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The One Where Jen Recruits New Friends

8/30/2008 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Monica, Rachel, Phoebe -- is that you?

Former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston is guest starring on an episode of "30 Rock" this season and we may have stumbled upon the hush-hush plot of the show.

Check out our footage of her on set yesterday -- don't Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski look exactly like Jen's ex co-stars Courteney Cox-Arquette and Lisa Kudrow?


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Basic math proves there was an affair. Jjolie was pregnant before Brad & Jen were divorced... hence, AN AFFAIR! This is a free country so don't bad mouth people because they want to voice their opinion (like yourself).

The facts are the Angelina is a homewrecker and everyone knows it. Just ask Laura Dern. Angelina gets no respect because she desrves no respect. At least Jen isn't out trying to steal someone's husband.

Give it a few years, Angelina will star in a film with someone else's man, fall in "love", take her 6 kids and leave Brad with his d**k in his hand.

2243 days ago


Aniston is an Has-been. Aging smoking selfish has-been . she should stop her career, she don't need money... and try to seduce John........STAMOS

2243 days ago

The Orph    

Well, that was sure a whole lotta nothing. . . At least TMZ is consistent.

2243 days ago


#28 if you think Shiloh was conceived while they were still "married" You have another thing coming. They broke up in January of 2005. Jen filed for divorce in March of 2005 and Shiloh was born May 27th of 2006. You do the math. They were no longer together. A full year and two months before Shiloh was born. Wow the must be a world record for being pregnant.

2243 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

Divorce was granted August 19, 2005. Shiloh was due same day as MattD daughter according to Matt himself and his daughter was born on June 11, 2006. Shiloh was 2 weeks early due to being in breech position. So Shiloh was conceived after the divorce was granted. Angelina was and is no homewrecker. Jen and Brad broke up their own home because there was no love or happiness between them. Both wanted the divorce and both moved on.

FYI-LauraDern dated and lived with BBT while he was still married to his 4th wife and then dated, lived with, and had 2 kids with BenHarper while he was still married to his first wife. She is no angel.

This thread is supposed to be about Jen who is looking terrible here and some of you are still hung up on a divorce not even your own that happened in 2005. Brad and Angelina are strongly bonded in love, are always together, and have a loving family with their 6 kids. Both seem well settled and content with each other. Why this bothers anyone is beyond me.

2243 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

Brad really really loves Angelina. Brad did not love Jen as much as he loves Angelina. This is reality and anyone with any brain cells sees this truth. Brad and Jen were a mismatched couple who tried their best to make it work but failed. The two of them accepted this truth and made the decision to move on with their lives rather than be unhappy together. Only those living in a complete tabloid driven reality think Brad is unhappy, that Jen is unhappy, or that either wants the other back in their lives. Brad is as happy as can be with Angelina and Angelina is as happy as can be with Brad. Jen appears to want a career and a good time charlie in her life and that is her decision to make. This whole nonsense bemoaning what others decide to do with their lives must stop. Neither of these 3 people are tying to tell anyone else what to do with
their lives, they are just living their own lives as best they can. This is what some of you need to start doing, focusing on your own lives. It is almost September 2008, get a life.

2243 days ago

john wayne gacy    

my 30 centimeter rock would love

to guest star as her new friend;

2243 days ago


Get a life? May I remind you that you are posting on here too, so why don't you take your own advice if we are losers! maybe you "should focus on your own" life instead of telling us what we should do...loser.

2243 days ago


She is very large down there. No fun for the man. She needs tightened up. She is pretty much dead in bed. I KNOW..........

2243 days ago


She looks sad, I think she misses Mayer. And he looks like crap too. These two should really get back together because they look better together than appart.

2242 days ago

same old!!    

Holly crap!! This stupid divorce comversation....AGAIN!!!!

In January 2009 it will be 4 whole years since Brad and Jen announced their separation!!
Some morons need to let this thing go already!! There are so many things going on in both of these people's lives that thinking of them being married once upon a time sounds like a joke now!! When I'm looking pics of them I don't even think that they used to be married. To be honest I can't understand how they got married in the first place!! They where always so different!!

And none of her fans ever mentions that Jen was seen as a couple with Vince Vaughn since May 2005. Two whole months before the divorce was settled! Why does anyone think that she gave a damn if Brad was with Angie or not?? It dosen't matter what she said!! Her actions spoke way louder than her words!! She wanted this divorce as much as Brad did. And let that be the end of it.

2242 days ago


Tina Fey's hairstyle does look like Jen's back in the beginning of Friends - the other gal is prettier than Lisa Kudrow and Jen looks like crap.

2242 days ago

Clear as can be    

OMG. TMZ should be ashamed. Take the 30 second and actually WATCH the video. They zeroed in on a nanosecond to make Aniston look old. Wait 'til you see the rest. Aniston looks better than she has ever looked. It's sick that someone can be so close to 40 and look that frikkin good!! She is going to be an unbelievable catch to some incredibly lucky guy.

2242 days ago
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