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Diddy: "McCain is Buggin' the F*** Out"

8/31/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are there any black people in Alaska? If there are, Diddy sure doesn't know about 'em -- and on his latest online power ramble he blasts John McCain for picking Sarah Palin as his VP.

Diddy also doesn't think Palin should be so close to the top spot because there's not enough crackheads or crime in Alaska. And we all know a little crackhead experience goes a long way.


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pay atention    

Obama is so proud Diddy loves him!! Now Hussein Obama can add him to his list of upstanding friends!!

2210 days ago


Mr. Sean Combs, you're a singer. I will seek out your advice on lyrics, jeans, and what the best MJ is to smoke before I shoot a video of myself.

But you are no political analyst, and I wish you and every other overpaid, self-absorbed entertainer would stop using your status to attempt to sway matters of which you CLEARLY have not even the lightest grasp.

And for the record: you ask whether Palin can handle the presidency? Palin raised FIVE CHILDREN. Any mother will tell you that the challenge of the presidency is a step down from that, man.

2210 days ago


I hate that idiot.

2210 days ago

Moan Ica    

He says he will vote on "November Forfth."

Is that the same as the fourth? (in English).

2210 days ago


Diddy is Dumb. Diddy makes everything black and white. He will really be bugging when Mccain is President

2210 days ago


I've never cared for diddy, daddy, puff, whatever, however he nailed it this time. Hey, look up Palin's actions when her water broke while in Texas, got on a friggin' plane, flew for mega hours to Alaska, THEN had a rather lengthy drive to the hospital. WTF? ANY responsible supposedly family values woman wouldn't put her baby at risk. My neonatal nurse best friend was stunned. Rule numero uno, water breaks, ANYWAY doctor tells us to get to the hospital asap. And a special needs baby? Some family values woman! And then back to work 3 days later! That is, if the baby is even hers. Celebrity or not, the dude nailed this one. Unreal. As a white woman in a conservative town I am BEYOND insulted. Go get her Hillary!

2210 days ago


Excuse me while I PUKE.

2210 days ago


wtf does someone with the name like "diddy" know about politics? attention MR DIDDY! this is the united states election it isnt about RACE! wth do you think You are implying that a black president is much better than a woman? a woman NO MATTER what colour she is can run the country just as well as any man can! but we can expect this kind of behaviour from someone who has how many bastard kids? before you open your pie hole get a clue buddy, not only does YOUR music sux, YOU sux! i think YOUR F****** bugging out! stick to things you know about, screwing women having illegitimate kids and drinking alcohol!

2210 days ago


I don't think I've ever heard such unintelligent nonsense. I actually felt embarrassed for him... painful to watch such stupidity. If he wants to help Obama, he should keep his yap shut. He makes the case to vote for McCain. If Diddy and his followers are our future, as he claims, this country is in trouble.

2210 days ago


It's on the news up here in Canada that Diddy is mad cuz the fuel is to high and he can't afford to fill up his private jet. So he's asking the arabs to pay for his fuel. This guy needs to know that normal people have to use a lot of time between filling up the car or buying food. You are truly an ASS. By the way if you hadn't heard Obama is also white in fact almost all white cuz his daddy took off to let his white mamma raise him. He's not going to be the first black pres. He's just going to be a person that's going to be pres. stop bring race into it. You people say you want to be equal then stop bringing race into everything you do.

2210 days ago


If you really think "WE" gonna let you win this election.

RACIST - Diddy, MacDiddy, Pdiddy, KidDiddler, Whatever the hell his name is the week.

Way to bring the country together Obama!

2209 days ago


Baby (84): I watched the same video you did, and nowhere did I get the impression that he was implying that a black president would be better than a woman. To me, his point was the Alaska thing. He definitely shows his ignorance of Alaska, but seriously, it was the Alaska thing he was making a point about.

I agree with everyone who said overpaid celebrities should keep their mouths shut, but it really seems it's the people posting HERE that are making it about race, not Diddy. He's been vocal about presidential elections before, and those didn't have anything to do with race. Remember his ridiculous campaign, "Vote or Die"? That was years ago and didn't have anything to do with Obama.

Just seems from watching the video and then reading these posts that it's the people posting who are making assumptions about race being part of it. Diddy was talking in the video about Alaska not being reflective of the rest of the country. He was incorrect, of course, because Alaska is way more diverse than most people know, but still, that's what he was talking about, however lamely he discussed it.

2209 days ago


I have NEVER had an ounce of respect for this man. What a delusional little world he lives in. Nine times out of ten, when you hear the name "Diddy" or whatever the hell he calls himself (like somebody gives a DAMN), there is a shooting involved. He can go to hell with the rest of Obama's idiotic supporters. Note: you make Obama look REALLY, REALLY BAD, but THANKS!


2209 days ago


stupid people should not be allowed to vote.

2209 days ago


Yeah Diddy is making it easy for Mccain, what an ass

2209 days ago
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