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How Do You Make Kirstie Alley Happy?

8/30/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why, give her cotton candy, of course!


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Anyone that gains that much weight has all kinds of issues that are helped by pigging out. Instant gratification that she can't get any other way. If she was happy, I'd say who cares what she looks like, but I don't believe she is.

2247 days ago

Black Teef    

So sad...I just had breakfast at the Riverside Cafe in Wichita & there hung a beautiful picture of Kirstie from years ago. She used to be H O T.

2247 days ago


Its a free country, everyone has choices to make~

2247 days ago


It really is sad, she was the reason why I went to Jenny Craig! But I didn't gain my weight back and its almost 2 years and if anything I got myself a personal trainer and I'm sure my bank account is nowhere near hers!

2247 days ago


I think people eat when they are not happy with themselves, and maybe after "cheers" she lost herself, got depressed and indulged, its happens to the best of us, but... her constant weight gain/ weight loss is not good for her heart! stay healthy Kirstie! your are a TRULY funny woman =)

2247 days ago

U Go Girl!!!    

I agree with #14 by isn't it true! I don't think she's very happy :( It seems like after her divorce ( right after Cheers ended) she seemed to get very depressed. Also, I know years ago when she was married they tried for children, maybe that also added to her down ward spiral. Either way, I really wish her peace & contentment. She always had an amazingly funny sence of humor & a big heart!........& yeah, a kick ass body, but I wish her a healthy body image more then anything now!

We still love you Kirstie, hang in there!!!

2247 days ago

Drew P. Drawers    

She never looked like anything other than a female Tom Cruise to me, now she looks like two female Tom Cruises. To make her happy I'd give her a baker's dozen of lardsicles with a tub of real mayonaisse to dip them in. She'd be like, "MMMMMMMMMMM, Gorplh! Snuck Gorpl, Snuck! Grabolphghrgh! Snuck!" Just be sure to keep you hands away from her maw when's she's feeding mm-kay?

2247 days ago


Shame on you people. Right down to the ones posting her picture with such a sour comment. I'd venture to guess that there is not one person who posts on here or runs this site or participates in the production of it that doesn't have an over weight family member.

Kirstie Alley is still the same beautiful person inside and out.

I feel so sorry for all of you across the board that live in such a small and narrow world.

The paparazzi are nothing more than stalkers with a license.

2247 days ago


#18- She looks like she at Tom Cruise. Nice moo-moo the oinkder is wearing.

2247 days ago


Oops- #21 I meant to say looks like she ate Tom Cruise

2247 days ago


Kirstie Alley has the ability to yo-yo with her diets. Kristie is going to be thin, and hot in 2009-10 year period.

Kristie, make sure to get those bunnies out of your kids pool, and clean up your act. - You still have a few more good years left, so lets make them good in 2010 with breaking candy apples, and houston records. I will supply the 4 hi-def cammeras, and world wide distrubition.

2247 days ago


WOW I haven't seen her for a long time, what has happened? The only reason she lost all that weight was for the $$, I get that. Why doesn't she ask her friends Tom,John and the rest of the scientolnuts to help her, they claim to help addicts. Yo Kirstie if you lost Jenny's number it's 1-800-jenny08 or give Katie a call look how skinny she is....

2247 days ago


Ahh I don't care, I still love Kirstie. She's a cool lady.

2247 days ago

bobby baby    

I swear she could pass for a chubby porker, except the porker is more attractive.

2247 days ago


Scientology truly seems to screw up women big time.

2247 days ago
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