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Diddy -- If You Diddn't Hate Him Already...

9/1/2008 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What a breathtaking moron. While most of America is struggling to make ends meet, Diddy is seriously acting like he has made the supreme sacrifice -- flying commercial. He acts as if this should make front page news...his wish is our command.


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Tom in Cleveland ohio    

i love you miss sassy

2207 days ago

LInda K. McKnight    

What a dummy! You need to learn to keep your mouth shut so people will not know how ignorant you really are. No sympathy for the fuel for your plane. You have no idea what it's like for people who are trying to make a living doing "honest work" and not living off making stupid, trasy music for kids, many who can't even afford it. WHAT A TERRIBLE EXAMPLE YOU ARE FOR THE BLACK RACE -- of which I am a part. My kids don't see you as a big shot, or superhero and don't approve of your trash mouth.You don't even know to say anything if it doesn't have trashy, vulgar words. But then, that's because of your low mentality. As far as the nominee for vice president on the Republican ticket, you have no idea about her qualifications, the population breakdown on Alaska, etc. Things that affect Alaska also affect the rest of the U.S. What do you thinkthe next president needs to be concerned about JUST what BLACKS or crackheads need? I don't need the government to support me, to "give" me anything, even tho someone way back in my family was a slave. At least that was a better life than what he & she would have had in Africa. I WANT to HONESTLY earn my way through this life in an honorable way. NOT make stupid rap music. Not all Blacks care for that stuff, but you and your kind surely give a bad reflection on our race. I won't vote for these Republicans, and I'm not just voting for Obama because "he is one of us." Maybe he can bring change, but we'll have to wait for that judgement. Why don't YOU learn to keep your mouth shut so the world won't have anything additional to critisize our race for. BLACK & PROUD, but not of you and your kind. I'm not prejudice on race, just on how a person lives! There are trashy people in all races.

2207 days ago


Unbelievable ... every single time I hear this man speak I can't believe what an ignorant, no talent piece of crap he is.

2207 days ago



2206 days ago


P whatever the frick his name is has a right to his own opinion but we dont have to like it. This guy needs to shut the hell up and keep it in his own circle.

2206 days ago


P-diddy is an embarassment to every educated black person out here. He opens his mouth and the stereotypes just keep coming. White people have to see ignorant rants via people like "diddy", who never even take the time to try to come off intelligent in the least while my hard working brothers are out busting their butts to get ahead. It makes me sick how many
of my fellow brothers and sisters have bought his crap and he just disrespects everyone and makes white people think we are all ignorant like him.

2205 days ago


No jet costs $250,000 for 4 flights between LA and NYC. Try more like $140,000

2168 days ago
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