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Van Halen to McCain: No You Can't

8/29/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain used a Van Halen song during his big speech earlier today and the band wants to make one thing clear -- they're not running with McCain.

Van Halen management tells us the band had no idea McCain was planning on using "Right Now" during his big entrance in Ohio telling us, "Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given."

For the record, Dubya used the same song during a bunch of his campaign speeches back in 2004, but sources close to the band tell us, "They're not political, they're just rock and roll."


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Nobody gives a flying f*ck as to what your political beliefs are. The fact of the matter is that what McCain did was wrong and he knows it. You have to have permission to use songs/clips...period!

Oh and just because you say his running mate is hot does not mean that should be the only reason you vote the McCain ticket.

2211 days ago


To # 61

I agree. They should shut up and play.

2211 days ago

Hostile Knowledge    

Who is Van Halen?

2211 days ago


Conservative hate speech?

Do you see all the liberals talking?

Peace loving "Lets just all get along" liberals start throwing insults, threats, and lies. They talk just to hear themselves talk and all that comes out is hot air.

They are BIG ones for attacking, belittling and threatening people whose opinions don't coincide with theirs.

2211 days ago


#61 -- Entertainers should stay out of politics? Well, they have a right to get into politics as much as anyone else and if they lose some fans because of it, that's a risk they take, but they have a right.

HOWEVER, that said, Van Halen didn't ask to be involved in this AT ALL. He just didn't want his song used for McCain's campaign. That's not exactly "getting into politics."

2211 days ago

Mr Right    

#44 sounds like a classic brainwashed liberal.
Evil? lol

2211 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

McCain is a loser.. a pathetic old loser..full of cancer. He will cross over before any letigation takes place. Palin is a whiny, shreeky b!tch.. who has used her power for the wrong reason. It's on record. Worse..... she wears a banana hair clip.

2211 days ago


Jody, grow up. All Democrats are not "liberals". Are you proud of what the Republicans have done for the country the past 8 years??? Record deficit, money taken from local programs, no educational progress in public schools, national preserves being endangered for the sake of a quick oil fix (oh yeah, and snowmobiling too), and as a whole, embarrassing our country. I am Democrat because I feel that we all need to work together for the greater good to fix this country and keep our nation strong. Guess what? I feel abortion is wrong. Is that not a "liberal" pet peeve? (but I am a registered Democrat!) Guess what else? I think that individuals who have the responsibility and knowledge to handle a gun correctly should do so. Is that not also a "liberal" pet peeve? (Oh wait, I'm still Democrat here) Maybe you and your peers should re-assess your definition of liberal. I am not Republican because from what I have experienced, to be a Republican means that I should look out for number one. I do look out for myself and my family but not at the great expense of others. Who cares about people with no insurance? Who gives a crap if they are not rich and can't afford it? Who cares about the public school system? That is a red-headed stepchild to the Republican leaders. They have to support it in order to maintain the country's infrastructure but very minimally. Who gives a crap about mentally ill and homeless? Why are the homeless in that situation in the first place- were they affected by a RECESSION and lost their jobs and had nowhere else to turn? Guess what? It happens! Environmental issues- WHO GIVES A CRAP? All of us "liberal" Democrats are tree-huggers anyway. It's not like we all have to live on this planet and eat the same food that comes from the same soil. Oh wait- we do...
Sorry, that was loud and obnoxious. And don't be offended if Van Halen is exercising their legal right to not want the Republicans to use their music. As a restaurant owner, I have learned that there are additionally numerous copyright laws from at least 3 different licensing companies to be paid if music is going to be used for public performance, so McCain should be getting a letter from them soon.
By the way, you misspelled "republicans".

2210 days ago

passionate conservative    

Van Halen should be happy that their music is being played somewhere. Used to love listening to them, but Eddie decided it was more fun to get wasted than to play music.

2210 days ago


There's John McCain for ya...not knowing what's going on.

HOW is this dork supposed to run the country???????

2210 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Unfortunately, unless Van Halen actually holds the copyright to their songs and many are owned by the record companies not the band, they do not have the right to complain. The holder of the copyright is the one who gives permission not necessarily the creator of the song. This being said, it is foolish for a campaign to use a song associated with anyone opposed to the candidate. It is likely to cause bad press when the group complains since most people don't understand copyright law and so the campaign looks like fools at best and criminals at worst.
From what I have heard of the positions and experience of all of the candidates so far, I will be voting for Obama/Biden.
McCain is a veteran but he has consistently voted against budget increases for the Veterans Administration and Palin had her ex-brother-in-law fired so her sister would win her custody suit.

Go Sox

2210 days ago

Capt. Bone-a-Hoe    

Van Halen in general should be happy for the pub. considering the fact that they haven't released a studio album (CD) since that atrocious Van Halen III. But I guess this get-richer-quick scheme of'a tour helped assure that Ed will have MORE cash burn on his smokes and liquor--so that's a GOOD thing.

2210 days ago


I'm from Delaware, so of course I cannot vote for Obama now that he has chosen the liar Biden. At least McCain chose a woman, unlike Obama who was afraid to run with Clinton. As far as using music from Van Halen they should be glad someone still knows who they are even if their fans are 72 year old white guys.

2210 days ago

Texas Guy    

How childish. Last night Obama used a Brooks and Dunn song that Bush used in 2004 - only Brooks and Dunn performed it live for Bush. Today they just said they are flattered that people in both parties like their song.

Funny to say this to oldsters like Van Halen, but grow up already.

By the way, Sammy Hagar, who sang the song in question, is a Republican and is performing at the Republican convention next week. Does he have permission to sing it?

2210 days ago


Whoo hoo! Go Republicans! We got it in the bag!

2210 days ago
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