofy lookin' hat.


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Ms Monique    

Jeff was sexy as Brundle in the FLY and is still sexy now!
& 1st

2248 days ago


Do you mean "spittin'" as in "spitting" or do you mean "spitin'" as derived from the word "spite"?

2248 days ago

gashly in dallas    

king perv

2248 days ago


Jeff was scoring those #s cuz he's one sexy beast!!

2248 days ago


there is someonthing about him, can't explain it

2248 days ago


He's one big giant PERV! He can't keep a girlfriend. He's a lonely old man.

2248 days ago


There is something about him that is soooooo sexy. I love his sense of humor. Especially in Jurassic Park. But his body in the Fly cinched the deal. Intelligent, funny and sexy, Wow what a man!!!!.

2248 days ago


Let's be honest... he's not stupid, he probs knew he was being followed and I find it really hard to believe he was just asking all 4 of them simply for their numbers. He's a star he expects to be followed and probably playing up for it. Anyway he could have my number anytime ;)

2248 days ago


I don't know what it is, but he is hot. He's not good-looking though, but he's got that certain something...

2248 days ago

i would!    

Where's the Would Ya? on Jeff Goldblum? OH MY~ he his hot hot hot.... such a sexy thing, gets me all excited!

it looked to me in the video that he was asking directions to the first three... and the last one, well.. i'm jealous. I hope she gave him my number! Better go... phone's ringing!! :)

2248 days ago


This story is so timely because Jeff just hit on a friend of mine the other day.....we were just laughing about it, when this story came up. Good news is that it just adds to the laughs. Bad news is that she doesn't feel so "special" anymore now that she knows all breathing women in NYC got the same attention from him. Either way, it seems productive....maybe he's just playing the numbers game, or maybe this is preparation for a new role.

2248 days ago


Although the camera-man's comments are rather funny, and it does seem a bit skeevy of him to be talking to so many random chicks (phone #'s, directions, asking where to find a certain store, researching a role, whatever)... I have to agree with most every one on here- there is SOMETHING really sexy about Jeff! Not sure if it's his intensity or the slight smile that he always seems to have. or just his confidence. But I would hand over my # to him in a minute! Poor guy, it was probably something really innocent, hope he has a good laugh at the story if he reads it.

2247 days ago


If Jeff Goldblum came up to me, I'd jump in his arms and let him take me anywhere!

2247 days ago

I'd Hit It    

With a stick... ;-)

No seriously, I'm with the others here. That man has got something about him... he could have me, er, my number.

2246 days ago


I've always thought that Jeff was "hot". Being the handsomest guy in the room does not make you a chick is an aura.

2244 days ago
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