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Human Cannonball or "Idol" Reject?

9/1/2008 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil StaceyTough choice, isn't it?

That's decision facing fairgoers at the Hickory American Legion Fair in Hickory, N.C. today. "Idol" wannabeen Phil Stacey headlines the fair tonight at 9:00 PM -- the same time David Smith the Human Cannonball is set to perform.

Don't worry -- the chainsaw art show is at 7:30, so you'll have plenty of time to catch it.


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John C Jackson    

His album hit # 43 in the charts, was top 10 on the country charts and had 2 charting country singles. Not Bad. Not a superstar but doing better than 99% of the recording artists out there.

2220 days ago


"Thanks TMZ" , I live in this town by moving here for a job. and this is the biggest attention this town has gotten from a major news sourece since John Reep. " LOL "

2220 days ago


Does anyone else see the resemblance between Phil Stacey and Nosforatu (the vampire from that old movie)??? It's like looking in a mirror! lol

2220 days ago


A couple of things here. First of all, while I wouldn't expect a Hollywood-based "news" organization to understand county or country fairs, they are virtually the backbone of rural American summer living and entertainment. As such, TMZ's continual mocking of them serves to potentially insult a huge percentage of your viewing/reading public. Just sayin'...

Secondly, the fact that this former American Idol contestant is working and actively pursuing a living just means that he is one less person requiring taxpayer provided assistance. I'm all for that. Quit buggin' on these ex-idols and let them get on with the business of making a living.

Thank you.

2220 days ago


I was in the Navy with Phil Stacey....what a DOUCHEBAG!!!! nothing but a whiney ASS KISSER!!

STG1(SW) Jon Slint

2220 days ago

Savid Kiser least it isn't New jerks on the toilet. Frankly,can't we have good pro wrestling instead?

2220 days ago


LOL...I live in this town. DIdn't go to the fair tho....kinda trashy.

2220 days ago


LTS, thank you for speaking for the former Idols. I happen to be a "phan" of Phil Stacey's and he works very hard. His schedule at his music site ( ) can show you. He is no bum. And you who used that crass language to call Phil these ugly names, ought to be ashamed. He has grown up under a pastor and has learned some manners, something that looks like you need to learn. Phil represented the Navy, and all of the military, for that matter, in a wonderful way on "American Idol" and many appreciate him. He is now a reservist because he is thankful for the opportunity the Navy has allowed him. You are probably just jealous.

2220 days ago


Phl Stacey is incredibly talented and has gotten better and better since Idol. Do you see Blake Lewis out there working the fairs and meeting the fans? Do you see his album or singles on the charts? How about Chris Richardson or Haley Scarnato? Nope, they aren't out there. Phil has worked numerous charity gigs and is always mingling with the fans. He is awesome!

2220 days ago


Almost every review of Phil's album was positive and the reviews for his patriotic song "Old Glory" were glowing. TMZ, you have no clue what real talent is

2220 days ago


Slow news day TMZ? I saw Phil at a show at the fair and was amazed. He's really good. You should actually take in one of his shows before you make such disparaging comments about him. You might like it.

2220 days ago


I love all the things on Phil, good or bad. Any publicity is good pubiliciity. I agree, Phil is a great singer, and a lot of people have been amazed by his voice. GO PHIL!

2219 days ago


People love Phil. And rightly so. It was special enough to me that I drove quite a distance to see the concert you disparage. It was awesome! Phil rocks!

2219 days ago

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