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Diddy: "McCain is Buggin' the F*** Out"

8/31/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are there any black people in Alaska? If there are, Diddy sure doesn't know about 'em -- and on his latest online power ramble he blasts John McCain for picking Sarah Palin as his VP.

Diddy also doesn't think Palin should be so close to the top spot because there's not enough crackheads or crime in Alaska. And we all know a little crackhead experience goes a long way.


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#11 rest assured, Americans don't vote based on what celebrities think. At least in my circle of friends and family they don't, that's just idiotic. In fact, we tend to go the other way. Hollywood is for entertainment, and we get more than we bargain for with that, if you know what I mean. Diddy is just a rich, puffed up jackass. Some Americans are much more intelligent and know what's truly going on behind all the lies than maybe you would think. You know politicians say anything they need to to get voted into office whether truth or lie. Time will tell. God Bless America! and that's the truth and that's what we need.

2055 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

I know what you're trying to say, Diddy, and I agree. John McCain is bugging out for choosing Sarag Palin as his running mate. She's a second runner up up beauty queen with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Ohio. When asked her opinion on the war, she said she really hadn't given it much thought. John McCain is an old man. He's older than my father was when he died. How can be Palin her second in command when clearly she is not ready to be President if McCain croaks.

Ridiculous choice, McCain!

HOWEVER, you need to work on your delivery, Diddy. You sound ignorant.

2055 days ago


"would you let this woman watch your kids" What is wrong with Diddy? This woman has 5 children and one with Downs Syndrome. Diddy would probably give his away if one was sick. Diddy, you really don't have enough power to change this, if you did e poll numbers wouldn't be so close! SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP DIDDY!

2055 days ago

Me in GA    

WTF, Who cares what he thinks,,,,,I know Kayne will come out with something soon, He is a GOOFBALL ( being polite )

2055 days ago


What a complete fool. I am so sick of celebrities pushing their candidates so their star struck audience will vote for someone 'just because diddy said so'. Move on loser. Who are you to ask about kids and McCain? How many kids do you have, diddy? Can you count that high? Do you know where they all are? I don't see Father of the Year in your future. This world has enough crackheads running around and morons like you defending them. And worse, a public who cannot think for themselves who continue to allow losers like you access to public platforms. As for TMZ, I'd better see just as much Obama/Biden bashing as I see for McCain/Palin. How about FAIR and BALANCED news and information?

2055 days ago


She is a Grandmother .... that is not her son!!!!
She is a Grandmother .... that is not her son!!!!

She is a Grandmother .... that is not her son!!!!
She is a Grandmother .... that is not her son!!!!

She is a Grandmother .... that is not her son!!!!
She is a Grandmother .... that is not her son!!!!
She is a Grandmother .... that is not her son!!!!

Returning to work ONLY 3 days after giving brith? board an airplane - while in labor- just to give brith in Alaska. Her oldest daughert out of school for 6 months???? Somethings is not Right here?

2055 days ago


What a dumb ass..... just as one would expect from thisa piece off -----

2055 days ago


Wow what an idiot! I have lived in Alaska and there is plenty of black people, crime, and crackheads! Obama has 0 experience as well. I am so sick of this celebrity run country. People will vote for someone because of what a celebrity says? How stupid! It's nice to see how Diddy only cares about blacks and not other minorites. It was also nice to hear diddy put blacks and crackheads on the same level. He makes me sick.

2055 days ago


Hey LOVE CHILD, post 101-----

You're an idiot. So quick to believe ridiculous rumors. People talk about having an intelligence test to be able to vote........well, people who jump all over all this rumor crap without any concrete evidence......and then SPREAD it around to the next idiot.........should be the first ones tested if an intelligence test were ever a reality.

Use your brains people!!!! Obama is not a Muslim, and Palin is not "pretending" to be the mother of her own grandchild.

Here's a quote for you, LOVE CHILD---"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."

2055 days ago


91. stupid people should not be allowed to vote.

Posted at 8:57PM on Aug 31st 2008 by huh

Well you republicans voted for the moron george bush twice,so by your logic none of you should be able to vote. Idiot!!!!

2055 days ago


Actually, Obama is a muslim and I am the father of Bristol Palin's child. Oops.

People, and Diddly proves this best, are just too stupid to live. Which is why every last one of you will all be dead some day.

2055 days ago

Paris Wise    

I commend you Diddy , How smart . . .didn't many people know you were republican, What a very clever way to
help Mccain get votes. . . every cheap trick helps!

2055 days ago


I can't believe how many scary republicans are commenting...Diddy isn't bugging out, he's pissed that everyone in the country is redneck morons and that McCain picked some stupid broad who doesn't know squat about anything to be VP.

You guys arent listening to him...get your heads out of your white redneck asses...

2055 days ago


.......Mccain talked to this women two times and once in person,how could you put the lives of so many americans in her hand after meeting her once..............

Um have you met McCain? Have you met Obama? No? OMG How could you put the lives of so many Americans in their hands if you have never met them?? Get a grip.

Diddy is smoking something big time. 30% of Alaska is a non-Caucasian demographic. 5.6% is black.

2055 days ago


why hasn't anyone noticed that this is an outright racisit rant??

2055 days ago
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