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Diddy: "McCain is Buggin' the F*** Out"

8/31/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are there any black people in Alaska? If there are, Diddy sure doesn't know about 'em -- and on his latest online power ramble he blasts John McCain for picking Sarah Palin as his VP.

Diddy also doesn't think Palin should be so close to the top spot because there's not enough crackheads or crime in Alaska. And we all know a little crackhead experience goes a long way.


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When are the Democrats will realize to begin in stop asking for hand outs from the Government? How about being passionate of what you believe in, dream bigger and make some responsible decisions. Our country was built on "Individual Spirit" and not on the Tax Payers Back!!

Lets wake up!!

2209 days ago


I think McCain's pick was dumb, but more importantly I think Diddy is an IDIOT! First he was rambling about his dumb jet and now he is talking like a crackhead. I don't get it. Some celebs love attention more than they love life. As if getting attention is their oxygen.

People are losing their jobs and homes, left and right and this idiot wants to keep the focus on his empty life.


2209 days ago


Hmmm, I watched the video and I didn't see P. Diddy mention "crackheads or crime" in it. I did hear him talk about "black people" in the video however. TMZ, are you trying to say all blacks are crackheads and criminals?

2209 days ago


The thing that Diddy apparently doesn't get is that he could have spent a little more time in preparing his remarks and could have really put forth a decent message.

Instead, his video is a stammering, F-bomb filled pile of nonsense. The possibility that he may, on some level, have a point, gets totally lost in the chaotic and repetitive ranting.

Diddy--next time, please, put it aside for a day, then look at it yourself with a fresh mind before you send it out to the public. Oh, and look up Alaska too, so you don't say things that are so incorrect.

2209 days ago


"ONE HEARTBEAT AWAY FROM THE PRESIDENT IS SHE REALLY READY?".......Let's carry this one step further....Is O Man really ready to be president? Please, I would love somebody to tell me the change I should believe in, other than putting a socialist democrat in the white house.

2209 days ago


Mitochondria (#33)--you may want to view the video again. He specifically mentions crack and crime at least once, maybe twice, in the video, when he says something like, "Do they even have crack in Alaska?" Or something to that effect.

2209 days ago


Omg right at the end he does say it. LOL, this was a terribly hard video to watch before that, now I am speechless. Why would Alaska not having crime or crack be a bad thing? Geez, these celebs are gonna "help" Obama right into losing this election. ;P

2209 days ago


It's so refreshing everyone thinks this guy is an idiot. I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

2209 days ago


Are you kidding me !! You fu@#ing diddyot ! The only thing your lips should be doing is covering that overite . Maybe you should take time off of making that crappy noise you call music and learn somehing. You can afford the best schools . Enroll in the near future please and in the meantime SHUT THE HELL UP and keep those teeth covered !

2209 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

this is exactly what makes me not want to vote for BARACK!! I think he could possibly be a good pres but what i dont like is that all of these Thugs,/ rappers/ ignorant black people just want Barack to win for being black.. Black Thugs and Black Rappers are going to sway alot of votes away from Barack because they are irritating the hell out of me and alot of other people!

2209 days ago


I'm black and I am embarrassed at how stupid Diddle sounds. I hope this fool isn't serious, who would trust his stupid ass to run a taco truck much lees their music careers. To Diddle, Fourth graders are laughing at you, ass scratcher.

2209 days ago

Candace Higgins    

Alaska yeah Diddy I think there r such things as foreign policies in Alaska, black people in Alaska, crack heads in Alaska. Is that the only thing u can come up with. Alaska and he''s bugging. Dude put the crack pipe down, shut your trap, and stop being ignorant. Is it because she's a woman, not black, not running with a black man? How uneducated u sound and look. I hope your children aren't that ignorant too. November 4th will decide who is the most educated, most qualified, most intelligeent, non raicst person will win and hopefully will fix this country but until then PLEASE STOP TALKING U SOUND LIKE A FOOL!!!!!! I don't care what state they r from as long as we can all get back on the right track AND YES ALASKA IS A STATE TOO!!!!

2209 days ago



2209 days ago


Number 13, SAD BUT TRUE, Governor Palin has more experience than Obama the Messiah. So...what's your point about Governor Palin? Hmmm??? And Blowhard Biden is wrong on just about every issue, as well. Partition Iraq into three sections? How about this WE WON THE WAR. We can rest assured that we did not listen to Obama and get out because that would have assured genocide in Iraq. Do the Killing Fields come to mind?

BTW, Senator McCain has more women working in his campain than Obama.

And how someone like "Diddy" can influence anyone's thinking is beyond me. Don't think he can influence anyone with an ounce of thought.

2209 days ago

Candace Higgins    

the fool clarely said crack heads and references to black people even though I watched that unintelligent video again I clearly heard those raicst remarks from his mouth maybe u should listen to his crack head rants again and this time clean the lint outrof your ears and listen

2209 days ago
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