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Brad's Little Girl -- Walking is for Commoners

9/2/2008 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt arrived in Cannes holding his eldest adorable daughter Zahara on Tuesday.


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this kid is ugly .... i think shiloh is the prettiest baby , she blonde and pretty , i think the olther kids will be jealous of shiloh and the natural pitt children when they grow up.... zahara is a obama girl .... he her is nasty and so is her ugly scowl on her spoiled little face..... lock her in the closet anlong with her ugly brothers

Posted at 12:44PM on Sep 2nd 2008 by belch

I usally don't comment on issues like this---but you my friend is a racist poor piece of s#!t----probably the same person that said we shoud keep palin kids out of the presidental race.........but makes a dumb stupid comment like that.

P.S get a life you used piece of toilet paper.

2207 days ago


I like this child. She has the media all figured out, but she's not playing the game.

2207 days ago


I don't get what some of you guys' problem is. You act like you know the Pitts, like you know how they raise a family and you all act like you know anything about child psychology. STFU before you say stuff about how a kids needs to have one home, all that talk is just OPINION; none of it is fact.

2207 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

What a cutie ! She'll be beautiful one day .

2207 days ago


**I am responding to ALL the comment made about her being ugly**
That little girl is dare you say she is UGLY. Why is that because she is not WHITE?!?
Maybe she has that look on her face because of all the damn Papparazi flashing their camera's in their faces all the time.

2207 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Wow! I thought this was 2008...This is truly disturbing to read these nasty comments about a CHILD! Pick on the parents (they are "equiped" to handle such matters). But to call this CHILD 'ugly' or 'monkey ugly' etc. is just sick, really really sick. This child is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! I don't wanna hear about how Brad and Angelina should keep them in the house if they don't want them photographed. That's BS! They have every right to be out without having a camera shoved in the face of their children! The children are not the celebrities BRAD and ANGELINA are! I am truly saddened by the nerve or some of the commenters on here.

2207 days ago


Brad Pitt has the money and fame to to do anything he wants But instead he's carrying all these weird looking kids around town and following behind what looks to an always serious bitch of a wife.

Why did he marry her? He looks miserable.

2207 days ago


Brad's face seems to say "What did i get myself into?"

2207 days ago

just wondering    

I dont think I have seen a picture of brad withhis bio daughter? I have seen him with this child and Maddox, but none of the others alone? Thats strange. BUt then again, its brangelina. What a bunch.

2207 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

when this kid smiles, which is rarely, she is actually quite pretty....but there is something wrong with carrying a child this age, she needs to be walking....and as far as it being dangerous and crowded.....please that's just not the case

both he & Angelina are always carrying one of their kids at any photo op.....dznt matter how old the kid is...

she carried Maddox until he was 6

also brad pitt is starting to look old, real old....the bottox just isn't working as well as it used to huh Brad?

2207 days ago

DMX hater    

You would think Brad an Angie would have kids of their own, I mean Pitt is a good looking guy, or the ladies think so anyway, as for Angelina.. well. But instead they go to another country and buy the most hideous bunch of dissimilar kids they could find. Even so, if angelina is barren, they could have bought some kids in this country, but no. No wonder Jon Voight hates his daughter, I would disown mine if she come home with SH** like that.

2207 days ago

DMX hater    

Please , somebody do something with that nappy hair!!

2207 days ago

proud black educated sista' with a degree!!!    

all of their children are beautiful, highly favored, and blessed! The prayer i just sent up surpasses all inequalities, prejudice, and ignorance! I want all of you bad and hateful spirited people to know that these are Gods children and NO weapons formed against them shall prosper! They have the victory! When you curse children or anyone else for this matter, God blesses them tremindously! So all your hatred is sent up and brought back down to earth as good tightings on these beautiful children, your blessiing them and not even aware, so your really at a catch 20/20, you can give up now! lol... try GOD.... godbless

2207 days ago


shame on you people calling this a child ugly.......i would like to see wat yall look like.....both shiloh and zahara are pretty in their own way.

2207 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

You are all idiots. I love the scowl on her face - she knows exactly what to do when she sees tmz paps!!! All children are beautiful ... most of you posters are downright UGLY and I don't even need to see your faces!!! You are pathetic!!!

2207 days ago
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