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The One Where Jen Recruits New Friends

8/30/2008 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Monica, Rachel, Phoebe -- is that you?

Former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston is guest starring on an episode of "30 Rock" this season and we may have stumbled upon the hush-hush plot of the show.

Check out our footage of her on set yesterday -- don't Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski look exactly like Jen's ex co-stars Courteney Cox-Arquette and Lisa Kudrow?


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The hair gotta go. She looks old, played out and used up. Somebody get her a stylist. She needs a total makeover. She's too damn old to be playing Rachel Greene any more.

2224 days ago


I see one blonde and one brunette, if that's what you mean by "exactly like" Jennifer's former co-stars. I guess they needed a bald and a redhead to avoid comparisons.

2224 days ago

Petey G    

C'mon, you people know it would be the freakin coolest CSI ever if the Friends girls were all suspects in the disappearance of Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani. Could there be any more twists? (Ross could even dust the bones of his old pals for clues.)

2224 days ago


She looks drop dead gorgeous. The woman never ages.

2224 days ago


All of you posters who talk trash about her are soooo flippin annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Losers!! Why even bother to comment?? I guess to show how childish you are=) Meanwhile, she is laughing all the way to the bank!!! ahahahaha!!!!

2224 days ago


how does ANYONE get over someone who is CONSTANTLY in the spotlight, newspapers, mags, movies ???
and that damn JOLIE....she's just a homewrecker who hides it behind all her humanitarian work. Why Brad left Jen for her i will NEVER understand.

2224 days ago


Upon full resurgence of my facial fuzz, I will be able to pick up where Brad left off (back in sweet '03)

2224 days ago


She really hagged out. She looks about 60 there. And no, Scarface does NOT look like Courteney Cox!

2224 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Jennifer needs to become a female body builder. That'll revive her career. (When you have
100 million in the bank do you really care about your career? I wouldn't)

2224 days ago

Angelina has high morals and class    

Its so sad that some Lunifers are SO OBSESSED with Angelina, that they have to bring her up in every thread on Jen. Angelina's name wasn't even mentioned, until JennyJen brought Angelina up. Are you THAT hard up for something nice to say about Jen, that you have to bring someone else into a conversation? My god, Jen must be worthless if you have nothing NICE to say about her, instead have to resort to talking about Angelina Jolie. How SAD for you!

By the way, I suggest you GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! Firstly, there is no such thing as a "homewrecker". Secondly, there was NO affair. This has already been proven. There was no affair. So you are blaming Angelina for something she didn't even do.

Jen's merits don't even stand on their own, because if they did, we wouldn't need to deseperately resort to birnging in Angelina, JUST to defend JEN. We all know that Jen is low, unpopular now, used up (with her 5 0r six men she f*u*c*k*e*d in the last 3 1/2 years, we all know she is ugly and now has to resort to going back to tv, which is why you resort to bringing in Angelina because there is NOTHING nice that can be said about Jen! hahahahaha, so sad for you that Angelina is 100 times more the woman that Jenslart will EVER be.....and it kills you, too, doesn't it? ROFLMAO

2224 days ago


I will watch the show because I like Jen. She doesn't look good in this picture but I imagine that was the whole
idea. If she wants to work that is fine. Hollywood is a big place. More than one person can work there. The
comparing is stupid. Men and women usually date people before they end up with the one. My guess is that
almost everyone posting here has. Some have even been divorced a couple times, had a live in lover and even
have kids and don't get married. Hallie, Selma and quite a few others. I think Jen is just as entitled to date as
anone else and actually only a couple have been anything more than gossip. If she doesn't she is sad and
lonely, if she does, it isn't the right one and she is awful. Make up your mind.

2224 days ago


I don't bring up Angelina because if I wanted to read about her I would go to her sight. Doesn't that make more sense
for everyone. I don't dislike her, I am just not interested in her. I like Jen, like watching her and am looking forward
to anything she is in. No one is perfect including me, you and her . She can have a life the same as any of us.

2224 days ago


Next week we will here freaky broad and freaky dude, (gin and alick), are in love and gonna have a baby.

2224 days ago


To tapdance. Shiloh is proof of the affair. Beautiful, well worth it proof but proof none the less. They were still married when she was conceived. Take sides all you want but at least have the facts.

2223 days ago

Team Kim    

The only reason she is "news worthy" and I use that term loosely......The show Friends, hasi been over for years..... Brad dumped her ass...she has nothing in films nor tv since....why does anyone care anymore? Can you say let's move

2223 days ago
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