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Diddy: "McCain is Buggin' the F*** Out"

8/31/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are there any black people in Alaska? If there are, Diddy sure doesn't know about 'em -- and on his latest online power ramble he blasts John McCain for picking Sarah Palin as his VP.

Diddy also doesn't think Palin should be so close to the top spot because there's not enough crackheads or crime in Alaska. And we all know a little crackhead experience goes a long way.


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Diddy is a jackass.... hear that diddy? You are the #1 Jackass. Here is a little comparison with your candidate:

Barack Hussein Obama vs Sarah Palin

Read that comparo and tell me where "your boy" as you put it ranks...

2213 days ago


Well, I have to say the guys has a point, I do live in alaska, and Palin scares the crap out of us, she is by far the worst pick, Her kids were kicked out of school for saying regularly "you cant make us do that, we are the Governer's Kids", and is currently under investigation for using her power against her former brother in law who was a cop in Anchorage. Palin has made it know she is not fond of alaska and a HATE's certian parts of alaska and they should be another state because they aren't "True" alaskans. I was born here, and survived the worst of our weather and our economy. She was the WORST pick we had and everyone here regrets her, how could we give her a position like VP. Just watch the Alaska polls, we won't even vote for hre.

2213 days ago

Dick Pudenda    


2213 days ago

Obama's White!!!    

Someone posted that Sarah was a heartbeat away from being president and wasnt ready. Well BO is one election away from the presidency and has even less experience than Sarah does. His own running mate made it clear he wasnt ready, going so far as to say the presidency does not lend itself to on the job training. BO is nothing but hype. Too many people are supporting BO simply because he is black, not being bothered to look past that to really dig into his life and beliefs, which are the things that will shape his policies and ultimately our country. If these supporters took even a moment to consider those things, they would flock in droves to vote McCain.

Diddy does nothing but attack a smart, successful woman and highly decorated POW. He offers nothing but insult. No valid reason to vote for his candidate. If BO has even a shred of morality he will denounce Diddy's disgusting vomit immediately.

And Diddy, you may want to pull your head out of your butt before you try to convince the world to vote for an inexperienced hypocrite.

2213 days ago


NOw I know why the Dems told him to stay away from the Convention...

2213 days ago


Madic Hurtz (#61)--sounds like you spend a lot of time listening to Rush but not too much time verifying his stories. There's already been a follow-up into George Obama, and George Obama is pissed that the original article (that came out of Italy and was picked up by conservatives here) made him out to look like some pathetic loser. He said it was insulting to him and to his family. He happens to be quite young and currently studying to become a mechanic, and he says he likes his life just fine.

Too bad people like you have no understanding that other people, in other cultures, live differently than we do yet they don't see anything wrong with it. Then we go and try to tell them what losers they are.

And for the record.........George and Barack don't actually know one another (they met once and never kept in touch), and George says there are numerous half-siblings from the father, and none of them really knows any of the others.

2213 days ago


Is Barack Obama ready to runt the US? NO!!! He has done absolutely nothing in his life, except skip a Wall Street job to go to the Southside of Chicago to be a community leader and only wound up helping to get rid of asbestos in a housing project. He voted present 121 times on tough issues because he does not like to take a stand. Palin fought corruption, balanced a budget and ran a state for 2 years. Watch the CNN biography on Obama, which he participated in, and you will see how thin his resume is. Diddy should stick to stealing umm, sampling music, and dancing like a girl having a seizure.

2213 days ago

Drew P. Drawers    

Didiot will be sure to get Apollo the drive-by vote. Wipe the bress milk off your face insipidio...

2213 days ago


This whole thing makes me sick! This Presidential race has become nothing more than based on race. Sorry to all you African Americans but I believe your blinded by color and not by who is best for the US. Diddy why dont you stick to your WHITE parties in the Hamptons. You are the last person ANYONE should take political advice from, have you not spent time in jail? fathered children without being married? gun possession? the list goes on and you want to give advice on politics. Why not clean up you own house before you spout off about who should run the United States. What an ASS

2213 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I love it...

Obama's own supporters will bury him

2213 days ago

B. Yotch    

Um.... is he implying if there WERE more blacks in Alaska then she WOULD have had more experience with drugs and crime?
What an idiot.

2213 days ago


what an ignorant fool....that was laughable diddy. all the more example why we shouldnt vote for obama....he looks like he is cracked out himself making this video

2213 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Of course there's crack in Alaska, Diddy...!

Come on up and grab your fill...!


2213 days ago


Just goes to show you what kind of judgment the old man has.
He need s to go sit down somewhere and give it up.

2213 days ago


Diddy did make a total arse of himself, but I am appalled at the racist responses people are posting here. Some seem to think that all African Americans vote based on race, some have said if "we" had picked our own cotton we wouldn't have to deal with this, and now someone else has posted that black men shouldn't be allowed to vote and should go back and work the fields.

These are not only disgusting comments, but they demonstrate a real lack of education. When there are still people out there spewing this filth, we shouldn't be surprised when some members of minority groups say that they feel marginalized.

Some of the people posting here, instead of telling Diddy to get an education, try taking a look in the mirror first.

2213 days ago
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