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McCain's VP -- Beaver Roundup

8/31/2008 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hopefully Sarah Palin has become the master of her own teleprompter, because she absolutely sucked at it in 1988 as a 24-year-old sports anchor for KTUU-TV in Anchorage. The third member of The Judds entertained Alaskans with the Beaver roundup in the 4 minute, deer-in-the-headlights performance.

The guys over at Deadspin.com found this gem.

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I see why her television career didn't last long.

2246 days ago

john wayne gacy    

i'd be more than happy
to read her beaver;

2246 days ago

Big Bear    

Obama is running on the Islamic ticket as well as the Democratic ticket. He will be sworn in with the Koran and Rev. Wright will be there to preach. Will Obama's buddy that did all the funny fund raising from Chicago get front row seats?? Will Obama put Mohammed on the $1 bill??? In Allah we trust on all our money???

2246 days ago


We get it TMZ. You have Mommy issues that carries over into your adult life and in to your work. Lovely.

2246 days ago


Let's just be honest. Who would you rather look at on T.V. Sarah Palin or Hillary, Nancy Pelosi?? Not only is Sarah Palin a beautiful woman she is also very articulate and well-spoken! I can't wait until she wins the vice-presidency in November!

2246 days ago


Can we hear from Palin directly or is she not of legal age yet?

2246 days ago

Democrats are evil    

To all Democrats. Guess what? YOU'RE GONNA LOSE! It's only been a few days after this announcement and the chickens are beginning to roost. You can see it in the eyes of the liberal TV commentators. They know that they just lost their queen and castle in this chess game. Expect more of these lame attacks on this woman. It is desperation time in liberal land of Barry H. Obama. I love to watch evil squirm. It's like watching a Boa Constrictor squeeze the life out of its prey. Checkmate.

2246 days ago


Kari, lots of people are articulate. You're just like all the rest of the Republicans and the naiive who look at this situation, you're totally unaware of the job she's heading for, the Vice President of the United States. What does it take to get your Republicans to THINK?!?!?

The main purpose of a Vice President is to be ready and capable of taking over as President of the United States should the active President be forced from office for any reason (in McCain's case, probably more cancer and VERY possible in his first term, since the President job is extremely stressful). Palin is very unfit to be VP or President. She also demonstrates that McCain is not a leader and the Republicans ARE TOTALLY LOST AS TO WHAT TO DO besides behave like children and call people names.

Maybe Palin could be VP or President material in another 15 years or so, but she's not ready yet, not by a long shot!

2246 days ago

Bowel movement    

80's hoe! what a tramp

2246 days ago


Not bad for a 24 year old. TMZ is definatly showing its bias. Gov. Palin will be a great compliment to the McCain team. We now have two old codgers and two inexperienced politicians. Too bad the inexperienced one is leading the Democratic ticket.

2246 days ago


Sarah rocks!

It's amazing how many liberals are filled with sexism. Finally, after 230+ years of American history, the glass ceiling can finally be broken.

This is what Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton worked and sacrificed for, and left-wingers, liberals and socialists can't ruin it.

Go Sarah!

2246 days ago


she is hot .
she has my vote

2246 days ago

Too Many Zeros    

Thanks, ispeakthetruth. Great article. From it:

We want change? She is change. More than just change, though, Sarah Palin represents change for the better. She personifies all the goodness in America which we seem to have lost.

2246 days ago



2246 days ago

Too Many Zeros    

PolarBear, Gov. Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined. Plus, she's not a socialist. Do YOU want to pay more taxes for nanny-state government services that don't serve? (Sigh, what happened to strong and independent Americans of yesteryear?)

2246 days ago
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