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The Woman Who Beat McCain's VP

8/29/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain's VP Governor Sarah Palin hasn't lost the election yet, but she did lose the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant to Maryline Blackburn, coming in second.

According to her website, Maryline "is a singer with a wide spectrum of performing experiences." Maybe she'll perform at the RNC in St. Paul on Monday.


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JOHN MCCAIN IS FAKE----How is it McCains fault Hillary was not picked??!! That would be Obama's deal, you moron.

2254 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

me and my homies was going to vote for dat Obomma I'm not so sure.

2254 days ago


Why is it fine that the Democrats put Obama on their ticket with his inexperience and all of his leftist baggage, but it's not ok for McCain to balance out the Republican ticket with a woman who has proven herself as a viable leader and also has been tirelessly dedicated to her state of Alaska? Give her a chance. Just because her name's not as big as Hillary's does not make her any less of a leader.

2254 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

wow! McCain pulled off a great choice.
I bet Hillary is pissed. She wants to be president so bad she would probably sleep w/Bill to get it!!

2254 days ago


How sad to make a runner up to Miss Alaska, a mother of 5, wife and fellow Hockey Mom, "THE TOKEN FEMALE". Are there really Democratic woman out there that will cross lines, because McCain is using such a horiphic tactic. Ladies, if you do, you bought into a mindless game, which is McCain's MO.

2254 days ago


#17 is a very sad person!!!

2254 days ago

Blinded by the light    

#18 Rena......thank you! You said exactly what I was thinking!

2254 days ago


#17. If I'm correct...Pageant are about beauty, talent, personality,etc. True enough she's no Hallie but she obviously had enough of everything else to win.

2254 days ago


Palin is a 100% cynical, desperate and nonsensical choice for VP. That job is to replace the President of the United States if the sitting President is forced from office for any reason. Palin is ill-equiped for such responsibilities of national and international scope, dynamics and complexity. STUPID STUPID STUPID. The nostalgia of having a female VP candidate will only last a day or so. Then the horrid reality of putting Palin in that position will be realized and the GOP will be sucking for air at the bottom of the sea. McCain is lost and HE is the one with incompetent judgement. The Republican party is really going to hate this. McCain is the left-wing leader they already don't want and now they have this child as a VP candidate. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln must be puking in their graves.

2254 days ago


sara palin has my vote .beautiful,smart and strong.

2254 days ago


For those who don't know.....this women is actually more qualified then Mr. Obama. She's very qualified. Stop listening to idiots and listen to her and think for yourself. I am not saying I am voting for McCain b/c at this point I am still up in the air. Unlike most of the public I don't vote for color, I vote for the important things. But in her defense. She has accomplished more in her time, then Obama. So give her credit. Wow, people. Open your minds. Look past COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2254 days ago


TMZ --- the paragon of sophisticated thought.

2254 days ago

From 5 of the 7 people in Alaska    

Where do I start. I'm curious if any of you people on here have even been to or could even spot Alaska on a map. You people probably think it is an island like Hawaii. Is that all you got on Palin that she came in second in a beauty pagent. She is not a politician, and has hit the fast track in hyperdrive to get all the way to the VP. I love how Obama talked about change, yet he brings in an old white man as his running mate. Kudos to McCain for strategically implacing a very intelligent woman to try to steal the women vote and the many Hillary supporters that don't like Obama. Not that anybody comes to you people for real news or anything. TMZ is a bunch of parasites that wouldn't know a real news worthy story if it sat on their face. You love to try to find flaws in every person in the limelight because most of you people will never move out of your parents house nor miss a dungeons and dragons game. TMZ you have met your match trying to find flaws on GOV. Sarah Palin. While most of you out there will continue to complain about the government, Palin passed an economic stimulous plan to give every Alaskan an additional $1200 dollars on top of our yearly dividend that should be over $2000 that we will be recieving in the next two months biznothes! Palin is also the leader of the wealthiest state per capita. And She's hot, and to answer your survey, hell yeah I would.

2254 days ago


i have great respect for a strong women like sara palvin.
way to go.she has my vote.

2254 days ago

John Galt    

It's soooo interesting how TMZ can't wait to ridicule and tear down the first woman ever nominated for VP. Not one ounce of positivity. Don't you even TRY to act unbiased for the sake of your readership? Or is your entire organization run by liberal HACKS with an agenda?

I just can't wait till election night when the entire mainstream media will be in tears, asking themselves "How the hell did we lose. We did EVERYTHING in our power to get Hussein elected."

McCain/Palin in '08

2254 days ago
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