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McCain's VP

Miss Alaska Loser

8/29/2008 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before she was named McCain's Vice Presidential nominee today, no one except for the seven people who live in Alaska ever heard of Gov. Sarah Palin -- or that she came in second place at the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.

Sarah Palin
Palin did win Miss Wasilla and the coveted Miss Congeniality award. So who cares what her
economic plan is?

V.P. Nominee was once Miss Wasilla, Alaska


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Obama is unknown, hello!! This was the smartest move McCain has made so far, basically guaranting nomination -- Much better than the trip to OZ Obama took us down last night. TMZ is so bias for Obama - it's reeks.

2223 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

i think she looks like a nice person... i am voting mc cain , and now more convinced because of his VP choice...

thank goodness he picked her... godd choice

2223 days ago


If TMZ had any balls, they would put the persons name who headlines and writes the articles.

I remember they belittled Howard Stern on tv, then Stern said he woudl get TMZ back, and as soon as he said that Harvey called stern kissing his arse.

TMZ = No Ballz

2223 days ago

Priscilla. Queen of the Desert sequel Fan    

Although Sarah Palin might be the greatest individual to move towards progressive change into the 21st Century for Alaska voters since.......whoever, the problem I have is this: I have difficulty listening to the 2nd-in-Command to the most powerful and influential leader of The United States of America pertaining to our economy, national defense, foreign affairs as well as other issues that have a direct impact on my day-today life as a United States citizen-when what I really see is a gorgeous woman who would make me drop to my knees and crawl between those silky thighs during one of those one-on-one Meet The Press interviews or bend her over the podium while I hike up her skirt and have my way with her as she is giving one of those standard 'back up the President' news conferences. In other words, The individual who is the Vice President of The United States should not be invoking the typical male response of wanting to get naked and have sex-because that individual can be described as a Hottie. Just think about it for a moment........then flame away

2223 days ago


GO MCCAIN! Obama is a Muslim freak who plays both sides of the race card every chance he gets. He makes a foot of himself on a daily basis. And he is fugly. I think McCain's choice is amazing!

2223 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

Any women will do? Pro life, step above rodeo queen, anti gay marriage, husband works in oil in Alaska. I can not wait until they dig more This is too funny!!!!!Obama/Biden 08

2223 days ago


I'm so pleased with his choice!! Now the Democrats will have an easy win. The Republicans insult our intelligence by thinking this, conservative, relligious fanatic and bimbo would win over Hillary's supporters. Just goes to show you the decision making "skills" of Mr. McCain. Obviously his age and probably the early onset symptoms of Alzheimer's has already affected him. Lots of soldiers were decorated heroes and many POW's...that does not qualify them to be President. To think that McCain choice this inexperienced beauty queen to be second in command and actually a heart beat from the Presidency should something happen to old Mr. McCain is really scary. I doubt she has ever traveled much outside of Alaska and my mom has better credentials than she does!

2223 days ago


#75, those things you just stated will attract more people then push them away. Moron

2223 days ago


73. GO MCCAIN! Obama is a Muslim freak who plays both sides of the race card every chance he gets. He makes a foot of himself on a daily basis. And he is fugly. I think McCain's choice is amazing!

Posted at 12:03PM on Aug 29th 2008 by Smarty
What a pathetic moron you are! Go back to school as you sound reallyl ignorant and get your facts straight. Your handle should be "Dumbo" not "Smarty"...go play in the sandbox with the other children!

2223 days ago


I think this is absolutely brilliant! WONDERFUL choice for VP, Mr. McCain! I've been a McCain supporter since before anyone knew he'd even run for President.

This woman fits perfectly with McCain's ideals -- to think for him/herself rather than down party lines!!!!

BUCK THE SYSTEM, McCAIN/PALIN! Great support for the ENVIRONMENT! INTELLIGENCE! Not the SAME OL POLITICS! They will do what's RIGHT not what lobby groups think they can PAY for!!

2223 days ago


Thank you #53 (SuzieQ) for a responsible post. Politcs in the USA has become so hateful. I am excited for this year's election. A Black man and a senior citizen running against each other, along with a woman VP pick. This is history in the making. And all I read is insults and accusations and blatant lies about all who are involved. Seriously, just because someone is Prez, it doesn't mean, all their 'promises' are going to happen! It is disgusting to read some on this nonsense, just be intelligent and read up on Obama, McCain, Palin and Biden. They all have pros and cons. Don't make idiotic assumptions and repeat a bunch of lies and innuendo. And DON'T believe anything that NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, FOX, talking heads and etc. That is what will make you ignorant! Dig up info. and use different sources AND keep an open mind, study both sides of the issues. AND why can't people listen to other opinions without insulting people for having their own opinions....ughhhh...only in the USA!! LOL....if people whould post without namecalling and saying hateful, ridiculous opinions, if might be more enjoyable to discuss politics

2223 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

he pick a white woman... he needs to pick a african american woman... he wont he nowhere with a white faced old hag... obama will win and we will own white people next... you jus wait an see...
obama be the man cause he is african american , he has BIG thangs in store for all of us africans americans...

you see we will own whites now that he be president .. he gave his acceptance speech las night for president and now he ba..... what is mcaine running for?? he is not won

the south will rise again,,, but it will be blacks owin whites

OBama he be the man

Bootys for obama

2223 days ago


Love the Choice! Obama totally screwed up with Biden! HA HA HA HA HA

GO McCain!!!!!

2223 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

Stay at home dad, not he works for the oil compnay in Alaska. He probably just got called into the office for a huge promotion

2223 days ago


#76 good logic "bimbo" Wow you really state your case well

2223 days ago
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