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McCain's VP

Miss Alaska Loser

8/29/2008 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before she was named McCain's Vice Presidential nominee today, no one except for the seven people who live in Alaska ever heard of Gov. Sarah Palin -- or that she came in second place at the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

Sarah Palin
Palin did win Miss Wasilla and the coveted Miss Congeniality award. So who cares what her
economic plan is?

V.P. Nominee was once Miss Wasilla, Alaska


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TMZ comparing her now to her beauty queen days, only on TMZ.....a she DID get elected by the voters of Alaska, didnt she...Obama has no more experience than her....McCain is my choice, I think picking her was a very smart thing to do whether or not she was an original choice or not.....we NEED a woman in the White House, Obama made a bad mistake I think...I cant stand Hillary, but you would think he would of picked some estrogen to fill that big house to even out all the testosterone. WAY TO TO JOHNNY BOY!!!!! Cindy definately would make a good Jackie'O......but that is just one persons opinion from PENNSYLVANIA. A registered voter to boot.....

2202 days ago


#21/ohcomeon......I AGREE 100% I TOO HAVE A DISABILITY TOO....

2202 days ago


you people who diss Obama's experience and praise Palin's are idiots. I love how everyone just forgets about the 11 years Obamna spent in the Illionios legislature BEFORE the 4 years in thd senate. Besides, it really speaks poorly of McCain that everyone is comparing his VP pick to the actual presidential candidate of the opposite party. Please, take into acount that McCain is 71 years old now, the average life expectancy for American males is 75, and McCain's own father died of natural causes at age 70. Now when McCain croaks, I certainly do not want this self-proclained hockey mom who has given absolutly ZERO unscripted information to the media about her positions, and who claims to be a reformer yet secured $25 million in earmarked spending for her tiny Alaskan town when she was mayor, and who does not agree that women who are victims of RAPE and INCEST should have the right to an abortion, and who has no recorded policies or positions on how to deal with foreign policy, and who has spent her entire life living in tiny, homogenous , white towns with no exposure to other cultures or races, to be the leader of the Free World. She's witty and ambitious, yes, but NOT White House material. Give me a break!

2202 days ago


it's astonishing to me that any Clinton supporter would vote for McCain. I too supported Hillary but very happily have switched my allegiance to Obama. If we allow the Republicans four to eight more years of power their may not be much left of the USA as we know it. Has it occured to any of you Hillary/McCain supporters that there are two to three supreme court justices who will be replaced in the next 2-4 years? And you want them to be conservative Replican leaning judges? Are you crazy? Look beyond your ego and see the bigger picture. Please. How can you vote for a ticket with Palin on it? Who is the ANTITHESIS of Hillary Clinton. She is anti choice, anti health care and anti civil rights. MB, you said although you were "inspired" by Obama's speech you are leaning towards McCain, I assume simply because Palin is on the ticket.
Remember that when he is elected and you lose your benefits, your job and your son to the war in iraq. Shame on you all for being so small and petty. "Our candidate didn't get to play so we're taking our dolls and going home."

2202 days ago

macho libre    

Dissing Palin when the Obamarama team has chosen Biden? You've got to be kidding me. Biden seems like a sleezy used car salesman with a bad comb-over. At least Palin has class, style, and brains.

2202 days ago

Michael Logsdon    

My God are the people on the left that STUPID. when does a Senator have more experience than a Governor, the chief executive of a atate, Hello do you really know how stupid that statement sounds. I have never been more ashamed of my country.

2202 days ago


Sarah might just kick your a$$!

2202 days ago


A hottie from Alaska? Does not compute, but at least her candicy isn't based on race and whether a black woman would do him. Man has no business being in the hunt much less in the whitehouse!!!! I believe in the USA not in a political party or what color a man's skin is. I really want a women in the VP's seat. at least she'll think twice about sending our troops into another Vietnam!!!

2202 days ago


screwed by the dems vp pick? youre an idiot. happy with the direction this country is going in then vote mccain. you think palin can lead this country if mccain dies? do you think palin has the credentials? ask yourself this: if palin was a man with the same credentials, would he have been selected? NOPE. one of his dinasaur buddies would have.

2202 days ago

Are we crazy    

I thought we were voting on who can run a country and not who can read a speech they never wrote. Next time i will nominate my friends sister. She's hotter and can read notes.

2201 days ago


All you idiots who think Palin is VP material are SOOO delusional. She doesn't care about women she's a member of the ole boys club. Get a clue ladies!
Republicans = DESPERATE!
And all those who claim to now support the Repukes because they have a female VP, do you realise how infantile that is?
Thank God the Dems are taking the White House this year-Cheers!

2201 days ago


I trust the women of this Country not to vote for such a skank. EWW! *shudders* Palin is nasty!

2201 days ago


To quote #87. Jay Leno: Mrs. palin: What do you feel will bring peace to the Middle East?

Sarah Palin: Some countries and such do not have maps, my son has Down Syndrome

thats funny!

2201 days ago


I won't pass judgement until I see sen, Biden in the swimsuit, and evening gown competition !!!!!!

2201 days ago


You have a female who has more experience than Obama, however small it may be, she has stood up to political corruption and won, she was mayor and a governor....for those that wonder or compare her experience to Obama, please list his. Yes, he has the Senator background, but did you know that he has NEVER contributed or voted for anything while in the Senate??? Obama comes across like cult leader inspiring his followers....if you do not see that, let me introduce you to Jamestown.

2201 days ago
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