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How Do You Make Kirstie Alley Happy?

8/30/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why, give her cotton candy, of course!


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Ah,cotton candy is EXACTLY what she needs more of.

2253 days ago


If y'all can get past your anorexia promotions -- I think she looks good in this photo.The look on her face is funny but appropriate for a comic actress like herself. The dress looks comfortable and cool, and the color is just right for her hair and complexion. And you're blind if you really believe she's "ugly".

The important factor in health is actually fitness, not fat or weight. Skinny folks can be unfit, and chronic dieters are at risk for many serious health problems. People supposedly overweight by the charts and current fashion can be quite fit. I would tell her to throw out the scale, get enough enjoyable exercise to feel good, and let her body just slowly adjust to whatever her weight is really supposed to be (which could indeed make her "fat" by your Twiggy-inspired standards). Without knowing how she operates in daily life, we have no way of knowing whether or not she is fit at the moment, or how far away from her proper weight and fitness level she is.

2253 days ago


This woman is almost 60, and looks great for her age. Think about it, howmany of your family members at 60, look this good fat or not?

I admire her for being herself and not giving a rats-ass what Hollywood thinks. We have all locked her into the image of being a 30-something, and have forgotten how old she really is.

2253 days ago


If you can deal with the "Multiple Chins", and her "Meaty Canckles" then 300 pounds looks O.K..............NOT!!!!!

2253 days ago


I agree that she looks great for being nearly 60! So, she's had a hard time with her weight - it can be a struggle. Look at Oprah - she's been up and down, and back up again.

2253 days ago


A "Peace" Necklace? She should wear a big "piece" necklace.

2253 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

Throw the bitch a burger and fries, she looks hungry.

2253 days ago


She is so unattractive.

2253 days ago

Big Bear    

She looks good for an elderly lady that is 150 pounds overweight. She will gain a lot more weight as she ages so this may be as thin as we see her!!!!

2253 days ago


Who are any of you to sit in judgement of another? You ppl who are so foul mouthed towards Kirstie and other overweight ppl really should be ashamed of yourselves.. You disgust me. Shame on you.

2253 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

I was just thinking about the last decade, and all the funerals I have gone to, and you know what..? ALL of them were for SKINNY people! Not one fatty in the box! This is true! Makes me wonder why, and to all the idiots out there... no, none of them were fat, then lost weight from an illness. They were all naturally thin. I have yet to go to a fattie's wake, so something is goofy somewhere! Think about when the last time you saw a REALLY fat person die, then compare that to how many thin oned did.

2253 days ago


All, I saw her in Wichita recently in front of her home and yes she's bigger than when she was plugging Jenny Craig but she didn't look THAT big. I'm sure she's not the only one on the planet with weight issues or emotional issues that tie into that. Leave her's her business!!!!!!

2253 days ago

Kooky Fan    

She makes Rosie look like a hottie!!

2253 days ago


It is so sad, she was working to get herself thinner and healthier by using Jenny craig. of course they paid her a whole crap load of cash to do it, and she learned nothing! that is why jenny craig does not work. they do all the work for you eating wise. your not measuring or really learning how to eat properly. i tried jenny craig and it did not work for that long. the only thing that got from a size 18 to a size 4 was the bernstein diet. there you have no choice to learn how to eat properly. She should try and do that, then she will be a greater success with her battle of the food addiciton.

2253 days ago


stop feeding the animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2252 days ago
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